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  1. Noisy engine, low oil

    Hi there, sorry to see you are having trouble with your car. This may sound silly but have you checked the sump plug is done up properly because on my 1.4 fabia 2 I failed to tighted the sump plug up enough meaning I lost a lot of oil. I am not sure if this is also applicable but my engine liked shell helux ultra 5w40, you can get 5l for abou £22 on carparts4less.
  2. Tailgate rust

    My fabia is a hatchback and it also has tailgate rust, it is mainly aroun the number plate lights, I believe this is caused by the sponge used between the number plate light and the metal it is screwed to which traps moisture on the metal encouraging rust.
  3. Tailgate rust

    Hi there, my fabia has a very similar problem with tailgate rust around the number plate lights and number plate screws, what I did was very crude but quite effective at preventing further rust. I took off the piece of trim on the inside of the tail gate and removed the number plate and number plate lights. I then sprayed cavity wax all around the inside of the tailgate making sure to soak the rusty areas, then I did the same to the rust on the outside as it was pretty m7ch out of sight anyway. Gope this helps
  4. Skoda fabia gearbox oil change

    Thanks for the photo. Draining the oil should allow me to see if any damage has been done to the gearbox as there will be pieces of metal in the oil.
  5. Skoda fabia gearbox oil change

    Thanks for the reply I will definitely give the clutch a check and make adjustmants if necessary. I didn't really consider the syncros being worn as the car has only done 69k miles. Will have to be extra careful withe the gearbox then.
  6. Hello all Recently I have been experiencing a crunch in the gearbox when I go into reverse gear or change from first to second when the gearbox is cold. Some people have suggested I should replace the gearbox oil to solve the problem. However I don't know where the fill and drain plugs are for the gearbox. Does anyone know where these fill and drain plugs are? By the way my fabia is the 1.4 16v model. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Tyre Size Mark 2

    I am currently using on my fabia 195/50 R15 tyres an they are very good, they are Michelin pilot sport 3 tyres. the slightly lower profile of them helps improve handling an responsiveness a bit.
  8. Hello all I recently bought a 57 plate Skoda Facia 2 as my first car. I intend to keep it for the next 5 years. I was looking underneath the car about a week ago and noticed in certain areas the underseal was pealing off in a few places around the sills and further towards the middle of the car. Does anyone know if it would be a good idea to underseal the car to protect the underside from further damage? I also heard that some underseals will damage the polymer coating already on the car so can anyone recommend to me a brand of underseal that's good?
  9. skoda fabia front brake heat shield

    thanks for the advise, will probably go tomorrow
  10. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 1.4 mk2 skoda fabia and was wondering where I can buy a new set of front brake heat shields as the ones currently on the car are crumbling off due to corrosion. Any help would be very welcome.
  11. Refined the Fab!

    when you installed the dynomatt in the doors did it go in front or behind of where the windows come down?
  12. Refined the Fab!

    ok thanks for the advise I thought about the roof as it may reduce wind noise
  13. Refined the Fab!

    I have just been reading this thread and think it is a fantastic idea, just wondering about 2 things. would it be possible to put dynomatt in the roof? also is there any risk of the dynomatt trapping moisture and causing rust?
  14. Rattle and vibration problems in my new fabia

    Hello everybody, I have recently purchased a skoda fabia mk2, its my first car. I absolutely love it apart from one thing, between 1000 and 1500 rpm I get a very loud rattling sound from the dashboard. does anyone have any ideas about what it could be as it is very annoying.