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  1. Over revving engine?

    And so the fun continues!! Having got the car back from it's MOT & repairs I now have a new trick to contend with. When the car was being prepped I had a split hose replaced (EML was on); on return the EML light was off & all seemed fine, however, I have noe noticed when having a bit of a hoon that there seems to be something amiss with the way the engine is performing. Under heavy acceleration in second & mostly third gear it appears to over rev between 2000 & 3000 revs, I can't notice any discernable drop off in acceleration but obviously it makes a racket as the engine races then settles down again.My first thought was slipping clutch but it doesn't seem to affect the drive in any other way. I have also noticed that it runs a little rough on first start up, even after letting it settle before driving. I wondered if this might be down to a dirty throttle body that requires cleaning? Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Over revving engine?

    That would make sense, having just got back in it seems to be third gear when it is most obvious, as I said it was peaking at about 3000 & then settling (well, I have to lift off at that point as the Octy will make a big dent in the wall!). IF I go steady with the loud pedal there is absolutely no problem at all, having had the caliper changed & bled i think I'll give the guy a tinkle to let him sort it out. Thanks for the advice rwbaldwin
  3. Over revving engine?

    Brake fluid should have been changed when they did the caliper on the rear surely?? If not then it probably would have been at the last service, around twelve months ago IIRC. Why would this affect the engine performance though? (apologies if dumb question!)
  4. MOT Query

    Hi all Just received the dreaded phone call from the garage that the faithful Octy had failed it's MOT. So, now waiting on a new NSR caliper & discs being fitted. However, one of the advisories on the MOT was for "brake imbalance", clearly only slight or it would have failed on this too but what I wondered was could brake imbalance be mistaken for a wheel imbalance problem?? It may sound a silly question but I haven't noticed any judder, shaking or wheel pulling to left or right; I have noticed that when I get up to around 70 -75 mph (allegedly!!) I get a bit of vibration through the steering wheel. There is absolutely no problem at lower speeds & brakes seem to work absolutely fine. Any comments??
  5. MOT Query

    Ok, got MOT receipt back today & the refusal slip states this "Brakes Advisories: RBT Front Brake Imbalance: 15%" Then underneath an explanation which says"Front brakes only just et the front brake imbalance requirements. it would appear the braking system requires adjustment or repair." The other advisories were for a deteriorated front suspension bush that didn't result in excessive movment & tyre close to the legal limit. However on the retest it only has the advisories about the bush & the tyre & NOT the brake imbalance. Could the work done on the rear caliper have sorted this & would they have tested the RBT on the front again. The car drives absolutely fine, brakes in a straight line & there is no sign of pull to either side??
  6. MOT Query

    That's what I thought too cntuning, but the caliper is being replaced due to hand brake issues. After being stripped & cleaned it improved things for a few months & then it was as if the hand brake lever was attached to nothing at all, had to pull it up about 8 or 9 notches & obviously only the osr was engaging properly. Just wondered if you could have brake imbalance front or rear or corner to corner?? Apologies for dumb question, just trying to learn a thing or too!!

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