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  1. Coolant Leak

    Hvat about the head gasket? Common failure, i have heard. I have changed to.
  2. Noise in front suspention

    Thanks people! Order now...
  3. My mate complains about the noise on the front of the uneven road. It is a Fabia 1.2 2003 model. Hard stroke, as if a ball bearing in the the suspension thats are worn? Have heard about the crosstalk stabilizer? Someone who experienced the same, or has a good explanation. What is the most trouble in the front suspension?
  4. Servo steering

    To day I should go out and look at the fuses! But then the snow came again! Bu now I know the logic - if it is cold the fuse can be open because the metal shrinks in cold.. May be fix it tomorrow.
  5. Servo steering

    Good! Its snowing, so I vill wait a bit to see..
  6. Servo steering

    Thanks! Is it the fuse to right there or jus an example? Check tomorrow.
  7. Servo steering

    Do you know exact where the censor i placed? May be I can clean it up? It happened on icy roads in high speed, may be some ice and water can make trouble ? There was also salt and small stones on the road.
  8. Servo steering

    There is no fault codes. I can cheek the level again? I have not check since i change the pressure tube. Of the record : I made a big hole in corner of the batteybox, so it is more easy to check. And a little backup battery to the lighter plug so the radio codes a.s. don't went avay.
  9. Servo steering

    In the last I have had some problems with my Fabia 1,4 68 hk - 2000 model. The servo light came on. I fillet up with oil, but it came back. I changed at rusty high-pressure tube from pump to servo unit. It has worked for some time, but the light came on again, and the servo power was zero. Hard steering for some miles. I stopper and waiter a litle an the lamp get off, and the power was good. I will out driving no, to if these happens again? Read abut some contact problems to the servo motor? Is i a idea to take the servo out and look?
  10. Oil problem

    I had the same problem and changed the sensor, and then the problem was gone. Else good pressure on these engines I think.
  11. Flashing light – variable voltage

    Flickering is the right word I think? To day: After searching for hours on the web for flickering - shaking light I found only a few sheep who had switched dynemo and regulator for stable tension and stable light. So today I took out the dynamometer, since it did not help a new controller for a while back. Checked the links to the diodes, which were clogged, considering that our cars are in a humid climate? Steel brushed clutches and cleaned with knife, as there was a lot of corrosion. Did not think of measuring once, as my voltmeters have so much internal resistance that they would not give results with Ohm measurement. Could be powered by, for example. again a light bulb, to measure voltage drops in millivolt. Do not know if I had a rash or become wiser? Since the excitement is variable, it would be equally good for her to measure the measurements, even with a little power review. So I went straight to the point. After a good cleaning of the couplings, I went on a big soldering and solved all twelve points. Had to repeat the cleaning on some, even though I used soldering water, indicating corrosion pores in the strands / joints. Was pleased to have checked with double eyeglasses. Afterwards the lights were stable and fine, so I had fun with me. Was on the verge of ordering a new dynamo, I have to admit. But today I had good time and warmth in the garage / workshop.
  12. How to check alternator brushes

    I also took the generator out, but took av steel wire to hold the belt, since it is much job to get it on the right place when installing.
  13. How to check alternator brushes

    I changed the brushes to day. Worked well. Before the lights was flashing. If you use a steel wire or gaffa tape to hold the dynamo belt, it will be more easy to get it on place.
  14. Skoda won't start

    When I read again, I saw that there is may be battery-starter -problem. The cam chain has other symptoms.
  15. Skoda won't start

    How many km has this car run? (The cam chain is wear on this engines)...

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