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  1. Remap

    Been a while since I posted, but I had my Citigo remapped by Celtic Tuning a few months ago, and it was the best money I've spent on the car. It - with the induction kit - has made a huge difference to response and pull. It pulls smoothly through the rev range, and is putting out 83lb/ft now (rather than the stock 70lb/ft). The biggest difference I noticed was the top range of the revs, waaaay more response and pull their. It appears to have done something to the revs for each gear (I used to hit 6k bang on, for 60mph in second gear. Now 6k bang on takes me to about 65). The car's initial pull away is very strong, and I was recently on a drive up Duke's Pass, and it surprised a few people driving significantly more powerful cars! Nothing else has really been done to the car recently, however. But I would genuinely recommend the remap - especially if you're running a non-stock airbox. As an aside, the Duke's Pass let me test the Citigo's handling properly. Never been on such a windy road. I've got to say, it handles astonishingly for an entry level car. It never once felt uncontrolled, and it could fly into corners significantly faster than my friend's in their 3series, and Fiesta S1600's! Fantastic handling car. I'm not trying to pretend that the remap has somehow made my car a hot-hatch, but it certainly has a real grunt behind it now, for a light wee car.
  2. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Will stick them up. They're not the best 'cause it was so cold so my focus was a bit off as my hands were shaky!
  3. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Took a blast with some friends to the Highlands today. Scenery was unbelievable. Car was mucky, very quickly. Handbrake works well, also
  4. Start stop warning buzzer

    Eh.... yeah... I had a courtesy car two weeks ago, it cost me nothing. I think they're telling you BS...!
  5. Start stop warning buzzer

    Had this 4 months into owning the car. Ended up getting really frustrated. 2-3 weeks later, my Check Engine light came on. Turns out it was a faulty Brake Servo, got replaced under warranty, never had any issues with stop/start since.
  6. Wind deflectors

    I've maxed it, and they stay in fine with sticky pad. Never had a problem. Done 27,000 miles - mostly motorway driving - and never loosened. :-)
  7. Clutch/gearbox noise when using clutch

    Agreed! I tend to have music on in the car, or live football, so I confess to not noticing it as much any more!
  8. Clutch/gearbox noise when using clutch

    No problem. And you're correct; there's no fix as it technically isn't really a problem. Noticeable and slightly irritating, certainly, but causes no damage or issues to the transmission. If you take it to your dealer, they will tell you it is 'A Characteristic of the Car'! Nothing to worry about. The best way to avoid the noise, as you've pointed out yourself, is for a slow clutch release. But if you hear the noise, do not worry at all. Anyone on here will tell you the clutch/transmission clonk is a renowned Citigo characteristic. I like to think of it as part of its charm
  9. Wind deflectors

    Skoda do OEM Wind Deflectors for the Citigo. My dealer had the part in stock and offered to fit them for me. I, however, chose to get the Heko ones as they are less 'clumpy' looking; much narrow and neater looking. Photo fitted. (Excuse editing, it was the latest saved photo that shows the wind deflectors). They had no fitting clips, simply lowered the windows, removed the adhesive tape, plugged them into the rubber window surround in the right place, then left the window up for 12 hours to let it bond properly. Never had any issue with them in - near as damn it - 2 years.
  10. Clutch/gearbox noise when using clutch

    Don't worry - this is THE known Citigo thing. It's a cheap car, with cheap build quality. My Citigo does it, and so does the Citigo courtesy car I had. My friend's VW Up! does this also. Even the Skoda Rapid I had as a courtesy car made this noise. It is - as you say - a transmission noise, and is particularly noticeable because the car is so lacking in soundproofing. Do not worry about it. It will sound like a clonk, as you say, rather than a click or anything. It's very mechanical sounding, and perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about at all. :-)
  11. Bought mine through PCP. Worked nicely; 0% APR, PCP payments run up until I graduate at which point I could walk away, or buy outright. Most likely, buy outright, or swap for something else (non-skoda, sorry...).
  12. coming from DSG to ASG - disappointment?

    DSG gearboxes are totally different from ASGs. I like to think of ASGs as literally a manual gearbox with an automatic shifter... DSG's are something altogether better. ASG will feel strange. But in a car like a Citigo, there's no need for a DSG. It should be fine, but your best bet is to test-drive an ASG Citigo/Up/Mii to see, before buying.
  13. Citigo -making things better-

    Looks fantastic!
  14. Building a Citigo Junior Rallycar

    I've lost track in all the awesome photos, what engine's going in this again? Just the 1.0? or something else? What's the power output?

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