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  1. Superb 2.0 TSi DSG Fuel Consumption

    Based on 10k miles on my 280 most of the time used RON 95 (98+not available in Ireland). http://www.fuelly.com/car/skoda/superb_combi/2017/lukas883/601887
  2. Im just wondering, maybe skoda have some surprise for us like Superb RS or octavia RS petrol 4x4 :)?
  3. Summer-time photos...

    Hi guys @freelunch, im not a fan of 2 wheels, dunno why, maybe i like good audio and air con when travel One more pic from me guys, because why not. Brennen pass from Swiss side
  4. Summer-time photos...

    Best time of my life :), i share this driving with my wife, she is a crazy petrol head too
  5. Summer-time photos...

    Back in hotel, after cruise around Bodensee and some "local" roads and speed limit free autobahn tomorrow Alps mountains roads and finish in Sirmione Italy
  6. Summer-time photos...

    Thanks guys, its a head turner even here in Germany, few nice 280's spoted here too, all of them estate i post some more photos later and some review when my trip will come to the end.
  7. The 280PS Thread

    Thats not fair, your is quicker then mine . But i tell you guys i was suprised cos i got Opel astra opc 2017 on my ass and he was damn fast, on paper its 1.6 petrol 280bhp and 300kg less then superb. I think that time is coming to do some remap and add other toys to got more POWER
  8. Summer-time photos...

    France, Champagne-Ardenne
  9. The 280PS Thread

  10. Relieve my ignorance, please

    Omg man, let it go. This is just a joke, no need here to play a smart man or try proving something here. Question was about ECO mode in 280bhp which we all know that exist but not many ppl are interested in this mode in this version of Superb. And posting some articles about AA batteries powered cars and infrastructures in 2020 or some further unpredictable future make no sense here. Yes, i know that electric cars exist(we all know) and they may be a very important part of motor industry in a future, however they not in 2017. So enjoy ECO mode in Your diesel Gizmo which make more sense and i wish you all the best and many happy miles in your electric car in 2020. More ppl in electric cars = more petrol for petrol heads
  11. Relieve my ignorance, please

    Yea, ofc Gizmo go ahead and show us all how to do euro trip in electric car. So what if they fast ? u need to recharge them for 4 hours after few runs. Good luck.
  12. Relieve my ignorance, please

    What is ECO mode? My brain didn't recognise this kind of words in automotive terms, same like "electric car" or "prius" etc.
  13. Superb Outdoor / Scout

    Omg, im not alone in this, what a relief My Mrs driving my 280 when she can, im afraid that on some stage i will end up in her Seat Mii 1.0 60bhp :( Nick_H - swap your missus
  14. 4x4 estate dilemma

    I will go for 2.0 tsi petrol 4x4...hold on...actually i did that and that was great choice. All my cars was manuals before this one and now im not sure if i ever return to manual, dsg box is so damn fast and comfortable. And about engines i will say go for petrol! Save the planet! Diesels was made for tractors and let them return there.
  15. 20" wheels

    I was driving slammed A4 B7 on 19"s Bentleys and i didn't complain, now i have 19"s on my sportline (no dcc) and on my opinion this setup its very soft. The point its that every1 have different meaning of "comfort" and what is to hard/soft for them. My next move will be 20s and lowered springs - 15mm. Even my missus told me that the car is to high. Anyway, go for 20s