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  1. start/stop not working?

    I'm find the SS to be hit and miss, not sure why. This morning on my way to work I hit traffic congestion 30 miles into the journey so car was fully warmed up yet stop-start would not activate, even if I toggled the fan on/off (aircon off) however coming home when I had to stop at traffic lights the stop-start worked fine. Note I drive a 1.0 Toledo.
  2. Will 1.4 diesel be dropped ?

    I'd like to see the new 1.5 petrol engine in the Rapid/Toledo body but with a 6 speed manual gearbox - I would have purchased the 1.4 engine car but I didn'tt want an automatic gearbox, any make of car or version of automatic.
  3. Looking at a Rapid. Help please.

    The comments which favour the 1.2 engine over the 1.0 engine come from existing or previous drivers of cars with the 1.2 engine - whilst they are valuable personal opinions do remember that not all drivers of cars with the 1.0 engine have driven cars with the 1.2 engine. Why do I say this - because I fall into the latter category and have a slightly different take on the situation. I used to drive a 2 litre petrol non-turbo car and last August changed to the Toledo. True, it is possible to catch the engine without the turbo activated, I've done this a couple of times and it's a very short pause before the engine picks up, not ideal but easy to cope with. Possibly it is necessary to change gears more often than other cars, but not that much more often, it's not a bind and truthfully having adjusted to the car I find myself changing gear instinctively without concern. Test drive and evaluate for yourself. Just one additional comment, in the summer I met a dealer principal in a social setting at a mutual friends house, the two thoughts he left with me are to ensure the servicing is done on time and using the correct engine oil, and when arriving at destination with a hot engine allow it to run for a moment before switching off, this is being kind to the turbo.
  4. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    snap! I have exactly the same average MPG, 45 mpg, I've driven just over 10,000 miles, the best I have seen (also 52 mpg) was when I used the spare and had to restrict my speed on the motorway. My daily commute is 75 miles, mixture of urban, fast dual carriageway / motorways and winding A road, I am hoping for an improved mpg come the summer, but nonetheless am satisfied with the fuel economy being achieved. Note my car is the 1.0 Toledo too.
  5. Compromise

    best option always has been a slide tilt metal sunroof but no-one makes these anymore!
  6. Phillips Ultinon LED

    over the course of many years I guess with annual changes of the brighter (better) H7 bulbs that don't last as long would in fact end up dearer than one set of these bulbs. As for type approval, it's not clear whether Phillips have tested these LED bulbs with a failure result, or if they just have not spent the time/money in the approval application process, which if they did would result in an approved status. (Or perhaps this is ongoing now). Certainly in this time of the year having candle light illumination is not great, of course keeping the headlights clean helps but only to a point.
  7. Compromise

    Go for a lower spec, get 16" alloys and then add a Webasto opening sunroof .. it's a smaller glass area so may be acceptable to your wife, and there is the added bonus of letting the sun shine in on sunny days!
  8. Diesel - Fuel Consumption - Your thoughts?

    @ Gerrycan - consumption cannot be worse than when having to scrape ice off the windows every time a journey is stated, plus the occasional need to brush away snow ... brrrr!!
  9. Diesel - Fuel Consumption - Your thoughts?

    @SockPuppet Your fuel economy figures look great, can you advise how these are calculated ... is it from brim to brim full ups or using the onboard computer? (Also, just how long does it take for the car to warm up, big issue on cold days like today).
  10. Heater taking a long time to produce heat

    no ice & interior misting here in my part of the country ... in fact all week I have been able to walk out the front door, jump in the car & drive ... (long may it continue) but still pretty cold, north facing coast with winds blasting in my direction ....
  11. Heater taking a long time to produce heat

    I'm also disappointed with the way the heating is working .... coming from a car with climate control, when set on auto on cold mornings the fan would not start until the car had some warm air to share, unlike current car where the fan starts immediately pumping out cold air into the passenger cabin - so I am not using the climate control and waiting until after 1 mile then switching the fan on manually! .. . (Toledo)
  12. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    Tesco & Sainsbury in Broadstairs (next to Ramsgate/Margate) Kent, now gone up to £1.139 - but everywhere else it's dearer.
  13. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    I forgot to mention, my fuel economy figures are based on brim to brim fill ups and the trip counter, not using the car's on board computer which I find to be to optimistic!
  14. Winter tyres on today

    Thanks for the comment, appreciated, I've seen that review (and have read the tests found on the Tyre Reviews website), it only helps to convince me for my part of the UK the CC is an appropriate choice of tyre. When I've run winter tyres I've used Nokian, been very pleased with them but the CC presents the ideal opportunity to get away from the need to change wheels twice a year, as well opening the door to a much more cost effective tyre size option. These cars do come with 15" wheels as a standard manufacturer fit so it should keep insurers happy, I have never understood why so many manufacturers race to 17" or 18" wheels - even if Michelin were offering the CC in the 215/40/17 or 215/45/16 sizes I would have still selected the 15" option and banked the savings. 10 years ago I switched from 17" to 16" wheels with my previous car and saved a fortune with the lower price of the 16" tyres a well as benefited from the more compliant ride.
  15. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    Now driven 6,500 miles since August purchase, more than I expected and a slight increase on average mileage with previous car. All is working as it should, however have suffered one puncture with the pain of replacing a tyre with just 4,000 miles on it (and high price of the rare 215/40/17 tyres). I've got 14 entries on my mileage log (some top ups combined so yes, more than 14 visits to a petrol station), generally run on Tesco / Sainsbury fuel, paid 1.129 today, overall mpg is 47.3, best was 52mpg when was confined to 50mph on the motorway whilst using the spare, worse 44.9 earlier this month with spirited commuting to ensure journey time did not exceed 60 minutes. Am I happy with the purchase, generally yes, although I would like to see even better mpg, perhaps this will come is the spring with fewer cold starts. Indeed, it's a slow car to warm up in the mornings, the 12k offer on Toledo meant I missed out on a few extras I would have been comfortable to pay extra for ... like heated seats and reversing camera.

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