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  1. Columbus

    I'm with @MeteorvRS on this.
  2. As mentioned above, it's probably best to continue the thread there.
  3. The 280PS Thread

    So what nationality is the rest of him?
  4. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    TA8 - Jaguar F-Pace. Driven by someone who likes credit? F16 TEL - BMW 4 Series - Driven by someone who doesn't quite tell the truth?
  5. vRS245 ordered club

    At the risk of staying OT for one additional post....... Believe it or not but Moderators don't read all the threads - just think how long that would would take if they did! Your last paragraph sums up Freedom quite well though as people mistakenly presume it's needed just to be able to sell but don't appreciate the additional benefits that come with it. As for the bumping question, I notice that's previously been brought to your attention but it seems the newly instigated signature has already garnered a response - in effect, 'bumping' the thread.
  6. vRS245 ordered club

    @michaelg17 However and as you are a Freedom member, adding a link in your (currently non existant) signature would be perfectly fine.
  7. vRS245 ordered club

    That seems like an excellent idea and one which I'm sure a lot of people will approve of.
  8. Bolero Radio / CD

    The aux input is usually in the centre console. Not too sure if the SE spec had it but hopefully someone else will be able to help.
  9. Here's another couple of photos of the Seadrive - complete with @thompma30 unmodified switchgear!
  10. Aux input problems

    The aux input is in the jumbo box and the MDI(?) input may be in the glove box.
  11. My turn to say goodbye...

    Don't forget we're talking Swiss prices and they don't bear any resemblance to real world prices!
  12. Show off your Briskoda stickers

    Hmmmm..... Not 'my cars vehicles' but the location makes up for that - here.
  13. Even on a Peugeot Seadrive....
  14. Some spotted on Skoda's too!

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