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  1. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    Tesco & Sainsbury in Broadstairs (next to Ramsgate/Margate) Kent, now gone up to £1.139 - but everywhere else it's dearer.
  2. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    I forgot to mention, my fuel economy figures are based on brim to brim fill ups and the trip counter, not using the car's on board computer which I find to be to optimistic!
  3. Winter tyres on today

    Thanks for the comment, appreciated, I've seen that review (and have read the tests found on the Tyre Reviews website), it only helps to convince me for my part of the UK the CC is an appropriate choice of tyre. When I've run winter tyres I've used Nokian, been very pleased with them but the CC presents the ideal opportunity to get away from the need to change wheels twice a year, as well opening the door to a much more cost effective tyre size option. These cars do come with 15" wheels as a standard manufacturer fit so it should keep insurers happy, I have never understood why so many manufacturers race to 17" or 18" wheels - even if Michelin were offering the CC in the 215/40/17 or 215/45/16 sizes I would have still selected the 15" option and banked the savings. 10 years ago I switched from 17" to 16" wheels with my previous car and saved a fortune with the lower price of the 16" tyres a well as benefited from the more compliant ride.
  4. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    Now driven 6,500 miles since August purchase, more than I expected and a slight increase on average mileage with previous car. All is working as it should, however have suffered one puncture with the pain of replacing a tyre with just 4,000 miles on it (and high price of the rare 215/40/17 tyres). I've got 14 entries on my mileage log (some top ups combined so yes, more than 14 visits to a petrol station), generally run on Tesco / Sainsbury fuel, paid 1.129 today, overall mpg is 47.3, best was 52mpg when was confined to 50mph on the motorway whilst using the spare, worse 44.9 earlier this month with spirited commuting to ensure journey time did not exceed 60 minutes. Am I happy with the purchase, generally yes, although I would like to see even better mpg, perhaps this will come is the spring with fewer cold starts. Indeed, it's a slow car to warm up in the mornings, the 12k offer on Toledo meant I missed out on a few extras I would have been comfortable to pay extra for ... like heated seats and reversing camera.
  5. Winter tyres on today

    As a new Toledo driver I'm very interested in this line of discussion. Since 2010 I have (in previous car) run winter tyres, very necessary in 2010, but most of the winters after that not always so. However we live in hope of proper winter visiting these shores again and as most of my driving is done early morning or after nightfall ie outside the warmer parts of the day so I want to be safe and switch to winter suited tyres. The new Michelin Cross Climate tyre seems to be ideal for me, not just for winter use but all year round. However, for the Rapid/Toledo the only size tyre available is 185/60/15 ... the same size as the factory supplied spare tyre! To make matters sweeter this size tyre is considerably cheaper than the quality brands available 215/40/17 or 215/45/16. (also, no need to stick to 50mph when using the spare if all wheels are of the same size). My concern is the drivability of the 15" wheels, I read the comments about improved ride and reduced noise, but what about the handling ... is there a noticeable difference? How does car behave on corners? Since a change of jobs my daily commute is 78 miles return, a mixture of motorways and country lanes including a nice long hill, in Kent - a part of the country much more prone to frost and ice than one would think.
  6. Daytime running lights not working

    another reason why I took the extended 5 year / 90k mile Seat warranty
  7. 2018 Toledo 1.0 TSI megadeal

    No, I looked into that - all standard spec cars, no winter pack, no reversing camera
  8. 2018 Toledo 1.0 TSI megadeal

    Just purchased one of these Toledo cars, cracking car. Much better with the dark coloured upholstery than the light coloured in the previous cars. Nonetheless, the toys did not totally win me over, would have much preferred reversing camera and winter pack instead of the Kessy and tiredness recognition system .. don't know who specs these cars, not sure where they do their research?
  9. New Toledo Style Advanced

    I'd do it soon, otherwise PC Plod will send her a photographic notice, it'll cost and come with points as a prize (aka speeding ticket)
  10. New Toledo Style Advanced

    use this software to make smaller copies of your pictures ....http://www.irfanview.com/ .. right click the picture and open with this software, then select 'CTRL R' or 'image - resize', then select the desired size and save to a new file (if you save as is it will over-write the existing picture, replacing it with the smaller image size). This software is freeware, ie free for domestic use.
  11. Sunroof?

    I'm looking at a change of car for 2016, all my driving life (30+ years) I've had an opening sunroof and do not want to do without such feature on my next car. (Tilt / slide). It's not the light but the air, even on a mild day I will tilt open the roof, especially in town. I've seen Webasto offer aftermarket sunroofs and am considering such option. (It's a pity, a factory order sunroof is available on the Octavia, and used to be an option on the former Fabia). Has anyone fitted a sunroof to their Rapid? If so which one, how did you get on, are you happy with it? Any comments good / bad / indifferent will be much welcome. Thank you (PS I realise the Spaceback version with the glass roof is not suitable for an aftermarket opening sunroof)