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  1. South East Central meet #57 on the 5th of December

    Congratulations, yeah kids are time consuming, be great to see you as & when you can make it
  2. Vrs 245 production stopped

    Parts bin allocation maybe an issue, the DQ500 box or the E-diff but, much more likely with Skoda's history is just like the 230, they've finished it off, no more status20's to be given
  3. Vrs 245 production stopped

    These are items you can not add as optional extras to a vRS that are standard on the 245
  4. South East Central meet #57 on the 5th of December

    @@lexc, @timyates1989, @Xavier, @ratkat, @Newport91, @JerryT, @shanemeh, @andy68, @64033, @Black_Sheep, @Leeboy, @dsj20v, @skodanorman, @BarryG, @jonbmx900, @mattsv, @JoseDB, @jcarr162000, @ZubSub, @K155BMR @HorneyMX5, @zouche@Chris6663, @Toxicvrs, @LiamONeill, @mycoolbeard, @J45ON, @gary80, @FamousAfroJay, @Bowders1, @TeflonTom, @peterhaskew, @carrera85, @146matty, @JackClap, @vrsjub, @pierst1, @fex,@solite, @jjc, @fatwomble, @kennyd32, @High4, @Mike18Clark, @Gambo, @Evans octy no:67/100, @Dave And Lolli, @Horsee, @andras.orban, @octyjosh, @lemonvrs, @Leee, @Carl Monte, @PompeyKev, @pikachu24, @V8 Dave, @Lee01, @Hyphons, @stuartvrs, @Yoss, @tamiyaandy, @hardcorehobbit, @andsoutham, @Tomote, @mk4gtiturbo, @Mustafa, @austenw90, @sigarland1987, @BJB540, @Yoss, @Thorpe76, Last but not least even if he's gotta cycle there @VladSoilerOfCarpets
  5. Errr yeah sorry this month's post has been delayed by Royal Mail Will be at The West Meon Hut meet #57 Tuesday, 5th of December 7pm onwards but, some do rock up early. The place does a range of cheap'n'cheerful food & drinks, its not a dive but, don't expect a classy joint either what is does have is some quick, interesting sections of road & a large carpark. All Skoda & Non-Skoda drivers welcome, partners & children welcome although, being a Car Club it may not be very interesting for them. I'll keep tagging previous attendees to ensure everyone is as well informed as can be although, please pm me to be removed from the list should it become a PITA http://www.westmeonpub.co.uk/ https://www.google.c...82abeebd26a1535 em 1
  6. Chip

  7. Vrs 245 production stopped

    Switching models on the production line creates downtime, downtime equals loss, fewer models greater profit Some bit of the 245 aren't available to option on to a standard vRS, 7 speed DSG, E Diff, 300mm ventilated rear discs Oh & this display which without being of any use whatsoever, its urber Fn kool Doesn't really matter which is the fastest vRS buyers of new cars will buy the top spec available, if it ain't available for 4 months then they won't buy it hence, up your production by reducing downtime/models sells more cars, simples

    Water pump, take to dealer, get them to do the cambelt whilst they are at it. Tell the dealers you want at least 50% discount as its a known fault.
  9. Cylindrical Objects In Air Inlet

    & at a full 6k before upshifting they sound Fn great
  10. Vrs 245 production stopped

    No the pfl 230 was not a swansong, it was stopped quite abruptly & declared as it was always intended to be a "limited run edition" I don't believe I have ever seen mention of the 245 being limited but, I never saw anything in advance that the 230 was a limited numbers car. Won't be surprised if they have pulled the plug on the 245. TBH
  11. vRS245 ordered club

    Come to 1 off the Meon Hut meets & you can see for yourself, turning the tuningbox on & off is a 30 second job. But, if you can't make it, take it from me, the transformation can only be described as BRUTAL
  12. vRS245 ordered club

    Why later ?
  13. vRS245 ordered club

    The deals were likely put up, get get a big lump of orders to finish the production run, its rumoured the 245 order book has been shut. Oh & for all you guys awaiting a 245 I can confirm, they are worth the wait, you may want to tinker a little with them to get a bit more outta them but, well worth the wait none the less
  14. vRS245 ordered club

    Jason Strathan ?
  15. vRS245 ordered club

    Not seen over 30mpg yet, not what I call Ragged