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  1. MFSW Not working?

    If the maxi dot always responds to other buttons instantly, it's a faulty scroll wheel.
  2. Putting it to bed for a while

    Get well soon. As for the car, silica gel packs for the interior, trickle charge battery, tyre shoes for the tyres. It's diesel, so the fuel shouldn't 'go off' like petrol does.
  3. Need softer tyres

    Low profile tyres with rear torsion beam suspension was never going to work well and Skoda should have realised that. I had a VRS with the IRS and even that was crashy on less than prefect roads, again low profile tyres. Switched to a 1.4TSi DSG with 16 inch wheels and larger profile tyres, of course I lost the IRS but the ride is so much better. You could try Michelin or Goodyear, but with the same profile, they are not going to make a huge difference. This might help you. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/91856/tyre-reviews-best-car-tyres-2017
  4. 1.4 tsi engine breaking

    It's also a VVT engine and it uses the VVT for EGR control, so less engine braking is normal.
  5. Massive oil consumption

    If it's not smoking and not leaking, then it has to be the rear oil seal for the crankshaft, so the clutch bell housing will be filling up with oil.
  6. DSG Fault Codes

    Dealer should have it listed as 'fairly' common problem. There was never a recall but the techs should definitely know if this issue.
  7. DSG Fault Codes

    Toni8B Well they should replace the shift selector mechanism, as it's a fairly well documented error.
  8. DSG Fault Codes

    To the OP, those codes suggest the shift solenoids in the mechatronics unit are faulty, plus the selector lever assembly needs replacing.
  9. LED headlight adjustment

    Lensed halogen mate.
  10. Power loss accelerating

    1.4 twin charger problematic yes, 1.4TSi no.
  11. Power loss accelerating

    My moneys on a coil pack. It takes massive force to remove those things, and they damage quite easily.
  12. Unless they have changed the design which I doubt, the rear seatbelt indicator is a reminder only. AFAIK there are no sensors in the rear seats, just driver and passenger seats.
  13. Noise while stopping

    Could be fuel float for the level sender.
  14. Fuel lines under the car, get's fixed by adding some expanding foam.