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  1. Garmin PID unit

    Download the Garmin Fresh app from the Garmin website. Start the Fresh app, plug in your PID and perform a factory reset. IIRC the PID will ask you to choose your language when it restarts.
  2. Energy saving tyres.

    It's actually the opposite. The flexing of the leading edge of the tyre as the wheel rotates requires an energy input. The less energy required to deform the tyre in this manner the lower the rolling resistance. RFTs have very stiff sidewalls and consequently poor energy efficiency ratings. The Bridgestone EP25s have a notoriously weak sidewall and are prone to damage, not to mention horrible response when cornering. Needless to say I won't be having them again. All-seasons tyres for me next on the Citigo, probably Michelin Cross-Climates.
  3. Backlash in Gearbox

    Mine is often noisy when taking up drive between gear changes if I feed the clutch and revs in a bit quickly. Worse still is the very pronounced chattering and shunting when driving in reverse. I suspect that the cushioning springs on the clutch friction plate are not up to the job of acting as a torsional damper. The part itself is not expensive but the labour charge to remove and refit the gearbox to change the clutch certainly is. I raised this as a concern at the second service last October. The dealer was adamant that the problem was present on all their Citigo stock - essentially a "they all do it, Sir" response. I pointed out that until 3 months prior to the second service mine certainly didn't do it, Sir and that I would very much prefer if to reverted to refraining from doing it in the future, Sir. The dealer said they would contact the Skoda Technical Support department for advice but predictably I heard nothing further from them. The third service is due any time now and I will raise the issue again as it has not gone away and by my estimation has probably got slightly worse.
  4. battery chargers.

    My Citigo often sits in the garage unused for weeks at a time (only ~7,000 miles on the clock at three years old) and I have never experienced any issues with charging in the winter. I do have the better engineered starting and charging system that the Greentech stop/start affords though, if that makes any difference. Can't help with a plug-in charger but I own and have used a C-Tek smart charger with other cars. It kept my classic Mazda MX-5 battery in good order and that was a very old battery in a car that was mothballed for the entire winter. It also revived a battery in my sister's Clio that had been declared "dead and beyond help" by so-called expert technicians. Aldi often have similar chargers on offer from time to time.
  5. Citigo Service

    BMW have also moved away from Castrol and are now using Shell (Pennzoil in North America) . As long as the oil meets or exceeds the Manufacturer's specification it will be fine.
  6. Skoda PID

    ^ What they said. Mine was from an Ibiza and is now fully Skoda branded after doing the full factory reset in the Garmin Fresh app.
  7. So Volkswagen think Skoda are too cheap

    Production ended in 2006.
  8. Cleaning Inside of Windscreen?

    I suspect that residue from the the liquid air fresheners that you clip into the vents are a contributing factor. Several passes with Nilglas cleaner and Regina Blitz paper towel shifted it eventually. Might try IPA next time.
  9. Best LED DRL bulbs for Citigo

    I had MTec fog lamp bulbs in my SEAT Leon. They were very poor and I would not buy MTec bulbs again.
  10. So Volkswagen think Skoda are too cheap

    i remember when the Sharans, Alhambras and Galaxys that came out of there were plagued with quality issues. Thankfully the Sciroccos seem to be better built.
  11. Best LED DRL bulbs for Citigo

    There is an ongoing discussion about LED DRLs in Sasha Grace's Monte Carlo thread which you may find useful.
  12. So Volkswagen think Skoda are too cheap

    Hmmm... you have to wonder whether the resurgence of nationalist sentiment in Germany is driving this to a certain extent. It would be sadly ironic if after some 80+ years VW came full circle and returned to making cars for the benefit of Germany's National Socialists. Major Ivan Hirst would be spinning in his grave. :( Still, if things get any worse in Catalonia then they could always shift production back to Germany from Martorell ...
  13. So Volkswagen think Skoda are too cheap

    I can only assume that AE are taking VWs comments out of context. They cite the Kodak undercutting the Tiguan but seem to forget that they are both made in the same factory (in Germany). Then there is the mega factory in Slovakia that makes the Bentayga, Cayenne, Q7 and Touareg. They don't seem to have a problem with using cheap labour to bolster profits on those models. The same factory also makes the Up!, Mii and Citigo and it would almost certainly be unprofitable to make those models in Germany. Usual crap journalism and fairy stories from AutoExpress. What they don't know they seem to make up. A complete joke.
  14. Looking at buying

    Servicing is required every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs sooner. Service costs from a Skoda dealer are typically £150/£260 for minor/major service for a car 3 years or older. For a 2014 car that is out of warranty I would suggest that an independent VW specialist would provide better value.
  15. auto gearbox oil citigo

    I would imagine that it is the same oil as the manual. The ASG is essentially a manual gearbox with a robotised shift mechanism, not a conventional automatic transmission. The Comma Oil web site suggests that 75W GL-4 fully synthetic MTF is appropriate for both gearboxes. http://www.commaoil.com/products/results/91084165