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  1. Any regrets?

    My only regret is that I've already kerbed an alloy Still, it was going to happen sooner or later and now it's out of the way.
  2. First changes to make

    I think they have a little silhouette disk which slides in front of the light to make the logo. Will have to investigate if that can just be popped out, leaving a blank light.
  3. First changes to make

    Thought of the next thing to change: those embarrassing SKODA door lights
  4. What tyres on Crater alloys?

    My Edition came with P7s I'm afraid.
  5. Delivery times

    I got mine from the Skoda live chat (bottom right of the page, http://www.skoda.co.uk/about-us/contact-us) - I didn't even have an order number and they were able to find me by name and address.
  6. First changes to make

    Fitted the vent covers this morning; sturdy and even come with adhesive strips. Really good for the price!

    It has a CD/DVD player, like you said it's in the glovebox not on the actual unit.
  8. Free boot liner anyone?

    Oh cool, I just submitted a request on the Hatchbag site, glad it's coming soon!
  9. Any one got there Karoq edition yet

    Yes, there's a little switch down by your right leg - opens and closes it electronically.
  10. Delivery times

    Email the CEO; you won't get a response from them personally but they usually have an 'executive team' who handles things like this. In my experience with other companies, these teams are a lot better at getting things sorted than the normal CS reps.
  11. Delivery times

    Picked mine up this morning, really impressed with it so far. The start/stop does seem a bit keen, but if I'm only lightly pressing the brake or slightly rolling forward it stays off - so it's manageable. The 1.5 has plenty of grunt, and I think that it sounds pretty good (to my ear anyway, maybe I got too used to the diesel rumble). Finding the speedo a bit hard to read, but I'm used to the Civic which had a massive numerical display.
  12. Delivery times

    That could have been one the dealer ordered earlier, and the customer was happy with the spec so just took-over that order
  13. Delivery times

    Mine (BW7) arrived at the dealer on Tues, and he said prep takes 24 - 48hrs so it should be ready for collection Fri/Sat. The whole order went... 28th December - Ordered 12th-18th Feb (BW7) - Built 22nd Feb - Arrived at UK port 6th March - Arrived at dealer
  14. First changes to make

    Ordered one of these: https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/db3-odb-gps-tracking-device-glonass - obviously any thief worth their salt would find and remove it or even block the signal, but it gives some piece of mind still. Also a boot liner, as soon as Titan or BootBuddy make one for the Karoq.
  15. Foldable Tables

    Given that they're varioflex seats, did you try the legroom after sliding the rear seat backwards (admittedly using up boot space)? Edit: Although thinking about it, I think they're at the furthest-back position by default, and you can only move them forward to increase the boot.

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