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  1. What made you smile whilst driving?

    Saw this today on the A1. Bet they were cold even with the headgear on!
  2. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    MA15SZE (Maisie) on an A6
  3. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Just a reminder to people about staying on topic and not to let things become too personal!
  4. I can't help with a price but do would you care to share the background as to how you acquired it as I'm sure people would be interested?
  5. As it's not really a Sale thread yet I've moved it from Classics Classifieds as others may know here. If you do decide to sell then it must be posted in the previous section.
  6. Feel free to advertise it in this section but I'm afraid that you'd need to state a guide price to comply with Briskoda's rules.
  7. MY18 L&K - Some radio station logos missing.

    Okay, it looks like I wasn't quite doing it right so now I know the process I'm still amazed that a brand new car should have this problem! My SEAT which doesn't have the premium sound system copes with all the correct logos automatically. The only thing now is where to get the missing mainstream logos or do I have to make them myself?
  8. MY18 L&K - Some radio station logos missing.

    I downloaded and unzipped the GBR_20171123 zip file which appears to be newer than the one you linked to but 'storing' the radio location doesn't seem to pick up the new logos from the plugged in USB stick. Edit: I'd not see the video tutorials before so will try again in a short while.
  9. I didn't think that missing radio station logos would still be a problem but I can't seem to get them all working. It's mostly the non BBC stations that don't store them automatically but even downloading the online logos from here (after putting in the VIN number) doesn't really help. In fact there seems to be some major players such as Capital still omitted from that list. There's a section in the Columbus menu to specify where the logos are stored but that just seems to show the folder and not individual files. Maybe it should just be the folder but removing/re-storing the stations still doesn't grab the logo! Has anyone else had this problem and successfully resolved it?
  10. Do members get deleted after a while

    Old members don't get deleted and we didn't need any CSI skills to find him @VRS Nickas he was hiding in plain view here - https://www.briskoda.net/forums/profile/63370-wolfinsheepsclothing/ He last visited here in March 2014 and I understand there's a few plugins for certain browsers if your dad did use Photobucket thereby succumbing to the current 'issues'. If you need any further assistance then just ask.
  11. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    FA55T VW - Maybe an oxymoron?
  12. 3rd party hosting

    It's probably due to Photobucket previously removing what used to be free access as opposed to something you're doing wrong.
  13. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    SEL 1T on a Jaguar XF MO0 6OWS on a Nirvana at the Boxing Day Hunt. A dairy farmer? C J05H DJ - on a Mercedes A Class - a bit of self publicity?
  14. LED Headlights?

    It's a 290 Black.
  15. LED Headlights?

    My Cupra's headlights are fine.