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  1. Thanks for all your advice mate (and everyone else on here), it is much appreciated!
  2. Hi Guys. Turns out it is the egr valve. Is outside of warranty but Skoda will cover 70% of parts with goodwill. Going to cost €447 with labour. Could be worse I suppose.
  3. Thanks for all of your responses guys, booked in for Thursday morning (earliest I could get), I will report back when I know.
  4. Cheers silver, I'll book it in first thing tomorrow morning and report back.
  5. Just an update, drove it today and there was no warning light and the car was driving as normal. I don't know if I can put this down to a once off without reading the fault codes! It will be going for a service soon and I will keep you posted.
  6. Fuel cap is stuck

    Hi guys, just an update. The release mechanism was broken. It needs to be replaced. It will cost €120 from the main dealer.
  7. Hi Guys, Skoda Octavia 1.6tdi common rail 2010 95,000 km. I noticed the glow plug light started flashing about a month ago. It disappeared when restarting the engine and did not show up again for the next 3 weeks. On week 3 it showed up again. I restarted the car and it disappeared. Today the glow plug light began to flash. I stopped the car and restarted it. This time when I restarted it the glow plug light still flashed and the Control system for exhaust light came on and stayed on. The car entered limp mode. I tried restarting the car but both warning lights continued to show and the car stayed in limp mode. I drove the car in limp mode for 1 hour (I was in the countryside) until I got home. I left the car for an hour and when I turned it on the control system for the exhaust light remained on but there was no glow plug light flashing and the car was driving as normal. I decided to drive it at 3000 RPM for 40 mins in case it was the DPF. When I restarted the car after this drive the control system for the exhaust light was still there but the car was driving as usual. I left the car for 15 minutes and when I turned it on now no lights are showing and the car is driving fine. The DPF light did not show up at any stage. also, I do about 6 hours motorwar driving a week and the rest are half hour drives on main roads so the car should get adequate time for a regen. Does anyone have any ideas? As an aside; I had a problem in July when the control system for the exhaust light was on and the glow plug flashed. When I stopped my car back then, the fan would go into overdrive and the car's battery would go flat. It turned out that apparently the relay for the glow plug was not pushed in properly. The main dealer kept the car for 3 days and tried to charge €500 (I got them to reduce it to €436) for the loose connection. I would prefer to take it to a Skoda dealer that I know and trust next week as it is booked in for a service there. The dealer is about 250km away from my current location (my home town) next week as I have it booked in for a service, but I wonder is it worth the wait? Thanks!
  8. Fuel cap is stuck

    Hi guys Yes it's the door on the outside as opposed to the internal fuel cap. I slipped a coin in the door and kept locking/unlocking the car while applying pressure to the coin last night. Gently I opened the door and now it opens and closes normally. However, it is a bit stiffer so I am sure it will get stuck again some other time. Due a service soon and will mention it to the main dealer then. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. Fuel cap is stuck

    Hi, My Superb's fuel cap is stuck. I have had it for 60,000km with no problems. Was at the pumps and the cap got stuck and won't open. Tried locking and unlocking the car while pushing in the fuel cap with no success. Any tips? Thanks.
  10. Got back pads replaced and seems to have sorted the problem! Thanks for all of the responses.
  11. Filler cap door doesn't work

    Has anyone had any update on this? My Mk 2 Superb fuel cap seems to have locked up. Tried locking and unlocking the car while pushing in the fuel cap-doesn't work. Don't want to force it open and brake the mechanism. Would take to main dealer but they are all closed over xmas!
  12. Does the fact that the brakes go hard after pumping them a few times when the car is in neutral indicate that it mightn't be the servo?Took it to a garage yesterday and they claimed the brakes are fine besides worn rears pad, however I do think the car feels and sounds differently. I will replace the rear pads and let you guys know if it makes any difference. If it doesn't work I shall take it to the main dealer (the main dealer was booked out until after Christmas unfortunately).
  13. @Countryboy/Ian Yes, it does go hard when I press it a few times. I guess since the pedal goes hard after pressing it a few times the servo is working ok? Since yesterday I can hear a different sound (it is not really metallic to be honest but more like something rubbing together) when pressing the brakes coming from the rear, thus I think maybe it is just the rear pads that need replacing. I took it to a garage and they said it is probably the back pads which are worn down causing more sponginess.
  14. Hi All, I have a 2010 Skoda Octavia 1.6 tdi. Recently I noticed when I depress the brake pedal before coming to a stop it sounds like there is some air escaping from the pedal. The brake pads were replaced about 45,000 km ago and the brake itself is working fine. When I turn off the car the brake pedal goes hard which is normal. Any ideas?

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