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  1. Skoda citigo pcp

    Hi guys have read some threads on here about negative equity and am quite worried. I have a 15 plate (March 2015) Citigo Elegance with 6000 miles on the clock. Although I don't need to worry for another year and a half yet I was looking at trading in next summer around May/June time. I'm on Volkswagen Finance so will either be a Fabia Monte Carlo or a VW polo beats. Has anyone had experience with this and did you have to stump up a big deposit? Will look at leasing instead if that is the case (any company recommendations will be fab)
  2. Bluetooth connection need help!

    Hi guys my Bluetooth on my PID is not working. I can't connect either my new gen iPod nano or new iPhone 6. I just tried my brothers 5S and it worked ok but neither of mine are working! Please help
  3. What made you choose your Citigo?

    If you live in Chelmsford then I'll look out for you! I was going to get one from there but got a good NHS staff offer at Essex Auto Group. 0% finance too
  4. What made you choose your Citigo?

    Hey guys. I'm really curious to see why other people chose their citigo over other cars I.e Citroen c1/peugeot 108/fiat 500/hyundai i10
  5. What annoyed you today at work?

    Having grapes thrown at me. I'm currently working on an elderly care unit.
  6. Question about Vauxhalls

    Don't drink alcohol and even if I wanted to have my nails painted I couldn't for work. I drive with both hands on the steering wheel except for obviously changing gears lol
  7. Question about Vauxhalls

    Easily. I got the 74bhp and the engine is quiet and stays about about 3000rpm surprisingly. Wind noise can be annoying but the citigo is a dream compared to my little Ka that sounded like a tractor.
  8. What was your first car?

    No way the citigo was your first car! That's so cool haha. I love mine
  9. What was your first car?

    Random. Interesting to know given the range of ages of people on here mine was an X reg Ford Ka called Ka. Pictures welcome
  10. What made you choose your username?

    Kira Anastasia is my name
  11. Question about Vauxhalls

    Lol I'm a girl and I've just checked my average speed on the A12 was 73mph half of the cars drive at around 50/55 and the other half drive at about 100. It's always the same models driving slowly and the same models driving erratically.
  12. Question about Vauxhalls

    Hey guys. I know this is irrelevant but my boyfriend took a corsa for a test drive not long back and said it was the slowest car he had ever driven (1.2 petrol and 1.4 diesel). Recently I've noticed 2 things about modern Vauxhalls, particularly Corsas. 1) why do their indicators Never turn off?! I followed a Zafira for 2 miles down an A road last week with it's left indicator still on the whole time. Is this a design fault or something as I've seen it many times on my drive to work. 2) well after the test drive incident I've noticed the amount of Vauxhall Corsas I've had to overtake. Must be 15-20 in the last couple of weeks. None of them looked like newbies or old drivers. I don't even go fast on A roads, normally about 75 sometimes 80- the 74bhp Citigo does not struggle at all. Does anyone have/have had/ has a relative that drives a Corsa or vauxhall in general and can enlighten me? They are very common after all.
  13. I finally got my citigo!

    I ordered mine on 19th January and I picked it up on 15th April when it was due on 30th march. I got sent a shopping voucher lol
  14. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    My 75bhp elegance citigo. Her name is Susie and I got her on Wednesday.
  15. I finally got my citigo!

    I got my citigo on Wednesday did you get a £150 voucher for it being late?

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