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  1. My weight loss diary!

    Keep it up and youll feel the difference rather than see I started back doing circuit classes last August and i feel better mentally as much as physically. Helps that ive gained 5kg body mass over the time too - of muscle - as im being pushed alot harder in the group than when i was just training solo. Lot easier slow down or take a break on your own, peer pressure keeps you going in the class. And remember your losing fat weight but gaining muscle weight, so there is a trade off happening that can make your loss seem less substantial
  2. In administration

    On Maplin, also have stores in Ireland, I have used them for buying random bits and pieces. And they always had the best "ireland" rates on components. They were basically the only place to get stuff once Petes closed the doors in Dublin. But, i was also lucky - my dad had a vat number, and for some reason an account with Radionics in the UK. Way back when punt was stronger than sterling, i could get anything i wanted from Radionics for 30% less than in ireland. I built a decent spec pc from scratch from their catalogue for half the price Dell were charging. I also got all the components for my friend to build his own speakers for the surround sound amp he got from his uncle for a fraction the same stuff wouldve cost in ireland. This was late 90's v early 00's... I did my ordering by FAX
  3. In administration

    Our town of about 18k-20k people has 2 Costas. One at each end of the town basically.. i really dont see how they can sustain it long term, as the 2locations are in high rent commercial units. Add to that how many franchise coffee stations are in all the filing stations around with coffee as good if not better than costa cheaper... But, people love it (at the moment) as they are new to the town, so still have a touch of the new and shiny about them. Its where the millenials and middle classes go for their trendy beverages.. for now..
  4. ** Days Until Christmas, ** Part Seven.

    283 Cant think of anything note worthy to throw with that
  5. Worst Car Rental Firm - GOLDCAR

    Had a feeling about firefly and hertz alright as they tend to desk share in a lot of places..
  6. The lady to the left of the first pic in johnboy's last photo looks like shes thinking "i cant believe you are doing this". other girl just looks like "i dont care, im being paid to stand here and smile while people look at the cars so thats what im doing". Need to do a quick google of that sea drive thing, looks to be a big hole where the hull should be
  7. Worst Car Rental Firm - GOLDCAR

    I always bring our own car seat with us - joy of our lads age - its a free bring along with ryanair . Esp given the rates they charge for them!
  8. Small vans

    Oh yeah, ours do have heated windscreens. But i think turning it on uses 112 of the alleged horses they have. .
  9. Small vans

    Yours got extras - ours (back end 2016 reg) are fleet deal specials - no dab, the speakers are terrible, no table, cup holders are crap. Noisy engine. Solid bulk head alright, but still noisy. Massive load space though.... What ford mean by their "duratorque" engines is theres no torque anywhere so yes, its constant
  10. Small vans

    New connects are middling. I ran a VIN search on one of ours, to see the build spec. 1.8tdci 118ps engine that feels and sounds like a 1.4 being strangled. Show it a hill it slows down, whether you change down a gear or floor it, even when only 1up and empty in the back. They average about 35mpg... Storage is good in them, but thats about it.. I hate them.
  11. Chrome's new ad-blocker

    Thought it was just me reckoned recent firefox releases were dire slow. I dont really like chrome either, google data slurping etc, but it does run better. Must do a version check, and sort adblocker
  12. Small vans

    Had a caddy as a loaner while a fiesta van was getting a fuel rail fitted a few yrs back in work. That thing was wrecked from abuse but it went ridiculously well (it was a 1.9pd, the feshty was a boggo 1.4tdci)
  13. Small vans

    We have run connects in work since 2006. They are horrible.
  14. It's coming

    Swmbo flying to glasgow tomorrow, home on Sunday
  15. ** Days Until Christmas, ** Part Seven.

    Ooooohhh... @Robjon may have landed the most impressive number call of this thread so far

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