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  1. Photography Thread

    A couple of shots from New Years day, need to get myself back into doing more photography
  2. David's Citigo 2.0

    I hadn't intended on it I was just going to remove the drivers seat, but then decided to remove a little more whilst I had the tools out
  3. David's Citigo 2.0

    A small update, I've put some parts up for sale for anyone who's interested in a few bits I've also gutted the rear a little more and taken the passenger seat out so I can get the leather seats up for sale, the cars also now in a garage away from home so it can get off the drive.
  4. A few bits for sale from my Citigo has having a clear out, collection preferred but can deliver myself within a radius of about 30 miles if need be. Centre Armrest with precut centre console (in order to fit the armrest, you have to hack up the centre console, I'm including this with the armrest so you have one all ready to go and bolt straight in) Pictures to be uploaded, it's in good condition and is the same as this one here http://www.theskodashop.co.uk/product/Arm_Rest_(CitiGo)_1ST061123 £75 Variable boot floor (or false floor) 2 bolts are missing as this is how it came from the VW Dealer I purchased it from, still secures to the car with no issues. These are older pics, there are some scuffs on the plastic trims where the boot floor sits £60 Genuine Seat Surgeon heated (OEM, not aftermarket) leather seats, I would say the front seats are in very good condition considering they are 2 years old, the drivers seat has slight wear and the rear needs attending to, due to bottom coming out of place (I will get a picture to show what I mean ASAP). The rear seats are also in very good condition, these would have barely been sat in during ownership and have been out of the car for the past year or so, sitting in my room, there are slight tears in the leather from removal, but these are very minor and not visible once the seats are actually in place, these cost over £1000 when originally done. Here's the best picture I could get as the driver seat a little surrounded by other bits - And from this image the passenger, you can see how its meant to seat - I imagine its an easy enough job to correct, I just never got round to sorting it out. I would be looking for £450 I may be able to deliver, but obviously this is quite a large item to fit into a car! So collection would definitely be preferred.
  5. Mk1 Fabia RARB

    After a rear anti roll bar for a Mk1 Fabia to do some experimenting on
  6. Citigo headlight/DLR Dim-dip fault

    Very odd indeed, but yes I see what you're trying to say what with the older car models etc.
  7. Citigo headlight/DLR Dim-dip fault

    Super confused as when the parking lights come on, the main low beam shouldn't come on as well? Do you mean the drl doesn't dim when you switch to sidelight/low beam
  8. Citigo headlight/DLR Dim-dip fault

    So, when you turn your parking lights on, the low beam doesn't turn on?
  9. David's Fabia Saloon (The Daily)

    Something not mentioned in the first post, is the headlights which were given a quick wet sanding and polish as they looked a little hazy, the bulbs were also quickly upgraded to some Osram night breaker full beams, Phillips X-treme vision low beams and some osram warm white led sidelights which all in give a nice clean look as I didn't want some stupidly over bright sidelights overpowering the low and high beams, gives a pleasant oem look to them but with a nice and clear light output Before - After -
  10. I figured I would get started on a topic for this thing for anyone interested in following along. At the end of November last year, I decided to have my midlife crisis at the age of 23 and decided to ask a good friend of mine (thanks @BJB540) to take me to Bourne to have a look at a Fabia Saloon of unknown spec, I have always wanted one of these since I first saw one on the road a few years ago. For those interested, here is the original for sale ad - https://www.windmillmotorsltd.co.uk/used-cars-bourne/SKODA-FABIA-16V-MK1-006442?fromsearch= The good bits - For those who looked at the link above, in pictures the car looked excellent for the condition and a low mileage car too (clocked over to 74k as I rolled out the garage) with just "1" owner since new (technically 2 owners, but it turns out if you work in the motor trade, you aren't included on the v5 or as a previous owner) After doing my research before buying the car, I had decided it had the engine for me, the 1.4 16v 100hp engine, a nice bit of power, cheap to insure and the more reliable and trouble free 16v variant It's had a new passenger front window regulator I got an MOT, cambelt and full service for just £300 before buying the car I managed to get a little money off the asking price It's rust free (with exception to a small patch on the drivers rear arch) The bad bits - There was damage to the passenger front door (a nice big patch of touch up), a small bit of touch up by the drivers rear light cluster, a small dent by the passenger rear panel, 2 small dents in the roof (it looks as though it went through a car wash with the aerial on) It has a fair few scratches about the place (hoping @austenw90 will be kind enough to work some magic on the car) The front door trims were falling to pieces and the drivers seat had a hole that at some point had duct tape over it as well as the rear boot floor falling to pieces The door seals were leaking (this was first on the to do list so that's sorted) The coolant is leaking from the bottle or the pipe at the outlet The passenger window switch is a little dodgy and broken, it goes up and down, but not automatically. It had no history, nothing, zip, nada, but I took a chance on the basis it had been owned by someone in the trade up until 2011 and then an older couple up until the middle of last year, I was able to get a little history with a few phone calls so I know the rear drums are a few thousand miles old. Here's a picture from the day I picked it up - And here's currently what has been done - The leaky door seals Stealthy aux cable install OEM Armrest Front cupholder Front and rear dashcam Autolock and unlock With a few pictures to follow - Plans for the future are to work on the things that are wrong with it, nothing crazy for now, sorting the most problematic issues first, replace the wheels with something OEM, replace the mirrors for electric and get the door handles/mirrors colour matched. There are probably cheaper better examples out there, but I decided this would be the one, something to work on around working on the Citigo.
  11. David's Citigo 2.0

    Nothing major to report on, the Citigo passed her MOT today but to no surprise the lower bushes have taken a beating, so these will be replaced with polyurethane bushes. A cheeky shot of the 2 cars side by side
  12. Screenwash reservoir

    I'd imagine so, cost saving and all that
  13. Bulb - Present (DLR, H4, etc.)

    I lucked out and got these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01MCQPN64/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 they're brilliant, but seems they're currently sold out
  14. Pid navigation voice stopped working

    Common issue on the unit, I find it happens when you hit mute when navigating and it gets to the destination and you exit without unmuting, when you go back in, it doesn't unmute and as above it needs resetting, just need to remember to make sure the volume isn't muted before you arrive at the destination