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  1. Estate electric tailgate struts

    Thanks Matt. Waiting to hear back on that one. I've got supply and replace costs down to just on $2000 AUD I may be upgrading so i am hanging off on the motor servos at this stage as i definitely wont be getting that 2k back! I really miss the electro struts but the replacement is ridiculous. I might just go for gas until i can jag some second hand...then keep my fingers crossed!
  2. Estate electric tailgate struts

    Thanks Brad. Yeah, i've been googling the absolute bejebus out of 3T9 827 851 A or B and not getting a lot of joy.
  3. Greetings all. My 2010 electric tailgate has failed to proceed. Replacement cost is AUD$1300 per side Was there a recall on these at any stage? Does any body know of an after market supplier that wont cost close to 20% of the cars value? Cheers
  4. Trunk opening issue

    Hey Adam Did you have any luck sorting this? Mine has just done the same. I haven't had any success in sorting it and am dreading electric strut replacement costs.