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  1. Recommended oil ? (5w-30 grade)

    The spec on the back of the 5W-30 bottle that I have here says it meets both VW 504 00 and VW 507 00.
  2. Recommended oil ? (5w-30 grade)

    All Citigos are on fixed service interval regimes. FWIW I use Castrol Edge 5W-30 meeting the VW 507 00 spec in mine because I have some lying around and it meets or exceeds VW 502 00 and VW 504 00. VW and BMW seem to have moved away from Castrol (to Shell) for factory fills and recommended oils but Castrol Edge is still a good oil.
  3. Do you have an unfitted Side of boot carpet?

    With the benefit of hindsight, I would make my own template from thin card if I was fitting the carpet again. The pre-cut carpet is oversized and some jiggery pokery is required to get it to fit neatly. Took me three attempts to fit mine before I was completely happy with it.
  4. 20k pa in a Citigo - Am I mad?

    No doubt the Up! GTi will be much in demand and as such the discounts will be nowhere near those offered on Citigos.
  5. The "sshh" or hissing sound is the brake servo. Mine does this, I put it down to the engine gubbins being very close to the passenger compartment and the general lack of sound insulation in these cars. My Elegance had its 3rd service in November last year and for some reason the 2nd service does not appear on the printouts. It is recorded in Skoda's service history though (I asked the dealer to confirm and show me the screen). Check the oil with the car on level ground. The road outside my house is only slightly off-level but enough to wrongly show the 1.8TSI EA888 engine in our previous SEAT Leon to be on the lower limit on the dipstick.
  6. 20k pa in a Citigo - Am I mad?

    20k per year is a lot of seat time, a lot of fuel and a big hit on residuals that are not great to begin with. I would suggest a diesel automatic to cover that kind of mileage.
  7. Possible clutch problem

    Mine makes similar noises. 3 cylinder engines are inherently unbalanced and VW opted to not include balancer shafts on these engines. The gearbox oil is also very thin and as such does not mask gearbox noise very well.
  8. ABS wheel sensor?

    Wheels speed sensor failure is a common failure on MINIs. Theoretically easy to replace but in practice often rusted solid where the sensor locates in the rear face of the hub on older cars.
  9. Auto locks, but doesn't auto unlock

    It’s a convenience like automatic headlights and kerbside dipping door mirror. Once you have owned a car with these kind of features you come to rely on them and miss them when they are not there. We have had four cars with autolocking doors over the course of the last ten years so it is almost an expectation now.
  10. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    By all accounts the VAG 180/190 PS 2.0 diesels are pretty good, if not among the best on the market in this class. As much as we love our BMW we wouldn't have one with their 2.0 4-pot diesel, good performance and economy but sounds like a cement mixer full of ball bearings at full chat!
  11. Citigo PID unit

    Makes no difference as long as you perform a factory reset with the Garmin Fresh app. I bought mine from a SEAT Ibiza owner.
  12. It is a Helmholtz resonator. It is there to reduce unwanted surges and drops in intake flow caused by odd resonances. As already stated, it helps to smooth out the torque curve and prevent annoying intake noise/booming at resonant frequencies.
  13. Sasha's Citigo Monte Carlo

    Lovely looking car but I suspect that it drinks the Devil’s juice!
  14. Auto locks, but doesn't auto unlock

    The Skoda dealer probably doesn't use VCDS (they will use the official VAG factory diagnostic system) but yes, there are separate "options" (tick boxes) for auto lock and auto unlock.
  15. Auto locks, but doesn't auto unlock

    Actually, thinking back to the last time that I used VCDS, auto lock and auto unlock are two separate settings (bits 3and 4). 2014 models did not have auto lock/unlock enabled at the factory.

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