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  1. I know it says it is but it's a lie like I said. The RNS510 is NOT a android unit
  2. I wouldnt no. That is not, as it states, a RNS510. So the advert lies from the off. Not a great start eh? The unit mentioned above is found in this thread Reading the thread. There are a lot of people reporting issues which you get most of these cheap, poorly built copies. I personaly would never buy one and if I wanted android would always go for a trusted brand like pioneer and alpine who both make "oem" replacement headunits aswell as andriod etc
  3. I personaly would stay clear of the cheap ebay specials. There is a reason they are cheap and packed with features. People like Pioneer and Alpine make android headunits to take a look into those. You will need the correct instalation kit for the type of unit you choose. You will need mouting brackets, cabling, facia. I wont lie, changing a headunit in a modern car is NOT a cheap process. To fit a single din pioneer into my mk2 pfl it cost around £80 in cabling, facia, adaptor units etc
  4. Headlight connector.

    You remove the plastic nut then pull the leaver to release the headlight. Pull the light forward and the cable connector has a tab you push down to release it. If the light hasnt been out for a while it can be very stiff
  5. Scot5. There is no switched live to the headunit. The car is canbus, therefore uses data from the ECU to allow it to turn on, not 12v. The better high level converts use sense to see voltage through the speaker cable then sends 12v down the switched cable to the amp. Otherwise you need to find a switched live in the fuse box or make your own
  6. Xenon adjustments

    Yea I know. They need to be set to a new home position and I don't think they did that. Going to take the car to a local vag specialist instead I think
  7. group 31, 096....its only physical sizing of the battery. Leisure battery.....don't even contemplate. What is your budget? That's the main factor
  8. Xenon adjustments

    Had them alligned last week. They alligned them so they were correct in the light box and now they point way too low. Almost like the home point has been changed
  9. id suggest the best people to ask would be eibach them selves. Especially as there are identification numbers on the springs
  10. Headlight upgrade

    halogen and hid projectors are different. Your headlights are designed to have halogen bulbs fitted. Not hid, led etc
  11. Bit of an odd one. Drivers headlight and mounting was removed for access. Since being re fitted (correctly, I've checked) the drivers headlight is facing too high. These are OEM xenons and they still do the sweep. Could the home point have changed when it was all taken out?
  12. Key fob issues

    I did think that but only 1 button didn't work
  13. Just had a call from the wife. The unlock button doesn't work on the key fob. The other two do however. She took the key apart and back together and it works. My thoughts are dry solder joint somewhere. Anyideas on anything else it could be ?
  14. I’m car audio

    If you plan to get an amp I wouldnt bother until you have an amp. Right now you'd have to hack into the loom and will most likely be dissapointed. Once you have an amp you can run seperate speaker cables from the doors to the amp without touching the loom and the speakers will get the power they need
  15. I’m car audio

    You need more detail there mate. Budget? Will you be amping the speakers? Will you be fitting any sound deadening? Will you be making any adaptors or using nasty plastic ones? Do you have an aftermarket headunit or oem?

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