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  1. Brake life - VRS 340mm discs & pads

    He's hard on cars Scott, have you seen what he does to clutches? Only kidding !!!!
  2. Remap is it worthwhile

    Qsum counter on the ecu, no remap will get past that but, once they've got your money they don't care.
  3. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    New engines, tighter than a nun's chuff, be fine when they've been ragged rotten for a while
  4. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    His is worst than mine as he doesn't have a 7th gear for economical running
  5. New 1.5sel DSG advice on options

    Hmmm. if you're gonna tow nothing but, bikes maybe you are right, the new software for towing is just awesome though
  6. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    You are not Fn wrong there Mines heading south again, 22.2 avg mpg for the 1st 1350 miles
  7. Remap is it worthwhile

    Buy cheap, buy twice Overboosting turbos ain't something I'd want just anybody doing
  8. New 1.5sel DSG advice on options

    The only reason to buy the service pack is if you consider the price of services will go up in the future, IIRC theres no discount. However, if you're adding it yo a cheap PCP rate it could be worth doing. I'd advise going for the full towbar as its cheaper than doing it separately, quite conplicated coding which makes towinv very safe & at £550 all done & warranted, whats not to like?
  9. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    Tuningbox it, keep your warranty & get 320psi instead, simples
  10. Delivery Timescales

    Great news Keith so, your dealer was slow with the communication & not Skoda shipping
  11. P/x for new VRS - how much work to do?

    Its always worth getting it done yourself
  12. Delivery Timescales

    What & this looks slow does it? Its even got auras of sunshine beaming through it FFS
  13. vRS245 ordered club

    Short answer is the E-diff, 300mm ventilated rear discs & 7th gear in the DSG, these aren't available as optional extras on the standard The base 245 is cheaper than adding the optional extras to a standard vRS. Kinda depends if you want them but, optional extras don't add to GFV only base price & depreciation drives that or again in short, the 245 was only £17 p.m. (£714 over the PCP term) more than the base model. Bottom line is "you pays your money & you takes your choice"
  14. vRS245 ordered club

    Door cards are just plastic with some piano black insert that have the multi-coloured background lighting in them. But, a picture paints a thousand words so...... & congratulations on your win, you're gonna love the car.
  15. Temp warning question

    Apparently, there is a sleeve that opens for the water pump to operate, when it fails temps risr & pumps fail.