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    The VBR files are unable to show what you're asking for but album art can be encoded into each track.
  2. 1/4 mile times get them up

    Is that a 4wd Golf showing you which direction to go Ant? Who did the stage 2?
  3. Radio code

    It the radio was OEM to the car then AFAIK you shouldn't ever need a code.
  4. Stream MP3

    Why not sell the Bolero - if you have that code, instead?

    I'm not too sure if you actually want this thread closing or not as that's a bit of a conflicting statement. As the OP, the choice is yours - just PM me. FYI, if you had been a Freedom member then that also gives you control over your own threads and I wouldn't have had to ask for clarification.
  6. Speedo illumination issue

    I may be wrong but I seem to recall a few threads about changing the colour of the dash illumination and this involved some LED replacements. Not an easy job...... Hopefully yours turns out to be a bulb though.
  7. Speedo illumination issue

    Could it just be the dash illumination needing to be turned up?
  8. Android Auto is a road safety hazard

    I've ordered a couple to see how they perform. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. email notification

    You're getting notifications for threads you're already subscribed to so maybe you missed one? Your new posts shouldn't automatically get email notifications from now on.
  10. 2015 vrs black edition

    The confusion may be because the Mk2 & Mk2 FL had the 'nearly fit' mud flaps for the VRS rear. Yours is a Mk3 and I definitely don't know if this 'feature' was carried forward.
  11. Android Auto is a road safety hazard

    Any recommendations/links for any of these 'quality' cables as mine are definitely of a sub standard class!

    Maybe it's time to stick to the topic - and juvenile name calling doesn't make for adult reading!
  13. I've had a couple of different (variations of) DSG cars and, touch wood, both have been a pleasure to use. Most people wouldn't move back to a manual car after having one!
  14. Bargain generator?

    A little bit of an update as both generators had arrived safely not been sent so the refunds have been issued. At least it solves the potential storage problems I'd have faced if they had have arrived!