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  1. How to check alternator brushes

    I also took the generator out, but took av steel wire to hold the belt, since it is much job to get it on the right place when installing.
  2. How to check alternator brushes

    I changed the brushes to day. Worked well. Before the lights was flashing. If you use a steel wire or gaffa tape to hold the dynamo belt, it will be more easy to get it on place.
  3. Skoda won't start

    When I read again, I saw that there is may be battery-starter -problem. The cam chain has other symptoms.
  4. Skoda won't start

    How many km has this car run? (The cam chain is wear on this engines)...
  5. Skoda Fabia engine problems

    Correct reckoning is a good point - good idea. Diagnose, compression test. Correct order is a good point. Coils is a weakness, so it's a good idea to check with another? Spark plugs can also reveal problems. Cylinder leakage test is also a good thing to do unless compression test reveals the error.Then think about chain and head. Easy job to change chain if the head must off.
  6. Skoda Fabia engine problems

    Just before time belt - jump? Soon valve crash? If the engine has gone more than 130 000 km I would be worry? Mine chain vas gone after that km drive. In Norway this happens often, I have heard. Other here can tell more about it?
  7. EPC light?! Skoda Fabia 1.2 2003 mod

    I drive a lot to day, and the engine run good, no fault light!
  8. EPC light?! Skoda Fabia 1.2 2003 mod

    A little more concrete. New diagnosis noted: 16514 S1 P0130. Erase the code, but both EPC and engine light came back after a few km. Put the car inside the garage at work during the day for thawing - worming. At the end of the day, I disconnected the battery and put on the parking light switch and ceiling light ("butter on the bottle") to completely drain the computer for power supplies in capacitors, etc. - to reset the memory completely (if possible). Since I had a new lambda sensor, I mounted this on the manifold before the catalyst. Ready for a new diagnosis and suddenly there were no error messages! Started up and drove home. Now I have the hope that error codes do not show up again !? The idea of emptying the system completely for power is that the EPC control is superior, so when there are a lot of engine lights and errors that have been erased, this controller has thought that "enough is enough" and therefore the car must at the workshop. ? There were some thoughts, maybe someone can tell me more about this? Has a suspicion of "wear" on the catalytic converter too, as the engine used a lot of oil earlier. Now it hardly spends what a normal engine needs to survive. Expects to change registry drives after 100,000 - 120,000 km from now. Just cross your fingers and hope that the car goes "painlessly" in the future. By the way, tried a tank with 98 octane gasoline. It gave no or worse effect. ! Thought the computer was so clever that it added a little more excitement and would give more engine power? But apparently it was not programmed in this "simple" computer. Believe me or not, it went worse and it was after this engine light came on etc .. Some may argue that this was a coincidence or an indication of the engine power? But I imagine that 98 octane gasoline has longer burn time to avoid detonation. Do not claim anything, as there are experts in here who know more about modern engines than me. May well call these registrations ... All the explanations do not have me. Thinking back in the 1970s, as outboard engines went better on the lava field than higher octane, then there was mechanical ignition adjustment and it was not a pleasure that the ignition timing could be increased to get more out of high octane gasoline. (not then either). According to Statoil, the amount of energy is the same in 95 and 98 octane gasoline today.
  9. EPC light?! Skoda Fabia 1.2 2003 mod

    Thanks! I will read codes first. I bought a new coil pack for some other reason, ... So may be? My be change spark plugs also ca be a good idea? The cold start vas no good to day. Normaly I can drive right after start to get normal drive and temperature. To day much off snow, high snow edges and may be snow on exhaust systems and water vapor and therefore faulting on lambda sensors? The m´lambda sensor S1, before catalyst is very unstable on my car. I have changed sensor twise, and I will try again. Working a while an so on... My be the catalyst is bad?
  10. New experience today. The EPC lamp started to light after I struggled to get the car off of the snow as it was a lot of today. Much use of itch and gives to get it loose. Some ideas about what I can do? Diagnosis? Snow in a cable? I think I will go out soon and delete the fault code, if possible? What else can I do? The manual: EPC fault light  (petrol engine) The  (Electronic Power Control) warning light comes on for a few seconds when the ignition is switched on. There is a system fault in the engine control system if the warning light  does not go out or comes on or flashes while driving. The engine management system selects an emergency programme which enables you to drive to the nearest specialist garage by adopting a gentle style of driving. The following text will be displayed in the information display*: ENGINE WORKSHOP! (ENGINE FAULT - WORKSHOP!)
  11. Front wheel bearing

    I used the special tool, but grinder away a little metal from the inner ring - track - because the ABS-sensor was fastened. Else ok job, but many loose parts on the tool, but it worked.
  12. Power steering leak

    Well I cleaned the type and put some epoxy on the surface. Hope it will work ok some days. What a job!! Hard to enter the screw on part where the steering column is. The other end was easy. I also make a big hole in the corner of the battery box, so it is more easy to fill hydraulic oil. To morrow is also a day...
  13. Flashing light – variable voltage

    Yes! I took out the generator, and checked the contacts. Checked the brushes, an one of them was hanging a bit. Put the hole thing together, and then I find a little loose contact to the dobbel plug - field current and one more... I will start it to morrow since there is no oil in the steering servo.
  14. Power steering leak

    Unlucky day! I should change the servo tube to day, but the new one has wrong treads. Different in bot ends. My model is 2000, and the one I get was from a little newer one... But the same car... I have to look further for the right one.
  15. Flashing light – variable voltage

    The battery is one years old. I will take a lock at the generator to day... may be order an new regulator?