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  1. Love my Citigo... but water, water everywhere!

    Plenum chamber? What do you mean by that? That term is normally used to describe the chamber before the inlet manifold runners. Do you mean the water gulley below the windscreen?
  2. Questions on wheel fitment

    Classic ATS maybe? I'm a big fan of the Enkei RPF1 and Rota Grid styles as seen in David's photos above. For lightness and value for money Rotas take some beating.
  3. My Skoda Laura automatic

    The Laura is known as the Octavia in Europe. You need to post in the Octavia forum my friend.
  4. Questions on wheel fitment

    I had a quick eyeball of mine last night and I reckon you might be spot on with 7J ET25. It will give you the 50mm of extra poke that you need. There is no flange to roll on the wheel arches but the slab sided shape will make them difficult to pull neatly. I would go for a tucked look but you might need to trim off some of the wheel arch liner in the front wings where it meets the wheel arch.
  5. Questions on wheel fitment

    Find an old-skool MX-5 owner with phat rimz and beg him for a trial fitting on your car. 8x15 ET20 is a popular fitting with the scenerz (I had 7x15 ET35 on mine and that was enough). Mazda PCD and stud pattern is the same but you will have to remove the spigot rings to get them on the Skoda hubs.
  6. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Subscribed for the write-up on the LED DRLs!
  7. Questions on wheel fitment

    ET20 is a lot of offset for FWD. Moreso with 8J rims. You are almost certainly going to have to roll the arches for that. Are you just going to use it as a show car because it will drive and handle like a bag of **** with those wheels?
  8. The New Arrival

    Our Citigo is nearly 3 years old, albeit with less than 6,000 miles on the clock. White-worm is only just starting to show on a couple of the centre caps. I use a very caustic wheel cleaner (AutoSmart Smart Wheels) but heavily diluted and rinsed thoroughly after use. The powder coat/paint has cracked/split on the back-facing edge of some of the wheel spokes though. Corrosion/bubbling will no doubt ensue but hopefully I can soldier on another couple of years before considering a refurb. For future out-of-warranty purposes, genuine Skoda centre caps are available on ebay from sellers in Slovakia for around £15 for a set of four.
  9. Locked Citigo broken in to

    Presumably the car was parked nearside to the CCTV camera and you could not see the immobiliser LED on the offside front door?
  10. Major service not so major..?

    Indeed, in the same factory that builds the Bentayga, Cayenne, Q7 and Touareg. The Audi TT is assembled in Gyor, Hungary. Previously they shipped in painted bodyshells from Ingolstadt but now even the bodyshells are manufactured in the Gyor plant.
  11. Fuse?

    Do you keep your car key on a heavy bunch of keys by any chance?
  12. Minor irritation, literally.

    I'm 6'2" and long of back, not particularly long of leg. The fixed height seat belt top anchor doesn't trouble me but I do use the seat height adjuster to help with comfort in this respect.
  13. Minor irritation, literally.

    Seatbelt height adjuster doesn't seem to be a "thing" nowadays. Our 2014 Leon FR didn't have them and neither does our late 2016 BMW 3 series.
  14. Re-mapping

    Just accept the Citigo for what it is - a pleasant, economical little city car. It has no sporting pretensions. In the last 10 years we have owned three turbocharged cars - Golf TDI, Leon TSI and now a BMW 320i TwinPower. All with at least 250Nm of torque with maximum torque available around 2,000rpm. We have also owned three normally aspirated cars - Mazda MX-5, MINI Cooper and Skoda Citigo. All with very much less than 250Nm of torque and maximum torque generated somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000rpm. The turbocharged and normally aspirated cars are like chalk and cheese. Even after spending a four-figure sum rebuilding and tuning the MX-5 engine it was never anything like the shove-in-the-back experience of the turbocharged cars. I have recently been driving an Ibiza 1.0 TSI 110PS DSG as a hire car in the Canary Islands. This powertrain is delightful and would be awesome in a Citigo, I'm sure.
  15. Re-mapping

    It does matter. Repeatability is not the rolling road dyno's strong point and the graphs can be skewed by manipulation of tyre pressures, calibration speed, selected gear and how the engine is accelerated for the test run. It's a shady practice known as "swinging the dyno" and the so-called tuning industry is notorious for it. That aside, I can tell you as a matter of fact that a 9 ftlbft low increase in torque in a 900kg car is not going to rock your world. Spend your hard-earned money wisely.