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  1. Dipped beam not working!!!

    Check all fuses, in my 62 plate manual fuses such as "light switch" control the headlights
  2. Shouldn't be a problem mate, if you aren't there Gjgrst will take your spot and then you can take his spot.
  3. Negative, just the 2 runs, think @andsoutham got confused. As @themanwithnoaim had originally planned just the 1 run, but later wanted to do 2, list updated - 1. andsoutham - BMW M235i (RWD) 2 . Hyphons - Skoda Citigo 3 . Niceyellowvrs - BMW 318Ti Compact (RWD) 4. Thorpe76 - mk2 octavia tfsi 5. Lkim13- mk2 octavia tfsi 6. Hardcore Hobbit - Octavia vRS mk1. 7. BJB540 - Suzuki Swift Sport / Octavia vRS mk1. 8. mk4gtiturbo - Octy3 vRS TDI 9. V6TDI - Octavia III vRS DSG 10. Gjgrst - Golf MK4 TDI 11. Leeboy - car to be decided 12. AshH - Audi A3 TDI CR 13. Hedge - Octavia VRS 230. 14. Chris - Octavia VRS 230. 15. Chelseacraig - Octavia MkIII vrs diesel 16. Newport91- Octavia vRS Super smoke edition 17. Updown789 - Mk2 Leon 1.9 TDI (will run first/second) 18. Cydermonkey - Fabia MK3 estate 19. Themanwithnoaim - Octavia vRS MK3 (with tuning box) 20. Themanwithnoaim - Octavia vRS MK3 (without tuning box) 21. AndrewE - MK3 Octavia vRS 220 estate 22. mdk1 - Citigo auto
  4. David's Citigo 2.0

    Today's addition, lower front strut brace. Just about visible from the side Also put fresh oil and new sparks in the car as well. Thanks again to @Updown789 for his assistance.
  5. Citigo Accident Rebuild Capable?

    As long as the beams aren't crushed it's repairable
  6. David's Citigo 2.0

    Just given the thread a good going over and tidied it up, replaced deleted images (thanks to Photo****et screwing them up) and tidied up the original post.
  7. The Citigo Picture Thread.

    Really do love this car, role on 5 years of ownership in January
  8. LED DRL's not working as side lights....

    Check the pins on the bulbs, sometimes they can be off slightly meaning when they plug in, they don't connect correctly and then don't work
  9. Citigo pollen filter replacement problem

    I should probably update that as I worked it out in the end
  10. David's Citigo 2.0

    Brake upgrade part 2 thanks to the help of @andsoutham Grooved discs and EBC yellow, along with a brake fluid flush as the brakes had a bit of a moment at Cadwell and it was due in a few thousand miles anyway. The clearance between the caliper and the wheel is ridiculous, I could get a sheet of paper between the gap and no more..
  11. David's Citigo 2.0

    Only just spotted this, modifying it is entirely up to you, it depends how long you plan on keeping the car etc. there is lots of small mods you can do that can often make big changes, the interior light upgrade, led DRL bulbs, the cherry centre console and so on
  12. Glass Fibre bonnet for a Fabia Mk1

  13. Pretty sure it's going to be MSV, it normally Is
  14. My Sasha

    The 1.8t is the one on here mate, Richards old one. As for engine swaps, basically anything VAG should fit straight in (in theory) the 1.2 the 1.4 etc etc, all look like they bolt straight in (or at least vaguely share the same engine mount positions) there's also a guy who uses his Citigo in rallycross and has shoved a 1.6 in there, but not sure which car its from.
  15. You may get in the way of experienced drivers, but as a track day, you wouldn't really be holding anyone up and everyone should respect one another and respect that each car is different and each drivers experience lever is different, there is no overtaking on corners (unless the corner is a long sweeping corner, if this is the case it will be made known during the drivers breifing) and only overtaking on straights, so if someone is behind you through a corner, once you exit, just pop the right indicator on, move over and allow the car to pass (sometimes you may have to slow down to allow a car to pass, as some cars can be slower than yours, but much faster through the corners, which again comes down to the car and the drivers experience). In my experience the best track days for new starters are with Richard, I've never had any bother on a trackday organised by him, only ever some trouble on days not organised by him (which is kind of to be expected). I'll let @BossFox reply with the cut off date as I'm not sure myself, but if there's ever someone new to trackdays, Richards I would say are the safest