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Current Donation Goals

Open Donation

Thank you for looking to donate.

Meets and events are key to this community. BRISKODA began in a pub on the back of social meetings, so your local area should have a local meet. With the right people in your region leading a local meet, we'll do all we can to support you. We'll also support shows and events nationally. We're aiming for one a year at least and being free to attend.

Over the course of this year, we'll spend over £4,000 on server hardware, software and external consultants. Most of this cost is covered by advertising.

Costs are not just on the boring servers. I'm talking to companies to bring you deals and offers too. This all takes time and everyone has to eat.
Any donation is hugely important and valued. All the work is for the community and I'm painfully aware of how tight things are for real people in our 'developed' countries. The donation helps keep the community being a great one.

Freedom is a formal donation/sign of support if you prefer.

You do not need to donate with money, writing a how to guide, or replying to un-answered topics. Got skills? Share them, promote them.

These are all really good ways to help too. If you want to learn more please feel free to mail me, [email protected], happy to talk, unless a servers down :S

Thank you for reading and supporting BRISKODA in 2017.

Co-founder BRISKODA 2002

Raised £241.00


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