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  1. I had a look in the shed and found these. The speed clips weren't a Skoda item, but the others were.
  2. Try the below numbers. I got the speed nuts in a PartsForCars shop as the dealer couldn't find them. X4 screws M6X17X14 (I think that’s the size) X4 Speednut N 90088003 https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-volkswagen-audi-parts/speed-nut-priced-each/n90088003/ X2 cap closure to fill 2 holes in box 1Z08819799B9
  3. Looks like the latest Android Auto update allows Bluetooth connectivity. Has anyone tried it? http://m.androidcentral.com/android-auto
  4. Also is the wheel clear coat the same as that used on the bodywork?
  5. Would anyone have a recommendations for a touch up stick to match Skoda Extreme alloy wheels 5E0071499HA7? Any idea how I could figure out the colour code from the about part number.
  6. I'm looking for an Extreme alloy, SuperSkoda seem to only sell then in a set of 4.
  7. Thanks, I'll get a quote from them.
  8. Hi all, Just wanted to know about www.skodaparts.com Has anyone used them? I'm looking at purchasing an item and they seem a lot cheaper than other places. The phrase "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" is playing on my mind so I'm trying to figure out if they are genuine. They appear to be part of a Skoda dealership, but I just want to make sure. Any advice appreciated.
  9. My car was in for a service earlier in the week (Bolero MIB2 unit), they updated firmware from 0421 to 0425. Would anyone know what issues were fixed in 0425?
  10. Yes..Samung Galaxy S6
  11. Any idea why the Android S6 wouldn't work?
  12. I tried connecting my Android S6 and it also wouldn't work. Is the module replacement a simple plug and play or does it require coding?
  13. ThanksWhats rSAP ? How do you check which module is fitted? Is it possible to upgrade the unit? Is it expensive?
  14. Hi, This is my first trip to the Superb section as I have an Octavia. A mate has a 2009 Skoda Superb with a Columbus radio. The car was recently purchased in the UK. I tried pairing his iPhone 5 to the car via the maxi-dot (there doesn't appear to be a way to pair via headunit) but an error appears every time. There does appear to be phones paired (from previous owner), but I'm unsure how to clear these. Could anyone help with the pairing of the iPhone5 and removal of the old paired devices?

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