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  1. Front wheel bearing

    I used the special tool, but grinder away a little metal from the inner ring - track - because the ABS-sensor was fastened. Else ok job, but many loose parts on the tool, but it worked.
  2. Power steering leak

    Well I cleaned the type and put some epoxy on the surface. Hope it will work ok some days. What a job!! Hard to enter the screw on part where the steering column is. The other end was easy. I also make a big hole in the corner of the battery box, so it is more easy to fill hydraulic oil. To morrow is also a day...
  3. Flashing light – variable voltage

    Yes! I took out the generator, and checked the contacts. Checked the brushes, an one of them was hanging a bit. Put the hole thing together, and then I find a little loose contact to the dobbel plug - field current and one more... I will start it to morrow since there is no oil in the steering servo.
  4. Power steering leak

    Unlucky day! I should change the servo tube to day, but the new one has wrong treads. Different in bot ends. My model is 2000, and the one I get was from a little newer one... But the same car... I have to look further for the right one.
  5. Flashing light – variable voltage

    The battery is one years old. I will take a lock at the generator to day... may be order an new regulator?
  6. Is it not the one, or the second, it is the third? - problem ...in short time... Flashing light – variable voltage! In recent times experienced that the headlight and the light on dashboard is variable! The car has only run 109 000 km! To early to mistake the generator, but maybe something wrong with the regulator? Brusches? (oil on them)? Some thing else? To morrow I will change the steering tube... May be look at the generator? Some ideas? Some one who had the same problem?
  7. High pressure in cooling system

    Yes! No more or less! If you can remove what I said to b sure? I also mean 1/8 turn extra and not 1/4. i write to quickly... Sorry! The 1/8 turns was taken after long time... 10 000 km or more, as I remember.. But since it i comfusing and risky on dry bolts it is best to take the advice away? We var doing this for many year ago, and I don't remember the cases good enough!
  8. High pressure in cooling system

    I am not sure this is a good idea on this engine, since the head bolt is pretty thin an they have a high torque? May be after a year, then the gasket has get thinner after farm cold prosesses over a long period?
  9. Power steering leak

    Ok, thanks!
  10. High pressure in cooling system

    Now I will turn the head bolts 1/4 turn to safe the head gasket. As I remember from Fiat garage we do that to get longer life on the gasket. Hope the engine will go many years now...?
  11. Power steering leak

    Thanks! Good that something is easy! "move the steering to lock" ? - Is it not necessary to steer from side to side?
  12. Power steering leak

    Yippie! Now I can clean the pipe and make like new! 20 pound (200 kroner) used and 300 pound (3000 kroner) new. 15 timers more. Many liter of fuel on nye weekend travels... over 300 liter fuel! I have to calculate, since it was a little job to take it out.. Im thinking of to put it in, and have it a little loose on the steering and put the ignition on, to get the most air out? Like to bleed the diesel pipes... Then raster it, and use the tips I got over her...
  13. Power steering leak

    Good... The question is if they have the same tread in the pressure link? I took a chance..
  14. Power steering leak

    I got a used pipe to day. 20 pound, ok price. Just a little surface rust . I will clean the pipe and cover it which epoxy and antirust paint. The dealer said there is two producer of this pipe and pumps. Hope the pie I bought is the right. If not, I know what i need.