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  1. Eurovision

    It's compulsory viewing in our house; we love it! Yes, it is car crash TV but that is part of the appeal. Just add alcohol!!!
  2. Car Suggestions for our 22 year old lad

    My lad collected the car last Saturday and it is really nice; I am just a tiny bit jealous.
  3. Ford Cortina

    He did say that it was a bit of a handful!
  4. Ford Cortina

    I took the Fabia vRS into the local garage for its MOT this morning and got chatting to the owner. It seems he bought himself a classic Ford Cortina about a month ago and after chatting a bit about classic cars and Fords in particular he invited me into the garage to have a look. It is in fantastic condition; apparently the previous owner never took it out in the rain and it shows, with no rust whatsoever. It has a Zetec 2-litre conversion and is now running on throttle bodies and is running approx. 160bhp. As well as the engine conversion it has had suspension and brake upgrades whilst keeping the bits you can see as original as possible. I love it!
  5. Car Suggestions for our 22 year old lad

    Both Mrs T and I drive Skodas but the Suzuki Swift Sport trumps the Fabia Monte Carlo in just about every area; I can't think of one aspect where the Skoda is better. The Suzuki looks better, goes faster, handles better, is better equipped etc etc. And if Skoda keep insisting there is no market for a Mk3 vRS then they will continue to lose sales to other manufacturers.
  6. Car Suggestions for our 22 year old lad

    We test drove the Swift this morning and my lad and I were both thoroughly impressed. Quality appears to be better than Skoda and it was much more refined than Mrs T's Fabia vRS (although that is lowered on Eibach springs). It is well specced with sat nav, DAB, cruise and climate controls and is in fantastic condition without a single stone chip or blemish, unmarked alloys and matching Continental tyres, and still has 8 months of Suzuki warranty to run. Needless to say a deposit has been put down, an affordable insurance quote obtained (£550) and my lad is very excited about owning his first car.
  7. Car Suggestions for our 22 year old lad

    Thanks for all your suggestions. He's got a test drive in a 2015 Suzuki Swift Sport tomorrow, very well specced at a good price.
  8. Car Suggestions for our 22 year old lad

    He will be sharing an enormous farmhouse as his home and work has their own private compound so parking will not be a problem.
  9. Our son passed his driving test 3 years ago and has been driving our 2007 Mk 1 Ford Ka ever since. He's now graduated from Uni and got a job (Bio-Medical Scientist) and will be moving out at the end of the month. Unsurprisingly he is keen to ditch the Ka asap and is looking for ideas. He suggested a Vauxhall Corsa (a friend of his works in a Vauxhall dealership) but I have steered him away from that; I initially suggested a Ford Fiesta Titanium (cheap, good spec, plenty of garages) but he is after other suggestions. I threw in the Mk1 Skoda Fabia VRS but he says they are too old as he needs a reliable car for his 6 mile daily commute (and I acknowledge that petrol would be better for such short journeys). I have given him the left field option of a Suzuki Swift Sport (and if I was a young single man this would be my choice!); these can be had for about £8k but is there anything else we should consider? So I'm after suggestions for a fun, nippy, cheap to run car for a 22 year old lad; budget around £7-8K that has to be 'cool'.
  10. Moments of joy in your day today

    No 2 son got a job where he will use his degree (Bio-Medical Science). The money's not great but it will give him the lab experience all the better paid job say he needs to support his degree. And he will be moving out! :-)
  11. tweenster's S2000

    Skoda have approved the replacement of the heated seat element and repair to the front passenger seat as a warranty job, the hunt for seat material begins again - it took several weeks last time! Both front seats will have had the heating element replaced after overheating and burning through the material; are there any other known instances of this or have we just been unlucky?
  12. New modification to Hydra

    I will keep an eye out for the Superb.
  13. What annoyed you today?

    First day back at work today after the Christmas break. The commute was ... annoying. I was stuck behind someone who refused to go above 40mph (most roads are 50mph or NSL) and then braked every time someone approached in the other direction (it was dark so they had their headlights on!!!). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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