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  1. Green Hammerite paint for mk1 vrs brakes

    I have a small tin from a previous split that I've never got round to using if your still after some. I've sold the car now so just taking up space. Was just about to eBay it.
  2. Swaps?

    Where are you based as I'm looking to swap my vrs spiders
  3. few more mk1 octy bits and bobs

    Do yOu have any pics of the bumpers?
  4. Rear parking sensors?

    Have looked for a control box and no joy there. Will try the reverse thing tomorrow. Undercover parking at work so I won't look mad. Any ideas on how to get them out?
  5. Rear parking sensors?

    Having a slight issue in that rather than beeping in proximity theyre just double beeping, any ideas? Also I want to pop them out to colour code them. Firstly is this possible or will it affect them and secondly do they just pop out or do I need to take the rear bumper off? They're oem as far as I know. Cheers in advance.
  6. Swap black spiders for normal spiders?

    Still looking. Open to offers. Just fancy a swap.
  7. Droning/whining front

    Cheers. It's hardly audible below 30 but no change when cornering. Have tried coasting in neutral and still there sO I'm guessing not driveshaft then. is boosting and accelerating fine too. It has to go in next Friday as the window reg has broken so I'll ask them to check then. Just wanted an idea to know how much to save haha
  8. Droning/whining front

    Any ideas, even if its what a wheel bearing or driveshaft etc will sound or manifest itself like?
  9. Droning/whining front

    Hi all. As the title started driving this morning and notice a droning/whining sound from the front end. More noticeable around 50/60mph. Sounds more engine/driveshaft based rather than wheel bearings, but I'm no mechanic. Whatever it is it sounds expensive! Any ideas? Could this be time to trade the ol girl in for a new model!!!
  10. boost gauges

    Haven't taken any pics sorry. It's a standard pod holder stuck in the corner near the A pillar. Looks fine to me. I think if you want a close to oem look without the hassle of fabricating an A pillar mount then the steering wheel centre mount is pretty good but £40/50 I think. Check out robs pimp my Skoda site as he has one.
  11. boost gauges

    Just fitted my Tim boost gauge this week. Was 10 from eBay 2nd hand. 5 for 4m of silicone tubing and 2.50 for a green bulb. No need to spend that much. Took 2hrs to fit due to removing trim an locating the bloody grommet behind the glovebox.
  12. wiring query

    When you do it can you pop a pic up as I'm thinking of doing this.
  13. Light switch removal help

    Cheers for that will give it a try.
  14. Fibally got around to installing my boost gauge but can't seem to get the light switch out to finish wiring it up. I've checked out robs guide, pushed the switch in and turned but it doesn't seem to budge. Goes about quarter inch clockwise and then nothing. Any other hints or tips?
  15. Finally started, but far from finish

    Can you tell me how you got your light switch out. I tried following robs guide of pushing the switch in the turning clockwise but that doesn't seem to work.

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