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  1. Tesla Model X

    Saw one charging yesterday at Topaz, north side cork city. Ive previously seen a model S charging in the same place. The X is a bit weird looking in the metal. As said, the lack of a front grill makes it look unfinshed!
  2. ezero1 device (CGON)

    And hide it from turning up on google searches? And if you do want it still "readable on here" put a disclaimer post at the very start, outlining the facts - its an unverified product which may cost a purchaser money for no benefit. The discussion here being a debate regarding why it cant work as claimed, and that posters claiming the massive benefits have vested interests..
  3. ezero1 device (CGON)

    @CWARD Can i pm my credit card details and get one of them hens?
  4. Help please with my puddles!! :( in foot wells

    Opening the door without doing excessive damage - as per my post here - Its not that bad a job to swap locks. I bet if you do that and replace the membrane with some good thick gauge plastic a lot of your problems will vanish. Im not surprised you have a fair bit of water running through thats pretty typical ,but it is possible the window glass is out of alignment a touch, not letting it seal as much as it should?
  5. It's coming

    Feckin windy here now!
  6. Holland

    Maastrict is quite lovely, and a short drive to the "highest point in The Netherlands above sea level" about 1500ft iirc and also meeting point of germany belgium and holland. Bit of a distance from hamsterdam though...
  7. Mk1 or mk2 octavia aerial?

    Hhmmm.... i dunno so! Seems a shame to just bin it, but if i cant figure out what its for... The small plug doesnt heavy enough to be the radio antenna? The screw connection making more sense ? Neither lead would go into my cars connector. @Lyminton that link is what i thought id ordered...
  8. Mk1 or mk2 octavia aerial?

    @octyal Mk1 aerial on my bus had no second connection, the little red one - im guessing its an amplifier feed, which is built into the h/u on standard mk1 radio, which was why anyone with an aftermarket h/u had to 1)repin he fixed vs switch live and 2) live with possibly crap reception due to the lack of a booster if add your own one. Also the connection is a screw in jobby, where mine seemed to be just a push plug (im thinking back 15months.. might be a bit hazy )
  9. Mk1 or mk2 octavia aerial?

    15 views, naer an answer :( I know this is a stupid question, but seriously, does it fit a mk2? Or any other model? Just want to check before i put it for going away..
  10. ** Days Until Christmas, ** Part Seven.

    342. I think the holiday tent blew away. If mrs G is lucky it took andy with it
  11. ezero1 device (CGON)

    There really is a trend forming with this new members and this thread.. Methinks its getting a lot of google hits.... Meanwhile, some food for thought. Edit @Wino can get 6 of your gadgets?
  12. Mk1 or mk2 octavia aerial?

    So i ordered this for mk1 octy, said it was for a mk1 but when i went swap it over, it was the wrong connection type. I was gonna send it back but then rack leak and subsequent px happened instead. I meant to fling it in the boot of the Octy before it went but forgot. It then got lobbed into a storage box, where i found it the other day. Gonna stick it up on the free stuff classifieds, but not sure if it will go on any mk1 Octavia, or is it, as i suspect... For a mk2?
  13. Strange idle

    Did you get a genuine cts? When it drops back to idle, is it settling nicely at "normal" idle? How long is it spending at 2k rpm?
  14. Octavia VRS Mk1 / Bora

    Aircon if it has it might be compatible too? Pumps etc..
  15. new car ideas!

    No real help tbh.. But, from a citigo to a 200+bhp 17grand car... logical replacement given the citigos fun factor