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  1. Black magic or Metero grey on facelift Octavia vrs 245 ???
  2. Buying new Octavia vrs 245 !!!

    Thanks for your reply. I do like the white but i have a white car now and would like a change. Really cant decided from the black or the meteor grey. I like the grey for the less marks showing up but not sure how it will sell next year!!! Is grey colour coming in like the new white!!
  3. Buying new Octavia vrs 245 !!!

    I beleive its white primer so your right it wouldnt show much. When you clean your car do you see the swirl marks ?
  4. Buying new Octavia vrs 245 !!!

    How do you find your grey for stone chips. I hate stone chips!! Do they show up ?
  5. Buying new Octavia vrs 245 !!!

    I think i will be trading it in so not sure if the colour will matter. I love the black but hear its very hard to keep black looking good. Has anyone got a grey one and know how hard it is to keep clean and mark free.
  6. Morning all, Im new to this site so not even sure im asking in the right place so im sorry if im not. Please let me expain my situation.. Im currently serving in the Army over in Germany and one of the pearks is that we get tax free cars with a discount.. Im looking at buying a new Octavia 245 but i cant decided on colour. I know it will cause debate but its between Black and Meteor grey. I will only be keeping the car for a year and selling it on or trading it in. What would be the best colour to do that? Even though its a great colout im not sure if the meteor grey is a little boy racery without trying to offend anyone and could effect sell on. Any help would be great.

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