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  1. Sound Deadening - anyone added some?

    Just another 8kg of unsprung load then, not that it'll affect the rolls but, a 230bhp vRS hmmmm maybe
  2. vRS245 ordered club

    Data from the MFD or tank to tank fills & recorded data ?
  3. Remap

    Always makes me laugh since they moved "Surrey Rolling Road" in Farnborough, HAMPSHIRE!!!
  4. £3,000 Deposit Contribution

    Yeah that's the standard way they do it, just make sure the bottom line ie. The total discounts plus your deposit & any trade in are correct. Also check the dealers haven't added anything you didn't want ie. life shine, gap insurance ect. I had a Carwow quote from a local dealer that didn't matter how many times I asked, they could NEVER get back to the discounts that they had originally offered so, I went elsewhere.
  5. Oil Temperature Gauge overheat

    You can always display the oil temp on the OFF & to assure you nothing is about to go bang.
  6. Oil Temperature Gauge overheat

    The good news is lotta warranty, Skoda give 50% discount on water pump replacement as it a known problem. With being a known problem I'd be asking Lookers WhyTF they done nothing earlier in the week & how are they going to recompense you? Whether it needs it or not, get the cambelt changed at the same time, its no more labour & minimal parts cost.
  7. Ovtavis VRS purchase

    Take the one with the seat upgrade, the small adjustments of the electric seat help you get the ideal position. The manual lumbar support is pants & not very adjustable
  8. Ovtavis VRS purchase

    So an alternative is coming & you think that's a 4WD 300bhp version or does the rest of the conversation say it ? A 4x4 VRS is a bit like every big football tournament England qualify for, lots of hope, lots of tease but ultimately, F all chance
  9. Headlight bulbs

    The pre fl O3 bulbs were as follows H7 dipped beam H8 fog lights H15 main beam & DLR The H15's need a VCDS tweak for the DLR's or they'll be slightly dimmer in colour. My fl O3 has the LED lights therefore, I can't comfirm which bulbs are on the non LED lights.
  10. Impressions so far

    I've got those & they're very good.
  11. Ovtavis VRS purchase

    Headlights are LED on the Mk3fl whereas they were bi-xenons on the Mk3. Bi-xenons are ok but, if you drive a car with LED's you won't want to drive one without.
  12. VRS owner tries superb sportline

    Yeah had a superb on the 72 hours demo but, I found the handling compremised by the sheer size which with only one ten year old was just too much
  13. 245 DSG with DTUK Tuning Box

    Quoted figures come from fully run in car, mine only had 2k miles on the clock, was running lower boost software & Tesco's momentum instead of Vpower Hence, I need to do another run, ambient temperatures have a lotta effect of power figures too, who's rollers you use, numbers aren't that important, its the way it drives I like. The numbers can look small but the affect on the drive of the car is something else
  14. 245 DSG with DTUK Tuning Box

    Stu, mine has had its software revised since I ran the dyno but, I made some 40hp but more importantly, 90Nm were gained. Still gotta find another dyno with the same accuracy to run the new software on
  15. Post your Mk3 Octavia photos!

    23.4mpg for 5-1/2k miles in a 245

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