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  1. UK Budget - Autumn 2017

    In all of your tours and meetings, please reinforce the message that the fundamentals of manufacturing things, is to know the variation in your part, and the variation in your process. Without that secure knowledge there can be no progress. The key point being, can you really trust the data, and make instant decisions upon it.
  2. UK Budget - Autumn 2017

    I'm interested in #2 and #3. I work in the latter so that's easy to figure out how to make an impact, but #2 is a bold statement, and arguably ignorant of how the sector works. None of these guys have ever worked in the auto supply chain, yet appear to making hugely grandiose commitments. The majority of the UK supply base are foreign owned, so why should UK suppliers prevail? Especially as they / we have a track record of being crap at making stuff. If you don't believe me, watch The Apprentice to understand the UK business mentality
  3. UK Budget - Autumn 2017

    I'm more interested in what the investment in the so called and massively misunderstood subject of productivity. We need more companies making things. As it happens, the latest data from the automotive council show that the UK auto industry is more efficient than any other EU country, after all, the Nissan plant in Sunderland has been winning accolades for years. The issue is that productivity is measured as gross manufacturing output per head, so if our growth is in financial services, then of course a productivity metric will drop. The oribkem us no one bothers to explain this, partly because our political leaders don't understand the sectors they are responsible for.
  4. Higher mileage Mk3

    Just been chatting about this in the pub. How back in the 80s when we all started driving, anything under 12s to 60 was really quick, now a cooking diesel can smash that with ease and it's nothing! Search YouTube fir videos of tesla model s acceleration, electric propulsion will take acceleration g to another level.
  5. Put the box back on 100 miles from home (after the damn banking plate fell apart in my hands as I removed it, luckily I caught the weather seal and the plastic pin cover) and set it to 0. No dramas so far, and it doesn't feel significantly slower the +1. I'm still not sure how big an improvement it makes - sure it pulls more strongly to 4.5k then dies off pretty quickly, but no locals owning 6 cylinder German diesels are shaking with fear at it. It's more a pleasing to drive rather than blowing your socks off experience. I also checked the interpretation of the warning lamps - I was getting a flashing coil light, and then the exhaust sensor lamp. The first makes sense, if you depress the fuel pressure signal too much, the ECU will register as a low fuel pressure in the rail. I guess the exhaust sensor is an over-fueling warning, which might be due to interpreting the low boost pressure, ie not enough air, so over-fueling. I'm clutching at straws here though, as I'm not an engine designer, but I'm going to have a chat with a couple of people I've recently got to know that work for an OEM engine manufacturer, and hopefully start to separate fact from hyperbole.
  6. In simple terms the device reduces the signal from the rail and manifold, so the ECU sees a low fuel and pressure for a given throttle and engine speed, and its map tables demand an increase in fuel and boost to match. The problem is when the signal from the sensors is pushed below the error threshold, which is what throws up the fault codes / warning lamps. For some reason this sensitivity seems to vary with time, definitely a pattern with seasons, and from car to car. When it's working within safe settings, with enough safety margin above the error threshold it should be fine, as it's probably not stressing the turbo or fuel pump as much as an ECU remap. In practice, you're probably wasting time, and risking unexpected limp modes if pushing it above 0 power setting, maybe even -1
  7. Each to their own, but the ones that came with the car. I saved a fortune on personalisation too Yours sincerely Mr DHY239Y
  8. VRS vs RS3

    I'm not about to outadrag a bowl of rice pudding now - I've had to drop the box to 0 after xmas tree warning lights show this morning. I reckon we're at 390Nm and 190PS now!
  9. VRS vs RS3

    I agree totally in principle, until you get stuck behind a slow moving bus for 30 miles!
  10. I had injector warning lamp and EML on today on 1+1. Blanked it off temporarily, EML gone but seems my engine has decided to revolt. I'll try it again on 0 power setting and see what happens, but tbh stock doesn't feel that much slower, but I always thought this with my mk2 octy, until I put the map back on.
  11. How does using the blanking plate work? Leave engine off 5 mins, remove box and stick blank plug in it place?
  12. VRS vs RS3

    Geoff, it's never about Vmax, just how quickly you can get to the NSL without pushing it into the hedge. Or as us my preference, how many slow moving vehicles can I punch past in those tantalisingly short overtaking opportunities across rural Wales. Std vrs is hopeless, no better than the superb, with box it's a bit better, but it's nowhere near the petrol vrs with shark let alone the cupra. I'm still very sceptical of any dyno result that puts the boxed octy over 220 bhp and 430Nm torque. Maybe one or two have somehow got "lucky" cars that respond massively better without throwing up warning lights, but mine sure isn't one if them. I can't keep pace with a 3.0D BMW powered machine, at least one that's trying of course. No chance.
  13. VRS vs RS3

    Yep, that's more like it. I'm not a fan of an auto box on a modified diesel, Google runaway diesel and you'll understand why! If skoda can put the 280ps engine into a 4x4 superb, then put that plus manual box into an octavia. There would be a queue of what, all of twenty of us?!
  14. VRS vs RS3

    Motorway driving isn't fun, it's wet roundabouts at 50, you know that
  15. Just shows how easy it is to subjectively fool the brain! The pedal adds no power only throttle response but it must make it feel much faster. I'd be worried about the extra load on the turbo and the fuel pump, they have to work much harder to respond more quickly to throttle demand