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  1. Would have made a nice pair! Wonder why they discontinued, I've only seen 1 in red and like I say stunning! White be lovely too, don't think I've seen any yet, but the white VRS Octies are class. you any wee mods planned?
  2. Excellent choice, saw a red sportline last week, stunning car, nicer than the Passat imho! A make has last of the old shape, 2015 that he taxis, 120k on it, only had tyres service and brake pads!
  3. What you getting dude? How's the vrs going?
  4. Nephew spotted a mint white 1990 Skoda Rapid up in Derry, anyone know it? Would love to see it at a meet!
  5. Is that the one was on gumtree that you couldn't see the reg in pics? If so I would pass it now and again, looks tidy and think that guy bought for around £2k as I remember it on gtini about a year and a half ago
  6. A lot of guys had recommended these guys on other forums http://www.walshmotors.co/index.php/contact-us but I've not had any experience myself
  7. When I mentioned it was silver he wasn't as keen I'm sure someone would buy it though dude, it's a smart looking wee motor. Clutch and exhaust couldn't cost that much??
  8. That was a tidy wee Felicia dude, would you sell? Have a mate who may be interested PM me details if you like
  9. Great finds Johnny, wonder does the same bloke own them and just keep one in neighbours driveway. Can't remember when I last saw an estate, did you not introduce yourself and ask if they were for sale lol I can't make out the plate on the navy estate but the GAZ one is still taxed and mot'd!
  10. Are you running facelift mk2 Vrs wheels now? Saw one the other night drive through Asda/McD's carpark think it was you, I was in the wifes Volvo so would have looked weird or weirder flashing. If it was you looks well, the newer rims make a huge difference.
  11. Anyone else spy this? Looks good value https://www.gumtree.com/p/skoda/skoda-octavia-vrs-estate-ford-vw-honda-bmw-/1253407221
  12. May as well use your front garden dude and sure you can make the tea : )
  13. I couldn't make it in the end, hectic week with the sprogs and couldn't get away. Off in July so more time to run away places. Didn't think it'd be so hard to get a meet sorted after last years. Would an evening even suit folks with brighter nights??
  14. Bumper trim

    The passenger side of my bumper insert trim keeps popping out no matter how well I click it back in as soon as go on a decent run it does it again. Is there a knack to putting this back in or should I use a bit of doublesided tape or the like? Cheers