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  1. winter tyres & steel wheels. superb 3.6

    @Day40 you also need to check OFFSET / ET.
  2. Emission problem

    I think I have exactly the same - but mine is cheap knock off and works with VAG DPF - free version - but not fully with Torque Lite.
  3. Emission problem

    @Reinsung install VAG DPF app for Android - you'll be able to monitor DPF.
  4. 12V boot socket - always on?

    @williamshatnerspants Very handy when you have DVR in the boot
  5. Rollback done by Shark....

    @Steviejay there is a timeout - 5 or 10 minutes, not sure exactly.
  6. Quick question

    @Juego if "fixed" then un"fix" it asap.
  7. Emissions remap

    @Steviejay beside higher idle rpm you will also smell burnt rubber
  8. 2.0 TDI CR temperature

    But not the whole radiator.
  9. Newbie wanting Superb Estate Advice

    High mileage - diesel. Low mileage - petrol. Will you tow anything? Do you prefer manual or automatic - DSG? If you go for diesel - do not buy a car that had fix done - dieselgate - unless you will undo the fix - paid option. What is your budget?
  10. Start&Stop reverse function?

    @Insect_repellent:) if you are talking about Start&Stop button - and you want it to be always OFF - then there was some info about using VCDS to code minimum temperature and set it very high.
  11. Emissions remap

    @drefaldwyn received - I think the same - leaflet few days ago - but I won't be replying in any way, in case they want to use it against me in the future.
  12. Dpf

    Mine wasn't and never will be - fixed - as long as I'm the owner
  13. Dpf

    @Razzertrevor it's some cheap ELM knock off for few quid - Bluetooth and you don't have to do anything just start the app and click Connect - would be nice if it connect automatically.
  14. Dpf

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applagapp.vagdpf_free Mine is doing regens about every 150 miles and 25 grams - down to 5.5 grams in 25 minutes - last two regens were done when stationary - didn't want to turn engine off. Mostly short trips in town - less than 3 years old and 22k miles on the clock.
  15. How do I diagnose (and find) a faulty relay?

    Isn't power steering electric on the Superb? Maybe something is wrong there ?