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  1. If you could put me in the first half of the list please.
  2. It is next week ( 28th October )
  3. Is Themanwithnoaim doing 3 runs? numbers 11,20 &21
  4. Chaning front tires

    Ok that's good news. I have the Continental sport contact 5's on mine as they were what was already on the car. I prefer to have all the same tyres on the car, so can't really be of much help I'm afraid.
  5. Tinted glass retro-fit

    No the only legal limits are on the front windows and windscreen. Which I did not touch.
  6. Chaning front tires

    If you have the vRS230 as your tag says, I would not be wanting to put cheap tyres on it on the front.
  7. Tinted glass retro-fit

    I had mine done for £130. I went for 5% limo tint in the boot area and 20% on the rear windows. The 5% limo tint does take some getting used to. When i had my car tinted, I drove out of the tinting company and it was bright sunshine, looking through the back window it looked as though it was midnight.
  8. Yes that would be good if possible
  9. I have emailed Superskoda to see if they would do the badge in Candy White with Magic Black, but they said they had only what was available on the site. Its a shame as I would definitely buy a set if they did.
  10. vRS245 ordered club

    My average mpg is 24. Refurb policy? or just park better.
  11. Put me down also please. Mk3 Octavia vRS 220 estate. Roughly how long does each car take from getting on, to getting off of the rollers? I don't need to be one of the first but I don't really have the time to be one the last as it is a 130 mile trip each way for me.
  12. I am interested in this, but it is a 260 mile round trip. It's a shame it's not closer to me.
  13. Unexplained beep

    On my wife's car (Peugeot 108) when travelling at lower speeds and going around obstacles, say a round about or parked car, if the front camera thinks you might hit something it gives out a beep to warn you.
  14. Just noticed this ???

    Is this definitely lack of paint? It looks a bit like car polish that has not been wiped off. I had a similar look on my old car after going overboard on using polish and not buffing it off in the tight areas.