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  1. Gerhards getting a new clutch in the next 2weeks... DMF dying. Release bearing sounds like a stuck pig when cold. 215000km... just shy of 8yrs... Im not sure thats as ling as id expect u less some a$$, i mean previous owner, abused it towing constantly..or was just a ****e driver :(
  2. F1’s Future

    Not quite a roadside hotel topic? Given theres a motorsport subsection in car chat But.. to be honest, f1 just aint really doing anything for me anymore. Watched a few bits of last couple of races / qualifying and i just couldnt get excited about anything.. They cant make it into nascar style oval race. The cars arent really designed for that - the aim being as high speed cornering and acceleration as possible with plenty top end for the straights. Oval takes all that away and it becomes who can flatout for the longest and not get hit by anyone else..
  3. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    2^6 days left
  4. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    Santa started issuing the preorder premium bonus materials today... for himself arguably.. Think Santa might finally get a dram of my Jura Superstition this year. 4yrs after i got the bottle!
  5. Bargain generator?

    This is such an anti-climax... Im bitterly disappointed in both of you, for spoiling what should have been a true brisky legend
  6. Annoying things that passengers say

    Outside the car? Work away.. Ask while driving? Start prepping while driving? Ejector system.. activated, jettisonning passenger in 3.. 2.. 1..
  7. Annoying things that passengers say

    One of the women in my work has a 17yr old daughter who still holds her hands up, thumbs extended to check "which one makes an "L" for Left" And on Satnav, when it got us lost going to my sisters wedding.. "I dont know why you just didnt write down the directions from google map yesterday when you checked how long the journey was going to take.."
  8. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    They say you shouldnt do the shopping when hungry. You also shouldnt run into aldi for bottled water, because the council turned off the mains to fix a fault, after a gym session... Nicer than the "cognac infused" ones i got last year
  9. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    Just about still 66 days today
  10. Forget your Tesla, is this the future

    Tbf george, thats a very clever idea.. And othrr manufacturers could do it too Ford could bring back the capri, with an ev power pack.. Imagine a chevy stingray running on batteries instead of a v8
  11. If that flight was the other direction,USAF would shot it down...
  12. Not so much the they might sack him, but he and the rest of the flight deck crew are gonna be on a list of "dont hire these lads" with every other airline.. I bet it did seem like a good idea, but fk me... do it with an empty airplane at least!
  13. No down periscope.. could lead to an issue at low bridges/O/Head cables ... Increased drag at speed..
  14. ezero1 device (CGON)

    Nicely done... by whomsoever made the complaints!
  15. ezero1 device (CGON)

    @burntcrisps2 Cough cough