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  1. Karoq or Ateca?

    Realised that after I posted, I confused Karoq with Kodiak.
  2. NC500 - Scotland's answer to Route 66

    So did you finish the route? Pics? I'm thinking of going this, but not sure when and how. The stupid part of me says non stop but at a time when the camper vans have gone home.
  3. Karoq or Ateca?

    I've assumed that Karoq = Toureg, and Ateca = Tiguan. The Karoq is massive, the Ateca isn't. Edit. Karoq is not a Kodiak. Damn these obtuse names... D'oh.
  4. Driving Day 2018 28th/29th April

    Well, I'd hoped for a bit more interest!
  5. Remap is it worthwhile

    Back to the op. I'm feeling the urge, a very strong urge to drive for 5 hours to Mansfield, but wait...., help is at hand, and it might be called gluon. On the fly diagnosis and tweaking, oh yes!
  6. Remap is it worthwhile

    Anyone who says mumf instead of month, but anyway despite that what a tedious pratt.
  7. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    My sharked mk2 regularly beat 40mpg on a grandad run on the m-way. Obscene abuse would see 30 ish. I think back to ten years ago to a Honda accord 2.4 petrol 197bhp, 27mpg over 3 years, £600 ecu upgrade for 15bhp and all of that at 6800rpm. Despite the potential for failure, the turbo stratified high pressure injection tech has been very welcome indeed.
  8. But how much faster is it? Is the 32-34mpg worth it?
  9. Remap is it worthwhile

    Here's their quote: No, the earlier edc16 ecus they used to look at flash counters, but we could and still can reset them back to zero. The newer edc17 ecu's are antitune, they don't actually look at flash counters, a copy is actually uploaded to vw main which automatically checksum and finds differences. Also because there's no read via obd, once flashed back to stock the counter is always flashed back to zero. Or if we bench flash either ecu then the flash counter is bypassed anyway! We sell the t - shirts
  10. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    My superb did 45+ out of the box on a run to Heathrow. It hasn't gained massively since then, maybe 2-3mpg after 55k miles and driving similar route and speeds.
  11. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    My mk2 was almost brand new when I had it done, 1200 miles. Cupra was around 2400 ish
  12. Remap is it worthwhile

    A local business is quoting £189 and trying to convince me that bench flashing means no counter means no TD1 flag. I'm sceptical
  13. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    Wow, sub 30mpg?? I had a long term average of 34-35 with my mk2 vrs which had a shark remap that would have been at least 245bhp. Even my leon cupra "320" averaged over 30 without much effort...
  14. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    Exactly. The only difference between these engines is probably just the ecu map, nothing else, so theoretically both could be remapped to the same higher output.
  15. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    If it were me I'd be tempted to put 1.4TSI badges on a remapped 245....