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  1. Falken ZE912 tyres & Felicia magic alloys

    Apologies for the late reply, not been on the forum in a while. The alloys are still available, please send me a PM if you're interested.
  2. Falken ZE912 tyres & Felicia magic alloys

    Hi, they are still available... I have replied to your PM
  3. Falken ZE912 tyres & Felicia magic alloys

    Tyres sold Anyone interested in the magic alloys?
  4. Yeah based in CZ and posted direct. Best to contact him so you get exactly what you're looking for... I bought the solid engine and gearbox mount for the favorit, engine mount same as felly but gearbox mount is different. The three felicia ones the list are engine, gearbox and lower mount. Favorit lower is different too. The kit i got had the rear and inside bushes (including metal inserts) for the track control arms and also the rear subframe bushes. The rear bushes of the front track control arms are diferent for a favorit and felicia as well... Best to contact them! As I said Phil was brilliant and sorted me out!
  5. I bought the solid engine/gearbox mounts, steering rack bushes and front track control arm bushes from Kolar Motorsport. Good quality and great customer service from Phil, not sure if he's on here or not but I contacted him through the skoda-forum...
  6. Hi guys, having a wee clear out... Got a set of 4 Falken ZE912 tyres 185/60 R13 off my Favorit. All in near new condition with no cracks, buldges or puncture repairs. Tread depths: 6.4mm, 6.2mm, 5.8mm, 4.7mm. £90 ono. for the set Also got a set of 13" Felicia magic alloys with 165/70 R13 budget tyres Sava Perfecta (4.4 - 4.8mm) Rotex T200 (5.2 - 5.3mm) Nexen SB-702 (3.9 - 4.1mm) Barum Brillantis (6.0 - 6.2mm) £80 for the set
  7. Red and black with a white pin stripe? Looks familiar lol
  8. In terms of engine overhaul, is it gaskets, timing chains, seals, rings, shells, etc. that you're looking for?
  9. There's quite a few threads on this subject and also loads of useful stuff on the skoda forum too... Just to prepare you, it's not cheap modifying these engines! What sort of power are you looking for? The 1.4 16v engine conversion is another option. Think i'll eventually end up doing this. Maybe in a a few years though.
  10. 256mm rear brakes

    If for any reason the sale falls through i'll take them!
  11. Modifications I here you say... Here goes: Front and rear anti roll bars (doubled up rear ARB) Front and rear strut braces Bucket seats Harnesses Racing steering wheel Stripped out interior Custom dash (switches and push start) Mk2 Favorit dashboard Wind deflectors Custom paintwork Decals Mudflaps Cibie oscar spotlights Fog lights Air horns 14" alloy wheels 256mm front vented discs Braided brake lines Felicia rear beam Felicia mpi fuel tank and pump Mk1 Focus front coilovers Mk3 Golf rear coilovers Solid rubber engine/gearbox mounts Fibreglass front wings And the important engine stuff: Ported and skimmed cylinder head Bigger valves Up-rated kent-cams valve springs Estelle spring retainers and collets Kent SK6 high-lift cam Microsquirt ECU Ford EDIS unit and coil pack GSXR750 throttle bodies and custom intake manifold Intake trumpets Pipercross dome filter Custom intake manifold 4-1 bodged exhaust manifold (needs replaced) 2" exhaust system (with cherry-bomb ) Coolant sensor, intake air temp sensor, crank position sensor (36-1 toothed wheel) Wideband lambda O2 sensor and air-fuel ratio gauge Oil pressure sender and gauge etc. And also mapping it myself... however it needs a bit more work to get it tuned and running better!
  12. **BREAKING** Octavia VRS 2003 black 82K

    If yohan doesn’t take the rear calipers and carriers I'm interested... Where abouts are you?
  13. A few pics of my 1990 Favorit 136L, road-legal again after a couple of years...
  14. This still for sale, and any pics?

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