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  1. Fantastic idea stopping parking douches!

    when pushing my daughter in her pram along the path and i come across a pr**k who has parked on the path leaving no room to get by, i make sure i try and squeeze past first, often leaving nice scratches down the side of their car, before having to walk in the road to get by. I like to think of it as a little thankyou for such considerate parking
  2. Trick or Treat Guidelines

    Reminds me of one year we were having a halloween party, i was dressed as jason from 'friday the 13th' everytime the door knocked i'd open it and just stand there and stare.............. we don't seem to get them anymore!
  3. Name that Car Game v3.0

    seems to have got us a little stumped, how about a clue? those bumpers look a little custom to me?
  4. Swap deal ? Opinions

    i see your logic, but the mk2 is a big heavy car and the 1.4 will be very underpowered imo. if that doesn't bother you then go ahead and enjoy the extra wedge in your wallet! why not go look at a 1.4 local to you and give it a test drive first and see if you could live with the lack of power? been thinking of buying a smaller/cheaper car too but i know i would miss the power of the vrs and regret it!
  5. What did you do to your Skoda today?

    fitted new front discs and pads. drove it some more. got it more dirty.
  6. err, am i the only one who runs a vrs on 95ron? i tried the occasional 98ron but didn't notice any difference and because i'm a cheap skate, went back to the cheap stuff..........
  7. Name that Car Game v3.0

    no idea, so just gonna take a wild guess....... is it a ford focus?
  8. Name that Car Game v3.0

    you win
  9. Silverstone

    Fairplay, although i'm not a massive Plato fan, i have been very impressed with the MG this year. Yet another pole by Plato, and the civics struggling at silverstone i think he will emerge this weekend as championship leader!
  10. Silverstone

    just wondered if anyone is off to silverstone tomorrow to catch a bit of BTCC action?
  11. What was your first car?

    A yellow 1979 vauxhall chevette 3 door, bought in 1999 for £150. good times.
  12. Name that Car Game v3.0

    new lancia stratos
  13. ARB bush for 19mm bar (20mm hole for use with sleeve): 1J0 411 314 P ARB bush for 19mm bar (17mm hole for use without sleeve): 1J0 411 314 S (Standard arb on vrs is 19mm)
  14. swmbo?

    ah, thats cleared that up then!

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