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  1. Superb 2 Wheel and Tyre Information

    Instead of chains - socks
  2. Elegance 170 wheel and tyre swap?

    Fuel flap have label with approved sizes.
  3. The Superb II & FL Picture thread

    @G2enn Nice Hopefully not fixed ? Beef it up asap
  4. Mobile Phone Connection

    Maybe to old Bluetooth module - or you just need to pair new phone.
  5. Send to both
  6. Buying advice on Superb coming from fabia 1 vrs

    I had stock Seat Leon, 2010, 170 DSG - with sport pack, but don't think anything was done to the engine - now Superb 2014 SE, 170 CR 4x4 DSG and after beefing up feels the same or even better - even when it's much heavier car - it pulls like small sport car 140 mph was impossible before - now it's piece of cake checked on autobahn
  7. Rear hatch window jet washer question

    I have the same - single stream - I think it's normal.
  8. EA189

    Avoid fix like a plague !!!
  9. Do you mean rews will drop to ~700rpm for a moment and then ECU will try to compensate and rew to ~1000rpm and then back to ~800rpm ? I had this problem when I've set my tuning box to most fuel efficient mode
  10. Low Coolant

    You need to monitor level closely - or better yet find some garage and ask them to check for leaks.
  11. quandry

    You can always un-fix it and then beef it up
  12. MPG a bit low?

    I think it's pretty normal mpg for stock car. Fix is not helping either. You need to un-fix it asap and then re-map / chip it.
  13. VCD

  14. Is my 4x4 working

    If your mileage is low - 99% it will be just dirty / clogged mesh filter - had the same at 20k miles - new oil + cleaning the mesh and back with 4x4
  15. Superb ideas

    Chip / remap as a first and most important mod

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