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  1. Hi All, I currently have an issue where the engine fan is starting up when I turn on the interior fan heater controls. I've only noticed this since something got caught in the engine fan - could this have caused an issue? It may be just coincindental and its always been like this but does anyone have any ideas whether this is right, and if not what could be causing it? I'd like to know where the fuse is for the fan itself but the handbook doesnt seem to show this - i'd be grateful if anyone could help me on this too. Much appreciated.
  2. Coolant question/help

    I had the exact same with mine and everything pointed to HGF from what i read on here. You won't always get creamy oil, it could be going the other way and evaporating through the exhaust hence its hard to spot the issue. Do you find it loses coolant quicker when you drive the car harder? To be fair i drove mine for almost 2 years with no other symptoms, i just kept topping it up but i suppose it could have gone at any time - i just didn't wanna spend the £500+ to sort the HG just before trading it in. Marc
  3. Thank You!

    Its just nice to have a bit more room rather than just about squeezing things in. The travel system with carrycot was hard to fit in plus we have 2 dogs :-) I've not gone French. Tried to stay VAG and have bought a Seat Altea Reference Sport 1.6. I wouldve loved a diesel again but my budget was too small. To be fair though i don't do many miles and I don't plan to keep it as long as the Fabia. I like it up to now although I plan to spend most of tomorrow cleaning it to my standard as long as the rain doesn't spoil my plans! Can't wait to give it a decent detail - dealers do a **** job of valeting! Marc
  4. Thank You!

    Well today was a sad day, I had to say farewell to my beloved Fabia VRS :-( I have a baby on the way so its made way for something a little bigger and child friendlier. Although I've not been the biggest contributor on the forum, over the past 4 years i have had a lot of help from you guys so i just wanted to say I've really appreciated it! Its a great forum, and with any luck ill return one day with an Octavia VRS (dreaming!). Thanks once again. Marc
  5. head gasket advice before stripping

    Mines the same mate... been like that for about 2 years now but I've not got the money to have the HG done when its not really causing any other problems :-(
  6. Lcr splitter

    They're £45 now?? Im sure they were about £20 when i got mine from Seat.
  7. Fabia vRS rear spoiler

    I picked up the vacuum control unit from the silver vrs in the first listing just this evening - guy was genuine enough and good to deal with in case you were worried. Marc
  8. Vacuum Box

    Yes, the one over the o/s strut. Im guessing it is faulty but with me not knowing what it does i don't know what the implications are? Marc
  9. Vacuum Box

    I am currently finding that my vacuum box is buzzing quite a bit, its especially noticeable when i turn the engine off - it'll buzz quite loudly for about 5 seconds. Is this anything to be worried about, will it affect anything? Im not that mechanically minded so I don't really know what it does?! Cheers, Marc
  10. coolant loss

    Hmmm sounds like HG failure is still on the cards then, just expected it to have gone worse over the 2 years... gutted as i really don't have the cash to get that done and then to sell it :-( Will still try and check those pipes though Phil thanks. Cheers for all the replies. Marc
  11. coolant loss

    I have a 55 plate VRS and have been suffering from coolant loss for almost 2 years now! Its an inconsistent loss, I've driven for a couple of weeks with no loss at all, whereas sometimes i can go from full to the warning light in a day. I've had 3 garages look at it including Skoda and no one seems to be able to find the problem. Skoda eventually pointed the finger at head gasket failure but i think they were clutching at straws... an independent had it all day doing compression and block tests and said they were fine - telling me if it got worse then to take it back and they'll have another look (they advised that they didn't just want to change the HG on a whim in case it wasn't that and it wasted me a lot of money). Well that was a year ago and its still no worse with no other problems, I just top it up as and when. The problem I now have is that its time for a change, I need something bigger as I've a baby on the way - but i don't want to sell it to someone knowing it has a leak (I can't exactly say yeah its not a problem just keep it topped up as they'll automatically think HGF and Im not the type of person to not mention it). Does anyone have any ideas whatsoever with what it could be? There's no visible signs of a leak and no other issues like loss of power or anything, drives perfect.. would a car with HGF go for 2+ years and not get any worse?? I really am at a loss. Cheers guys, all help much appreciated, as always this forum is a great place. Marc
  12. Mine has been like this for almost 12 months now! I refuse to get the head gasket done with it costing so much until i have any other symptoms other than the coolant loss... I just keep it topped up. Can sometimes last a while, or it can go pretty quick depending how hard i drive. I've had mixed opinions from garages. Marc
  13. I've had that set on for almost a year - no complaints here. Marc
  14. Yeah Defo yours dude he said he's advertising for a friend.
  15. Its just a Facebook status so you'd probably need to have the lad as a friend. Before i realised it was yours i wrote that there was no way it was 350bhp unless it was running a petrol transplant but he deleted my comment lol. Only didn't realise it was yours due to the standard wheels.... Im guessing he's read the torque figure not the bhp.