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  1. Korvus's Octavia

    Pictures of my MKII FL 2011 Octavia
  2. Finished sorting my Octavia (For now.....) What's been done: Chrome on Grille painted black Logos swapped for new style Stock wheels replaced with 18" Neptunes In black Stock suspension replaced with Bilstein B12 kit Next on the list is some speaker upgrades, maybe a few exterior tweaks.
  3. Thought I'd post my own results here. I think it massively improves the look of the car. Black Neptune Alloys help too. (Car is overdue a wash, but may be doing more work on it first..)
  4. Skoda Octavia 1.4 tsi

    Had a similar experience this weekend driving back Monday over the Pennines, was mildly terrifying to put it lightly...Car was however brilliant and glad I was driving that and not one of my previous cars (2000 Honda HRV/2007 Mazda 3)
  5. Doing this mod myself so glad to read it is Looking forward to the pics myself.
  6. Just to update, this has now been sorted as expected. Great service
  7. Thanks guys! was looking for these myself and have found them as a result.
  8. Another recommendation here, very prompt response and quick postage too. Need to sort a swap of a part as there was a minor mix-up (MK2 vs MK2 Nonfacelift) but I'm sure they'll have it sorted in no time
  9. Dash Cams

    I kinda went overkill with my dashcam setup which I use for longer trips.. GoPro Hero 4 (silver) with a suction cup mount. Also routed/hid a power cable behind dash so I don't have to worry about swapping batteries mid-journey Can post a pic later of the cable route if people are interested?
  10. Octavia grill

    This thread actually answered a lot of my own questions so thank you!
  11. Hi from Lancashire

    Hi! Near Preston, the sunny happy part
  12. Hi from Lancashire

    Hello! Proud 2011 Octavia owner here, impressed with it so much I'm saving/counting my shinies for a newer 2014-2015 VRS, will hopefully have one by early next year Seen this forum a lot when searching for various bits of advice on Skodas, so thought I'd register and participate some. Here's to a happy and fun future !

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