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  1. Gap insurance

    I just bought my gap insurance through gapinsurance.co.uk and used their discount code BRISKODA10. Total discounted premium was £155 for the 3 year invoice gap policy on an edition model. Pretty good value I think and peace of mind in case a disaster happens. Collection day tomorrow!!
  2. Locknuts

    Are there plastic caps fitted to the wheel bolts? Then you wouldnt see the locking one.
  3. Locknuts

    I think they’re worthwhile. All the cars I’ve bought have had them fitted. I thought they’d be a standard fitment on new cars.
  4. Hello from North Wales

    Have you tried the DSG gearbox? I would before you only think about the manual. With an SUV type car I think it is much more suited to an automatic box. This is my first automatic but when I drove the DSG it was so smooth and relaxing to drive.
  5. Delivery times

    I cant fault my dealer at any stage. There was nothing they could do about the 6 week seat delay. My car only arrived with them this afternoon and I already have the registration number and sorted all the documentation out. I pick the car up on Friday morning so they have done a great job of turning the car around for me. Skoda on the other hand have been very frustrating to deal with. They had such a care free attitude to the delays I’ve had, even when I told them I no longer have a car all I got was “sorry, nothing we can do about a courtesy car”. The only good thing is that the woman dealing with my case did actually call me back at the time agreed each week.
  6. Gap insurance

    Hi Dan, Does this mean I have to buy my insurance through Adrian Flux as well or can I add it on to any policy? I currently pay £200 fully comp so £37 seems reasonable. Thanks.
  7. Gap insurance

    Just checked my documents and it says market value for a total loss. I think for the cost of gap insurance I’ll have it just in case.
  8. Gap insurance

    I’ve never taken out gap insurance before but wondering if its worth it for peace of mind. Has anyone taken it out or needed it in the past? On a £30k car I’d rather get the proper payout if the worst did happen. I’d get it from the company on here, not the dealer.
  9. Protect the KESSY keys

    Why are all these pouches so big? I want a small pocket sized one. Maybe I’ll cut one down.
  10. GFK Questionnaire

    Hope I get one. I’ve got plenty of feedback for them!
  11. Delivery times

    Well I had a nice suprise today. Skoda called me to say my car landed in the UK yesterday, at long last. Called my dealer and when he checked it should be with them tomorrow and I can hopefully collect it on Friday. Something happening quickly in this whole process makes a change. I asked about the mobile booster and he said it was interfering with emergency services frequencies. No wonder they acted so quickly to rectify it! There will be a modified version coming soon and I’ll have to go back to get it fitted.
  12. How did you source your Karoq?

    £22.5k is the cost of the car. The interest on that at 6.2% APR is £1395 a year, so £3.82 a day. If you phone VW finance they'll ask you for the £22.5k plus however many days interest you leave it.
  13. How did you source your Karoq?

    Don't know when I'm getting my car, its was still in Germany last Thursday. My Qashqai was built and delivered in 5 weeks. It took Skoda longer than that to fit the back seats! Just have a good look around the car inside and out when you collect it. Its a brand new car so should be immaculate. Make sure you get a proper run through of all the controls and you're happy how everything works. Any good dealer will make sure all this is done. Not sure about the protection packs, I've never had them on new cars. Always seem horrendously expensive to me.
  14. How did you source your Karoq?

    The servicing goes with the car so you can take it where you like. Any Skoda dealer will welcome you in for the servicing, its a nice earner for them. When you book the first service you'll deal with the service desk, not the salesman that sold you the car. Unless you're buying something I doubt you'll see him again.
  15. How did you source your Karoq?

    It might do but who cares. Pay it off in the 14 day cooling off period and save yourself the interest. Interest on £25000 is over £4 every day

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