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  1. Skoda Octavia 3 Owners register

    Picked up my Moon white vRS tdi end of January with black pack. Love it apart from getting a puncture just 600 miles in.
  2. Black Edition Citigo

    Cheers, I think now I'll change the head lights and DLR bulbs next to a more whiter colour anyone got any recommendations? Also has anyone found any brake caliper covers, I've had a look but not found anything so far.
  3. Black Edition Citigo

    Managed to get them on today, front ones easy the back ones weren't to bad. Used a Stanley to take the bits for the drilled holes and put the very stiff clipped on.
  4. Black Edition Citigo

    It's been a while since I've updated this, but I've been trying sort my insurance out as they won't insure me to have any mods that will effect the engine power :( which I didn't know until I had ordered a Ramair air filter and wanted to declare it. So when it came to renewing it I looked at a few other companies, but they were a few hundred £ more :(. But anyway I've ordered the skoda mudflaps as I'm sick of have a back end that is like a muddy field, but they seem quite small and I'm not sure if they'd make much difference. Wondering whether to just but them on or to go for some universal mudflaps which might be a bit bigger. Anyone got any tips regarding this?
  5. Air filter

    Aw that's great to here, thanks for your help!! Yeah personally I don't think it's worth the risk not of not declaring it.
  6. Air filter

    Looks great, doesn't stick out loads so looks tidy next to the engine. I just ordered one today can't wait for it to come. Out of curiosity have you declared it on your insurance,I know a few people who have them but havnt declared it.
  7. Air filter

    Is this the one you have if you dont mind me asking? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Induction-Kit-For-VW-UP-Seat-Mii-Skoda-Citigo-RAMAIR-Foam-Air-Filter-Intake-/351190433930
  8. Air filter

    Would full lock and a cheeky pull on the handbrake not help?
  9. Black Edition Citigo

  10. Black Edition Citigo

    I think it would be, for a 60hp engine to go up to 82/84hp I think would make quite a bit of difference. Only thing is its £350 :/
  11. Black Edition Citigo

    Haha, finally has some spare time yesterday to make one. I'm quite tempted to get the chrome wing mirrors but I want something else to have the chrome look all the way wrong the car.
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