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  1. Remap problem

    Again, if it was proper remap using rolling road then yes - new job for full price, but if it was just upload of generic map - no new job at all.
  2. Remap problem

    If it was generic map - without rolling road - then it's simple connect & upload - so don't understand why would you have to pay "promotional" £100?
  3. @superbPerhaps To reset DSG without VCDS try this: 1 Put your key in the ignition and turn ignition to the on position (don't start the engine!)2 Hold down the gas pedal pressing the button under the pedal for at least 20 seconds.3 Let foot off pedal and start car. Be sure that you do no turn ignition off because that will void the reset (not so sure it still works) Or this: a. put key in ignition and turn key to the position just before crankingb. hold down the accelerator for 10sc. let go of accelerator and turn key back to Off before turning it back to the position before cranking
  4. Possible Haldex issue???

    ESC not ESP light
  5. Possible Haldex issue???

    Either I have the same problem - or I need to change tyres :( Is it OK/enough/safe for pump or gearbox - for few days - to remove fuse ? Done this already and have ESP error light.
  6. Low speed manoeuvre - just press brake gently - with your right foot - when needed Check if it was fixed - VW diesel cheat - if it was then walk away.
  7. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    There is time out for editing posts.
  8. Check thoroughly service history and police records or whatever so it's not cloned or stolen.
  9. Changed my Superb 2

    When available in MaxiDot - I think lever is motorised. I had it in Seat Leon 2.0 170ps and I'm pretty sure it wasn't equipped with Xeons.
  10. Changed my Superb 2

    Superb MK2 - at least facelift - have lever inside the headlamp to switch lights "flat" - no need for stickers.
  11. Updating from Columbus

    4. Probably because you've disconnected frontfascia - where airbag's LED is located - and turn on key to check if new unit works before reconnecting airbag's LED.
  12. Buying Advice Bad points and Good

    Good choice Try to read other posts - but like with any other car - service history is most important. I would suggest 2.0 TDI 170, estate, DSG and 4x4 - even if you don't need 4x4 bit worse mpg - but much better handling. I have base model - without fancy stuff - but I wasn't looking for those engine + 4x4 was enough DSG have to be serviced every 40k miles - so if wasn't - walk away. Engine can be on variable - even every 20k - but I personally do full one every 10k.
  13. Updating from Columbus

    Camera Alert as overlay and the rest you can find on Google search or directly on the Map
  14. Updating from Columbus

    Yes, you can, as long as you download areas to cover the route - of course no live updates.