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  1. National meet 2017 - PHOTO THREAD

    Thought i'd throw up a few more Trying to talk my parents into getting a Yeti, really liked this one. Really liked the yellow on the superb.
  2. Luongo's VRS Estate

    I'll take one after work.
  3. Luongo's VRS Estate

    I've had the car for a year or so now but i'm fairly new to the forums. Going to be doing some more to the car in the upcoming months but thought i would share the few pieces i have done upto now. The Car is a 2011 Green VRS Estate: Here are the few additions i have made so far are: Airtec Intercooler-Which is massive! Original Intercooler Newly fitted before bumper BMC CDA airbox- Pipe has been extended to intake snorkle since photo.
  4. Just purchased my tickets, it's fairly near and the museum is well worth seeing aswell. Looking forward to it.
  5. looks good, will have to get round to fitting mine at some point
  6. Just purchased some mtec rear discs for my fabia vrs, you'll have to update us on how you get on with the yellowstuff as i may uprgrade down the line.
  7. First Skoda

    My uncle recently purchased a new superb and he loves it. Awsome car for the money.
  8. My third VRS!

    Car does look good in grey
  9. HI new to site

    Hi, New to the site but have had my car for nearly two years, It's a 2011 Fabia VRS Estate. Looking forward to checking out the site, also looking into the track day at the end of the year too! Heres a quick photo from Silverstone at the weekend:
  10. From Abarth to vRS estate!

    Looks good, nice pick up.
  11. Pretty new to the site but i'm definately interested in this

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