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  1. Probably unlikely, there was a display last year but I think since the briskoda only sessions stopped, it's died off a bit, it's also a bit expensive for a 15 minute session at £30 as far as I'm aware nothing has been organised this year or planned to be organised
  2. Can the Garmin Maps & More stream BT audio?

    It should (I hope!) I can stream Google Play Music to it without any issue
  3. Auto lights

    Easy to retrofit if you don't mind the cost and the light switch being red https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK6-Euro-Switch-Auto-Light-Sensor-Retrofit-Kit-For-VW-MK4-Golf-Jetta-Bora-Passat/132125668596?hash=item1ec34db4f4:g:aoEAAOSwxp9W9AVP
  4. Greetings from the South!

    Welcome if you're ever in the area, pop along, this is the closest meet you will get for the South West
  5. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Literally just messaged you but you can ignore if you already have the bits together
  6. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    I've had a knock on my Citigo in a similar spot before so if you need an idea what parts you might need (from what I can see missing) let me know
  7. Thanks picture doesn't show it well but the longest icicle was just touching the top of the snow, which itself is a little over 3" deep
  8. We've had some unusual white fluffy stuff down on the south coast today, not a very common site..
  9. David's Fabia Saloon (The Daily)

    Nothing too exciting, finally hoovered the car a little and fitted some oem floor mats, this photo has also made me notice how manky the steering wheel is.
  10. Various Citigo Parts for sale

    Variable boot floor now sold.
  11. David's Fabia Saloon (The Daily)

    Very small change tonight, dug out the old map reading interior light from the Citigo and put into the Fabia, just need to get the bulbs upgraded now (and find the screw that fell out and went missing )
  12. 32KOFDATA ///// Fabia Sport (MKII)

    Google Chrome, right click, translate to English
  13. Various Citigo Parts for sale

  14. David's Fabia Saloon (The Daily)

    Just some upgrades more than anything, plan to keep it standard for now and run it as a daily, already have a few parts to fit, cruise control and some electric mirrors with the door loom rocked up in the post this week, the coolant needs an overhaul to so I have a new bottle, outlet pipe and temp sensor to fit, that's about all for now
  15. VCDS - What can be done? (Citigo)

    I wouldn't know to be honest, worth a try though!

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