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  1. Driving Day 2018 28th/29th April

    More the merrier!
  2. It's a bit deceptive. I'm reasonably confident that the box gives similar results, though not quite as much. Enough to make a difference across country
  3. Nice real world performance, and likely more than my box is developing! Far more realistic than the dtuk claims?
  4. Yes, takes no time to deactivate it. Or switch h it back on.
  5. Octavia VRS Tdi 184 upgrades

    How did you break it?? What happened to it?!
  6. Octavia VRS Tdi 184 upgrades

    If it's the VAQ system it will be all over the brochure like a rash... Minor point but xds saps power, as it uses the braking system, VAQ doesn't as it uses clutches to distribute torque.
  7. Octavia VRS Tdi 184 upgrades

    VAQ https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-eurocars/vws-vaq-diff-explained/30560 XDS (torque vectoring through braking) https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.carwow.co.uk/guides/glossary/what-is-torque-vectoring.amp
  8. Octavia VRS Tdi 184 upgrades

    Ha I stand corrected. It does gave XDS fitted but is turned down so that it's invisible. Tbh it simply uses the braking system to add artificial resistance to the unloaded inside wheel, hello worn out CV joints. The leon cupra had the much better VAQ electro hydraulic system, which I think Auric you have on your 245. Works in a completely different way, and works brilliantly. Personally I'd not mess about with xds settings, your just going to wear out front brakes and joints faster for little gain.
  9. Octavia VRS Tdi 184 upgrades

    I'm pretty sure that the diesel vrs doesn't have the fancy diff. It's not in the spec, and mine sure doesn't drive like it does.
  10. Octavia VRS Tdi 184 upgrades

    Or try a dtuk crd3 tuning box. Not as much grunt as a good remap but it's removeable and if you've got a cheapo obd2 scanner you can clear any codes (as they will be generated).
  11. I've done about 2.5k now with mine, mostly on setting 2+0 (or should that be 2-0...) with no strange behaviour or warning lamps. I've started using millers too, on the basis it should help keep the soot levels down. Doesn't do anything for performance that I can tell, and to really to verify effect on fuel economy
  12. Photography Thread

    Pembrokeshire sunset, first one I've managed this year!
  13. So I've started logging some of the sensor data using an OBD2 adapter and Torque app. I've got my DTUK box on map 2 +0 and it's showing a max boost pressure of 22.5 psi. I've yet to try it in stock mode, but am also trying to log fuel flow, but of course the data might be corrupted by the tuning box since it intercepts the boost and fuel pressure sensors.....

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