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£12.00 Annually

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Site Supporter - Freedom

In a nutshell Freedom Membership is a way of supporting the BRISKODA community and development. In return you know you're helping the site, and in doing so you gain some extra benefits too.

£5.00 Monthly

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Classifieds 30 Day Pass MK II

In a nutshell this is a 30 day pass in order to post in the Classifieds area.


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S1 Circular b logo sticker

67 in stock

The communities logo presented as a 87mm circular 'b' logo sticker, with www.briskoda.net around the base.


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S2 WWW.BRISKODA.NET External sticker

Exterior text available in multiple colours. Sticker has the following letters: WWW.BRISKODA.NET


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S3 BRISKODA External sticker

Exterior text available in multiple colours. Sticker has the following letters: BRISKODA


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S4 Site Logo and Community

36 in stock

This is a landscape internal only sticker featuring the sites logo and 'The Skoda Forum and Community' wording underneath.

It measures 230mm x 50mm and it's internal adhesive only.


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Trolley Token

162 in stock

A token for the gym locker or supermarket trolley.

The site logo is on one face, the otherside? A smiley face of course, to remind you, the drive home is yet to come.

Comes as single token with sprung key/catch release and keyring chain.

Can be used for a wide range of things beyond a trolley token!


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Numberplate Surround

36 in stock

A black plastic number plate surround. Base is white stamped with


Price is per plate surround, so one item only.

Only the number plate surround is supplied.

Affixes using existing plate screws. Despite a huge number of holes, it's dependent on how your plate was first drilled. Some modification maybe required if your current numberplate screws do not align. i.e. you may need to drill two holes in the surround.

Carriage option is due to Royal Mail changes, these are neither a very large letter, and just scrape in as a small parcel.