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  1. Easy, you simply change the coding in "instruments" to "poor quality oil". Or even easier than that, reset the service reminder on the DIS, this will automatically set it to fixed rather than longlife.
  2. vRS245 ordered club

    @themanwithnoaim Quick question for you if you dont mind? I've just ordered my VRS245 but had a new 67 VRS TDI 4x4 plate there on loan for the weekend, great car but glad my 245 will come with the Alcantara seats as the standard ones seem to be made from a very cheap feeling material. Can you confirm if the doorcards are also lined with Alcantara or is it the faux leather the same as the rest of the MK3 VRS's? Cheers!
  3. Interior & Exterior Stains

    With great difficulty, externally at least. My go to detailer has to machine polish and use heat to sweat suncream out of paintwork, it's no easy task!
  4. Thanks for that. Car starts fine, never had any issues in that respect. I'll get the battery properly tested then as a start, cheers!
  5. Just arrived at work and checked the battery voltage before I left (before starting the car at all this morning), it was sitting at 12.21v, gone down from 12.59v at 9pm last night. I take it that's not right? Cheers!
  6. Thanks. One thing I completely forgot to mention is that for the same time I've been seeing this issue the car seems to be regularly idling at 1000rpm, not ALL the time but often. At first I thought it was the DPF regeneration but I confirmed this was not the case with VCDS, it last regenerated just 50km ago and I was getting the high idle today on the way into work. Could the car be compensating for low charging voltage by raising the idle?
  7. Thanks, is this a simple thing to do? If so can you offer any guidance? Cheers!
  8. Thanks for the reply. The battery has been replaced before my ownership, it's a Bosch S3 007 - 12V 70Ah Type 100? Not sure how that compares to the standard one but the car's been faultless up until now and from my understanding 12.59v standing and 13.49v running would indicate a healthy battery?
  9. Hi all, looking for some advice. The last couple of weeks I've noticed an intermittent power steering problem with my VRS CR170 DSG First time was while parking at slow speed in a car park, steering went heavy and back to normal a few times Second time I was travelling at speed on the motorway in S, coming down the revs, doing maybe 70 in 4th around a sweeping left bend, all of a sudden I got a very odd heave/light/heavy/light sensation from the steering, quite unnerving seeing as I was going at a fair speed round a bend. A couple of times since I've noticed the same as the first time and yesterday when parking there was a very obvious issue with the steering again, like I'm losing the power assistance intermittently. So I have VCDS and have done a scan, (incidentally the car was scanned 6 weeks ago after I serviced it and there was nothing) and get the following error: Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels:. 1K0-937-08x-09.clb Part No SW: 1K0 937 087 J HW: 1K0 937 087 J Component: BCM PQ35 H 103 0615 Revision: 00103 AD Coding: 48000AB8E049B1C040080080110011E4437000AE726D8160808440040040 Shop #: WSC 73430 790 00085 VCID: 387F050D8BA4B98672-806C Subsystem 1 - Part No: 1Z2 955 119 D Labels: 1KX-955-119.CLB Component: Wischer 10121 26 0601 Coding: 00D7B7 Subsystem 2 - Part No: 1K0 955 559 AH Labels: 1K0-955-559-AG.CLB Component: RLS 201210 05 54 0403 Coding: 0730ED Subsystem 3 - Part No: 1Z0 951 171 Component: Innenraumuebe 008 5101 Subsystem 4 - Part No: 1K8 951 605 A Component: LIN BACKUP HO H11 9004 1 Fault Found: 01598 - Drive Battery Voltage 011 - Open Circuit - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00101011 Fault Priority: 6 Fault Frequency: 24 Reset counter: 51 Mileage: 137041 km Time Indication: 0 Date: 2012.01.24 Time: 11:31:03 Freeze Frame: Term 15 On Voltage: 14.00 V ON ON Term 50 Off OFF OFF I've checked the battery and it sits at a healthy 12.59v standing (car switched off) and with the car running I'm getting 13.49v I'm looking for any advice anyone might be able to offer to help pinpoint the issue. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the comments. So speccing it up today actually it seems Lane Assist is standard and it's done by an additional forward facing camera on the rear view mirror rather than the ACC radar in the grille? Good to hear that you can get light assist enabled with VCDS (I have it) as I nearly checked that option too! I think that with ACC you might also get front assist too (padestrian warning / colission detection) too? Really the only thing I'm still considering adding would be rear view camera but that's just a "nice to have" rather than something I really want so I'll think about that one for a bit.
  11. Thanks for all the positive comments, much appreciated! So that's it ordered, I went for the Hatch in the end, just looks so nice and in all honesty with the space they have it will more than suffice. Here's the one they brought on the day, it's a 230 but specced with most of the 245 bits, simply stunning! Those Alcantara seats!!! Oh and so impressed with the Ambusmen nav and Canton, stunning screen and the sound!! Incredible! The dealer (Henrys Skoda Glasgow City Centre) and salesman Andrew have been fantastic with it all, also giving me a brand new VRS for the weekend next week to try out!! What a week! Now the long wait!!
  12. Cheers, to say I'm delighted would be the biggest understatement ever lol! So they pay for the base 245 DSG in hatch form, the £1200 jump to the Estate and any additional options I cover myself then they send the change from the £20k
  13. Hi all, Just thought I'd better jump in this forum from the MK2 one and start a thread. I currently drive a 2011 VRS hatch CR170 DSG, bloody great car! Then this happened...... !!! So yeah....... crazy week!! Short of it is I'm off to the dealers tomorrow morning to spec up my new VRS230 DSG, probably an estate this time, the extra space will be handy but depends if they can do something about the £1200 price hike! So I'm currently here with the spec: Moon White Metallic Panoramic Electric Sunroof (PH8) £1,150 Dynamic chassis control (DCC) (PFH) £850 Adaptive cruise control (PSB) £565 Canton sound system (RA3) £500 Tow bar with adaptor (PK1) £550 Heated windscreen (PH5) £300 Temporary space saver spare wheel (PJC) £100 Umbrella (for electric seats / CANTON) (QE7) £0 Heated washer nozzles in front (9T1) £50 Crew Protection Assistant (7W1) £150 Rear side airbags (PE4) £285 5 Year / 100k Extended Warranty £515 Anything else REALLY worth having? Any of the lighting, lane assist, blind spot monitoring or such things worth what they're asking for them? Any ideas on the current build time at the moment? Thanks!
  14. Quick condenser question?

    Is this not what you're after? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-AUDI-Q3-VW-CADDY-GOLF-SEAT-LEON-OCTAVIA-AIR-CON-DRYER-INSERT-5K0-298-403-/191076946912?epid=1716999111
  15. Get the cheapest quote you can, using genuine parts, locally via email. Then contact your local Skoda Dealership who will price match it if you print off the email and show them (or email it to the service dept). Had mine, cambelt kit, water pump coolant and aux belt done at Skoda last October for £399, for an extra £30 got them to change the oil and filter (I supplied, genuine stuff from TPS) and they stamped the service book with all the work too. Cant really argue with that.