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  1. The VAQ diff is fitted to the 245 and also the PLF 230 already...
  2. You can get the GolfR in estate form in case you didn’t know.
  3. Phonebox retrofit

    I even emailed them to ask if I can order one to the UK and they've not bothered to reply at all. :/
  4. Nicely spotted! Should be a reasonably simple retrofit then, all the parts will be available. Notice it's only a £330 option, I wonder how much the part will be to buy though, hopefully not stupid money!
  5. vRS245 ordered club

    Indeed and I'm not refuting that, just correcting your conclusion that the 245 engine is a de-tuned GolfR engine because, while not a million miles away, that is simply not the case
  6. vRS245 ordered club

    Not so, the 245 (engine code DLBA) has exactly the same base engine as the previous 220 and 230, it also uses the same IS20 turbo, the differences are ECU and fuelling only. I have the official specification downloaded directly from VAG erWin just last week. The R / S3 / Cupra 280 & 300 have a different base engine, the differences are minor though, they do however all run the larger IS38 turbo. Not to say the TSI VRS engine cant handle more power, it can comfortably take a lot more, there are many many MK7 Golf's running much more power and even IS38 turbo's on golfmk7.com, very few issues if any. It's a great engine and there's huge room for tuning.
  7. Actually it's not that bad, the Golf and Audi guys have been doing it for a while now.
  8. This worked a treat on my 2018 VRS245, thanks for sharing!
  9. vRS245 ordered club

    That red is stunning!!
  10. vRS245 ordered club

    Finally! Collected my car, what a car! To recap, I went for: 7-Speed DSG gearbox Moon white metallic Grey interior stitching Panoramic Electric Sunroof Dynamic chassis control (DCC) Keyless entry and start (KESSY) Adaptive cruise control Canton sound system Rear view parking camera Heated windscreen Temporary space saver spare wheel Umbrella (for electric seats / CANTON) Heated washer nozzles in front Crew protection assistant Rear side airbags 5yr warranty extension
  11. Exhaust tips

    Just remove them and get them powdercoated for £20 or so and fix the problem for good?
  12. Not joking, Henry's Skoda Glasgow, will match any price for servicing work.
  13. My local dealer will price match, just get an email quote from any VAT reg independent specifying that genuine parts are used and they will match it. Worth asking?
  14. Looks great! Do they come with new adhesive applied to the back? Cheers!

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