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  1. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Oxo is Sunday 13th May Cormac afaik
  2. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Yeah was good to get up, sorry I couldn't hang about for long. Fair play to Fubar for making the mammoth trek again, be good to get somewhere a bit closer to him next time for sure! Oxo is a good spot, plenty eats etc. Peatlands park too although not sure if they have much there.
  3. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Yeah it's a bargain alright Adam had sent me link funny enough, only a couple of months MOT but worth the chance at that £. Colour might put some folks off, but I think it suits them. I should be up on Sunday morning but won't be able to hang about for long, and can't say if the VRS will be clean lol
  4. First 2018 Meet, March?

    You're a brave man lol
  5. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Just noticed 11th march is mothers day, incase that creates an issue for anyone
  6. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Of work tomorrow and kids off school so I'll be at home all day with the maniacs lol You're welcome to call up to the gaf in your bus
  7. First 2018 Meet, March?

    I'll bring the mats dude
  8. First 2018 Meet, March?

    My bro has had a pile of these ZT's, including 2 V6 and a V8 which was awesome, growled, but MPG was 2 lampposts to £5 His last ZT V6 is on usedcarni at the min for £750, had stainless exhaust and all belts done recently, could do with bumper being painted but dealer he traded it in with just asking £750 https://www.usedcarsni.com/2002-MG-ZT-204801477
  9. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Cheers dude, I'm assuming connections still there, must check lol
  10. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Sounds like a plan dude, I'll not know for sure until closer to the time though. BTW those two Astras that were down the road from me have gone, you weren't out shopping were you?
  11. have seen a few 07 and 08 taxing here, all base models. cool that they kept them in production
  12. Did they keep the mk1 going in a base model for police fire brigade etc? https://www.gumtree.com/p/skoda/2009-skoda-octavia-1.9-tdi-classic-mot-to-june-2018-good-driving-car-suit-someone-as-second-car-/1284581687
  13. I've seen a couple of other sets for sale over the past year and they all seem to be asking that sort of money for some reason. Wouldn't have thought they were that sought after as a wheel, and not a huge Mk1 market over here.
  14. Guy has posted wheels up dude https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/skoda-octavia-vrs-spider-alloys-17-inch-/1283505112 whoever bought mustn't have paid up
  15. I still do, kept them all, up in loft lol

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