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  1. Upgraded speakers

    The speakers are riveted in so you will need to drill them out. When you replace them you will need to make (prefreble) or buy and adaptor which fits and also wiring adaptor which allows you to use the oem plug for your aftermarket speakers. The biggest factor here is budget. If you are not planning on doing any deadening or adding an amp dont expect much, if any, improvement over standard. There are very few speakers available which work off very low power (your headunit will produce 10 watts per channel if you are lucky)
  2. Icebox Auto Stereo Advice?

    Why dont you want to change the trim? Its only £20 You also will need to spend around £30 on a iso adaptor and also buy a fakra to din aerial adaptor. Maybe try this instead? http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/head-units/double-din/pioneer-avh-x490dab-double-din-cd-mp3-dvd-player-dab-digital-radio-iphone-android-touchscreen-multimedia-player
  3. Wont Start up - Battery Issue?

    Whats the voltage like when the engine is running?
  4. Mirror Glass

    VRS ones do have blue tint. That tint makes them twice the price aswell. iirc for a mk2 pre face lift its around £50 for a vrs mirror glass. Without tint (still heated) I found for £15
  5. Dim Scout headlights

    I tried LED in my main beam and it was no better than halogen due to the beam pattern being awful. When you say you bought some from a motorfactor, were they branded? I personaly wold never buy anything other than the likes of philips etc. I use Philips xtreme vision halogens in my main beam and they are fine. You wont get white light using halogen. The way to get close to white is to coat it in a blue coating. More blue, whiter it will look BUT also the lower the light output will be as it blocks part of the light spectrum.
  6. Skoda Manuals - PDF's

    FYI This link no longer works
  7. The multimeter method doesn't really work though. I've seen amps, setup with a dmm checked with a scope and a lot of adjustments were needed
  8. Jon. The fuse in the power cable is there to protect the cable it's self, not the amp. The fuse in the amp does that. A small 60a fuse in each of the power cable runs is fine
  9. H8 is for non vrs models. I definitely have H1's in my 2006 vrs fogs
  10. You dont need H8 for the fogs. You need H1
  11. Light bulbs.

    From what people have said above i'd guess their experience is from cheap led bulbs. The old SMD ones with loads of led's, as mentioned above, have light from all over which is totally wrong for the projector or the reflector light units in the mk2. The optical focal point (the point where the light is emitted) would be completely wrong. If you look at the more expensive led bulbs such as those using philips luxeon chips, you can see they use a single led for h1 and h7 and also look very simple. The single led allows for correclt location of the focal point. I am planning on going for some H1's to use as main beam to see how it goes but wont be looking at the cheap ones. I would only go for Philips led equipped ones.
  12. Stereo upgrade

    When you say plug 'n' play do you mean you want an oem unit rather than aftermarket?
  13. Car stereo compatibility

    No aftermarket headunits come complete with the facia kits and wiring adaptors. You need to buy it all seperately The wiring harness is from connects2. Price wise I believe is around £25 but could be more. You'd need to contact connects2 for the exact model. Facia kits can actually be got from skoda. This includes mounting kit and new facia trim to go around the headunit and heater controls. You will also need a fakra aerial adaptor as the oem headunit is fakra and aftermarket units are not
  14. Car stereo compatibility

    Firstly. Ignore the spec on there. For one it will not put out anyware close to 220 rms. Compatible. Yes but you will need to buy all the correct mounting kits and wiring. Its not plug 'n' play
  15. That sounds very odd. Id be tempted to message connects2. It sounds like there could be an issue with the adaptor