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  1. Haldex clutch
  2. 12v or 24v?

    12 volt for cars 24 volts is for trucks.
  3. I'd go for petrol and although the 1.2 is a decent engine, the 1.4TSi is a peach. I went from a 2.0CR diesel VRS to the 1.4TSi 7 speed DSG and the 1.4 is slightly quicker 0-60 and returns a long term average of 50.8 MPG
  4. DPF questions (I know)

    Hopefully there will be a paper trail, someone needs a slap on the wrist that's for sure.
  5. engine bay cleaning.

    Nicely done.
  6. DPF questions (I know)

    To put DPF replacement into context regarding cost, assuming you had to replace the DPF at 100,000 miles, that's 1 Pence per mile additional running costs. If you add up servicing and maintenance like brakes and filters, oil, tyres, that will be far more than £1000. Sure it's an added expense having the DPF but £1000 in say six years after purchase is hardly the end of the World. Given the latest Intel CPU vulnerabilities that have come to light, I wonder what shocks electric car owners are in for down the line. Simple law of a mechanic states. "If it's got wheels or boobs it will cause you problems."
  7. DPF questions (I know)

    No service history = Get your money back and walk away. Get a copy of the original advert and if they refuse to refund, tell them the car was miss-sold due to false information.
  8. Wonky Headlights!

    The lights auto level and centre each time you start the car.
  9. DPF questions (I know)

    That ash residue is very high, will need a new DPF soon I'm afraid.
  10. Depends on the branch you use. Some of their techs are actually good. I stick to my local Skoda dealer who really are top notch.
  11. 1.8 tsi whining sound

    Does it still do this if you switch the aircon off?
  12. Could be codes from another customers vehicle. I've had advisories appear on my MOT's and when queried, was told, sorry forgot to clear that data while typing out your MOT. If your OBD11 says no codes, then there are no codes.
  13. Emptying Washer Reservoir

    Well my ex, once tried to top up the oil in her 1974 Mini using the dipstick tube rather than the rocker cover oil filler cap. She also put diesel in it twice!
  14. Indeed, but he is getting the wheels painted to match the mirrors.

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