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  1. Oil dissapearing on 1.6 tdi

    Could be the sump drain plug issue, either loose, or the sealing washer is leaking.
  2. Bolero VRS startup logo

    Quirk of the system, same as the dial sweep. Try turning the ignition on slowly. Insert key wait few seconds, turn to on position (not start) logo will probably appear when you turn the head unit on.
  3. Disappearing warning message

    Known problem, needs a new gear selector assembly.
  4. Coolant all gone!

    Pump was revised late 2014
  5. Advice on dsg please

    The 7 speed dry clutch DSG is best suited to petrol engines.
  6. Make sure the transport blocks were removed during PDI.
  7. Press and hold the radio on button for 10 seconds.
  8. Dampers are designed to allow a small quantity of oil to bleed past the top seal. If the seal was completely dry it wouldn't last long. I would suggest the advisory is nothing more than a sales pitch to sell dampers. I once got new front dampers for a mini (old style) from Quack Fut, three months later I got new front tyres, and was told the front dampers were leaking. So I got them to change them, before producing the receipt for the previous set, which were obviously still in warranty.
  9. Coolant all gone!

    The only seal in there is the water pump seal. Fairly common fault.
  10. Trusting the Driver Aids

    Another ROSPA advanced driver here, I'd rather rely on driver input than a box of electronics built by the lowest bidder.
  11. Sounds normal. I had a 2.0CR VRs and it insisted on doing regens every 400 miles, usually after coming off a motorway. Is the regen light coming on? if not it's a passive regen. The car is programmed to do these after set number of miles, regardless of the actual soot level in the DPF. If you know someone with VCDS, they could check the soot level just to be safe. The latest VW DPF systems are pretty robust. Motorway cruising actually reduces EGT due to constant speeds and high airflow, so the car won't passive regen on the motorway.
  12. Overheating!

    Pump was revised late 2014 IIRC
  13. Blacker than black

    And I just got new glasses They look way better all black.
  14. 2 question after long trip.

    Thump might be fuel slosh in the tank. I've done 7000 miles in 10 months and the 1.4 has never needed an oil top up.
  15. Blacker than black

    With that number plate, you should call it Merton or Hyslop, Angus if your into scandals. Looks great though, new wheels are so much nicer than those horrid Gemini 'things.'