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  1. My roomster mods

    Hi NZ100 Mine only flash under emergency braking, stratsog do you have android or iPhone? If android you you need one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/302374178194 if using apple you you need a WiFi one
  2. My roomster mods

    What do you mean no electronic equipment is available? I did mine with my phone
  3. My roomster mods

    On the needle sweep thing it’s really easy to do yourself...
  4. My roomster mods

    Remap... complete
  5. My roomster mods

    Make a big difference?
  6. My roomster mods

    IMG_3413.MOVWhy is it the smallest things that gets us car nuts the most exited?
  7. My roomster mods

    I have also done some coding over the weekend including, beep on locking and needle sweep on startup and added flashing brake lights during emergency stopping for a little extra safety!! Remap is Saturday morning. Does anyone have any advice on RARBs? I have obviously seen people have fitted them but is there a general consensus as to which is best? perhaps someone has a second hand one for sale?
  8. My roomster mods

    Here she is on her freshly black wheels...
  9. My roomster mods

    Well I'm not quite finished yet!! Couple more weeks of modding to come
  10. My roomster mods

    And as if from the Dead the roomster mods thread rises like a graceful Phoenix from the ashes... I have been sorting my house out for nigh on 2 years it is now complete... therefore in celebration I have a new exhaust, my wheels are booked in for a powdercoating next Friday and I am going to enquire about a remap tomorrow!! Lovely to be back. Pictures of course to follow exhaust video link... all 1.2tsi owners should do this
  11. The roomster motorhome

    No I still have the roomster as well it's great and feels really nippy in comparison but I like the berlingo it's really comfy to drive around in!
  12. The roomster motorhome

    Hi camper, looks cool!! I used the hatch but i think it only fits because it is lowered. Therefore would recommend the original though must warn you it wouldn't add much space really. Min my opinion you want some kind of gazebo/cook tent that you reverse right up to. Khyam do quick erect cook tents that would be ideal I think. Attached is a picture of my new camping setup
  13. Does anyone know if the black edition has 5x112 wheels or 5x100 wheels?
  14. Fabia vrs breaking

    front seats?
  15. VW Festival 2016. 12th - 14th August. Harewood House Leeds LS17 9LG

    it was going to be but its great and I think it was just because I hadn't done anything with it in a while got some plans and given it a shiny in the good weather and I want it again

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