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    Deals, sales & product offers from our sponsors and supporters.

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    BRISKODA does not accept any liability for member arranged group buys.

  3. BRISKODA Insurance   (11,615 visits to this link)

    Car Insurance | GAP Insurance | Breakdown Cover

  4. Adrian Flux   (12,572 visits to this link)

    Adrian Flux is the UK's largest specialist motor insurance provider. With up to 15% discount for you!

  5. Amazon ~ Automotive Centre   (5,753 visits to this link)

    If you're buying stuff from amazon, using this link will support the community via a tiny affiliate commission.

  6. Chris Knott Insurance   (9,314 visits to this link)

    Many club members have benefited from the special insurance rates available.

  7. DPM Performance

    The premiere online VAG performance, tuning and suspension specialists. 17.8

  8. Diesel Tuning Uk   (10,450 visits to this link)

    Intelligent Multichannel Petrol & Diesel Tuning Boxes For Your Car, Van Or Motor Home 17.10

  9. Gap Insurance

    Independently 5-Star rated GAP insurance at prices up to 85% LESS than a Motor Dealer would charge.
    Forum members call 01943 850999 for 10% discount! 17.12

  10. JabbaSport

    Leaders on VAG forced induction systems. They continue to be at the forefront of tuning in the VAG arena.

  11. Opie Oils

    OPIE OILS sell one of the most comprehensive ranges of quality Automotive lubricants available anywhere in the UK from manufacturers including FUCHS, SILKOLENE, CASTROL, MOBIL, MOTUL and AMSOIL. 18.1

  12. Summit 360 Ltd   (8,753 visits to this link)

    The company/people behind BRISKODA.


    If you’ve got a problem you’d like fixed or an opportunity you can’t pursue, contact me.  If you’d like to chat about it more generally, I’ll listen.