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  1. Uniroyal Rainsport 3

    Come up for a year and 12k fronts are 5mm rears are 7mm Overall great tyres although on a different car, not as great in the wet as the 2's at hit standing water, the 2's never once flinched, 3's are a tad bum clenching.
  2. Ebay 3" downpipe and decat

    utter trash had one for a few months nothing but hassle.
  3. Thinking of a MK1

    Oopss cheers scott just noticed it a few threads up
  4. Thinking of a MK1

    So i'm thinking of coming back to the Skoda fold Been looking at MK1's and seen this yellow banana http://www.rivelinmotorcompany.co.uk/used-cars/skoda-octavia-1-8t-rs-5dr-sheffield-201403242776140 I have been searching about for MK1 issues to look for and check Could anyone give advice?
  5. For the fixed users, i used the Fuchs in mine and noticed zero oil consumption. £25 delivered for 5 litres http://www.incarmotorfactors.co.uk/en/1117144-oils-and-additives-fuchs-titan-super-syn-5w40-engine-oil-5-litre-f5w405l.html#
  6. Best Handling mod

    RARB, then shocks and springs.
  7. Totally agree mine used to squeak like a whores wooden bed it was awful. Best addition you can buy for the car.
  8. Exactly, wax isnt going to stop rust, you need to prep it first get rid of the rust then acid etch primer several coats, then the paint colour several coats then a clear lacquer several coats.
  9. "OK GOOGLE" now working in the UK

    Totally agree mate, usual though with Google these days.
  10. Nexus 5

    I have a Ringke Fusion terrible case.
  11. Panasonic TV Fans

    I have a TX-P50G20B had it 4 years i dont see me changing it for another 4-5 years, a Panasonic cinema kit is hooked up to it, i also have a 32inch panasonic LCD in the room. Highly recommend a panasonic TV.
  12. Dash camera problem

    Not sure on weekly maybe prevention is better than cure but i do it every few months, and i use a sandisk card.
  13. Dash camera problem

    Sandisk, had mega issues with the pittasoft one and a cheap one, buy a really good class 10 brand, i use sandisk my self, but as BossFox says it randomly needs a format every once and a while.
  14. Without the need to change your input language to US The Google search has been updated also to include google now search cards with Sochi games http://www.androidauthority.com/google-now-olympics-cards-343732/
  15. B6's aren't an equivalent OEM shock, as said its B4, B6's are far stiffer with a better rebound. I had B6's with Eibach pro's the lowest spring Bilstein recommend what a combo it was, wasnt silly low looked fairly OEM but the handling was incredible, if your looking to go lower then B8's As previously mentioned if you're after a kit then a B12 pro or sport line is your best option. B4's are a pretty decent OEM shock my brother in law has them on his Signum (terrible car overall i may add lol)

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