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  1. What is stopping you buying a new car?

    Renovating a Victorian country house ...
  2. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Just seen the in-car footage from Stroll and Vettel's cars; looks like Seb went round the outside and cut across Stroll too soon. Possible gearbox damage that would result in a 5 place grid penalty if a gearbox change is required - Ferrari seem determined to throw this one away!
  3. I told you it would be a slow burner! So, mud flaps have been fitted along with a dog guard and today I did a deal with Brimma for his 17" Braid wheels. These will be stored away for the winter and will be refinished in before being fitted next spring, hopefully along with some Eibach springs and a re-map. Just don't hold your breath!
  4. Nice to see you today Brimma and good doing business with you; these wheels will now feature on Project Pipe & Slippers!
  5. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Me too!!!
  6. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    I'm expecting a cracking race tomorrow. The Red Bulls can go for a 50:50 with Vettel knowing that the Ferrari will have to yield or crash - could be an epic race. Will Hamilton have enough pace in the race to get ahead of Kimi? Maybe. It seems to be quite close at the front so what are the chances of their being no contact between the Top 6? Slim I would suggest.
  7. Creak from the rear, sorted.

    I had convinced myself it was the RARB mounts so will be trying this one out very soon. Thanks.
  8. A quick update. All of the above jobs have been completed and with the addition of the Yokohama tyres has made the car a much quieter and more pleasant place to be. I do miss DAB radio (I listen to Planet Rock at home and at work) so this will probably be the next purchase, but not in the near future as we need to spend some money on the house. As an aside, I filled up with petrol the other day and the car managed 48.6mpg; quite pleased with that (not in the same league as the Citigo but wasn't expected to be).
  9. Yokohoma v Goodyear

    They were fitted to a Fabia Estate so 205/45WR16 XL.
  10. Yokohoma v Goodyear

    Very very impressed. We've had a mix of weather this week and the tyres have been good in all conditions; I even deliberately drove through standing water to see what happened and they tracked straight and true with no loss of traction. Did I mention they were quiet? Very quiet in fact! I am so impressed I am planning to put them on Mrs T's Fabia VRS when it needs new boots; the Fabia VRS is one car that REALLY needs the noise reduction.
  11. I had the Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 tyres fitted yesterday and am, so far, very impressed. They are noticeably quieter and appear to be giving more mpg, although I will only be able to confirm this when they get a few days of commuting under them.
  12. Yokohoma v Goodyear

    Initial impressions are very positive. They are noticeably quieter than the Kumhos that were on before, but that's hardly surprising considering the 6Db rating difference. They also appear to have made a noticeable difference in mpg, although it may be too early to tell if this was just freak conditions or a genuine improvement. I will get a clearer picture after a week of commuting. I'm not likely to test ultimate grip levels do on the road but will see whether they inspire confidence n the wet; they are A rated for wet grip so I am hoping for good things.
  13. Mohawk Tyres

    I would recommend the Avon ZZ5s; they are fitted on Mrs T's Fabia vRS.
  14. Yokohoma v Goodyear

    I've just bought a set of the Yokos; having them fitted tomorrow. Will let you know what I think; the 67Db rating was what swung it for me.