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  1. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    I saw BE57 LAP (BEST LAP) on a Lamborghini Huracan on the M40 on Monday.
  2. Could someone please send me the link and instructions. Many thanks in advance.
  3. http://www.superskoda.com/Skoda/Emblems/Original-Skoda-emblem-RS-from-the-limited-RS230-edition-BLACK-MAGIC-F9R-REAR This is the emblem from superskoda.
  4. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    Saw this on the M4 this morning whilst stuck in traffic. It's quite apt for a cleaning company.
  5. I purchased the black mirror caps, they were only £35 And are easy to change.
  6. When I purchased the car the bumper had a couple of marks on the top of the bumper just where the lip folds down on the protector, which covers up the damage. I firstly put a stainless version on, but did not like the reflections from the sun and also wanted all the chrome gone.
  7. Snap. I have also just fitted the rear carbon bumper trim.
  8. That's the same as mine, I de-badged the Skoda and Octavia as well.
  9. There was another 220 estate that was standard that went on straight after mine, it did 239bhp. It was quite cold (about 8-10C) and I use Tesco Momentum.
  10. Hi, Yes they do. Just peel off the backing and stick on, after taking off the old badge obviously.
  11. I fitted mine last weekend. Purchased when 20% off.
  12. Just fitted mine, 20% off the other week.
  13. I took my standard 220 to the Portsmouth rolling road day last year. Mine came in at 240.4 BHP.
  14. I have had the dipping mirror on reverse activated and don't have seat memory. You have to have the mirror control set to the passenger side. Then when put into reverse it dips slightly. The downside is that the mirror then stays in that position and will not reset back to the normal position. You have to do it manually.

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