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  1. vRS245 ordered club

    And what on earth does that have to do with anything on here.... really? :p
  2. vRS245 ordered club

    It's pie in the sky then, I ordered my DSG hatch (albeit loads of options) on the 11th September and it's currently unconfirmed week 12.... :/
  3. vRS245 ordered club

    At least it's confirmed.... what car is it, hatch/estate? DSG/manual? Cheers!
  4. vRS245 ordered club

    Could be I guess :/ Car ordered 11th September, VRS245 DSG Hatchback Options: Moon white metallic Grey interior stitching Panoramic Electric Sunroof Dynamic chassis control (DCC) Adaptive cruise control Kessy Canton sound system Rear view parking camera Heated windscreen Temporary space saver spare wheel Umbrella (for electric seats / CANTON) Heated washer nozzles in front Crew Protection Assistant Rear side airbags
  5. vRS245 ordered club

    Ordered end of September!? Wow, you're lucky then, I ordered the 11th September and my "unconfirmed" build week is currently week 20 of 2018! :/ What spec did you order do you mind me asking? Cheers!
  6. What makes you think that? The cheap lease deals that were being offered probably sold many thousands of them, you don't get the same deals on the GTI's.
  7. vRS245 ordered club

    Nah never bothered in the end mate. Have you had a confirmed build week yet? Remind me when you ordered, July was it not?
  8. vRS245 ordered club

    I really don't understand this at all, mine was ordered on the 11th September and the unconfirmed build date is bloody week 20 of next year!! I'm going to have to have a word with my dealer tomorrow, genuinely feel like I'm being bumped to the back of the queue over and over again. Is that a confirmed build week?
  9. Don't hold your breath, mine was ordered on the 11th September and according to Skoda I'm unconfirmed build week 20 of 2018, that's the middle of bloody may! And another month to get from there to me..... bloody joke, they shouldn't be taking orders for cars they can't produce and deliver in a reason timeframe.
  10. VCDS cable.

    Hmm, that's defo the new one, can you send me the link to the eBay ad? Might be able to work out if it's genuine or not and if it is then if it's had all VIN's used up already as that's WAY too cheap.
  11. VCDS cable.

    It will work on any "old" modules your car has (and that might well be none) but they're not adding in support for new ones, they had a cut-off where development stopped and it was earlier this year, people with the VRS245 are already seeing issues with programming stuff. So basically yes and besides, for £75 that will be a knock-off interface anyway and the "cracked" software will be well out of date. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( I'm reasonably lucky in as much as I have a genuine unlimited HEX-USB one and they still sell for very good money (£250+!) so I can upgrade to the new type at little/no cost when my 245 comes but you're looking at £220 for the new one limited to 3 VIN's.
  12. vRS245 ordered club

    Congrats, I ordered mine on the 11th September and it's currently sitting at unconfirmed build week 13 of 2018!???
  13. vRS245 ordered club

    Any joy today with the salesman? I've been thinking about this over the weekend and really cannot see why a configuration change should be any issue until a build date is properly assigned.
  14. Upgrades to cr170

    Out of interest what happened to the original CR170 engine? Never heard of any complete failures on here before, I have the same car.
  15. vRS245 ordered club

    I'm getting the same thing from him, tried to add the towbar option in a couple of weeks ago and was told couldn't, would put me to the back of the queue. Starting to wonder if that's just bull and it's more a case that he cant be arsed with the hassle of changing it, as the end of the day until a build week is assigned what difference does it make?