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  1. Coolant Leak

    It'll be the radiator whether you like it or not. It's always the radiator.
  2. 1.9 vrs whats the promblem?

    Yes, any VAG specialist should be able to fix it, just get it away from the idiot who thinks it's the injectors.
  3. 1.9 vrs whats the promblem?

    OK, so this looks like a problem with a ground or the wiring loom, it's definitely electrical and nothing to do with the injectors. You need an auto-electrician, a decent one.
  4. Servo steering

    ECU is built into the pump housing so when it get cold overnight, water condenses and runs onto the PCB, the sensor is sealed and would give a fault code if faulty.
  5. Servo steering

    Sounds more like water ingress into the pump ECU, it's impossible to stop, particularly in a cold climate like Norway.
  6. Intermittent misfire cylinder 3

    In that case I'd suspect injector loom failure on number 3, replace the entire injector loom.
  7. Fabia VTS door handles

    You only need to loosen it enough to free the handle, it's a clamp rather a fixing.
  8. Intermittent misfire cylinder 3

    I would whip off the cam cover and take a look the cam lobes on cylinder 3, you may have a mechanical lifter failure causing this misfire and the head noise.
  9. Fabia vRS - Silent front suspension :)

    What TMB is saying is that there's nothing wrong with your question, you just need to post it in the Fabia Mk2 section rather than here in Fabia Mk1 since the cars are different.
  10. Coolant Temp drops with heater!

    Your MAF may well be knackered, try disco'ing it and see if it still runs the same, failing that have a look at the fuel temperature sensor in the fuel filter housing, they commonly fail as they age and are rarely replaced.
  11. Anyone got some Maf readings off 1756 tuba

    Good for you, turbo diesel tuning is so much safer than turbo petrol because you're not going to melt the engine, unlike petrols diesels run cooler when underfuelled so starting off lean will simply make less power, you can increase fuel and do timed in-gear pulls to measure improvements without going near a dyno, just keep an eye out for black smoke, nobody wants to breathe your home-made carbon nanotubes! You can run without MAF altogether to simplify the mapping, the MAF is really only there to decrease emissions and increase economy, not increase performance. Keep the peak boost around 2.0 bar and fit a 4 bar MAP sensor since spikes will max out the standard 3 bar sensor.
  12. To change, or not to change?

    I quite like it the way that it sits, but would personally go with anthracite if you're determined upon a change.
  13. Steering Wheel Road Feedback

    Wow, I can't believe you're complaining, I reset my power steering to minimum assist with speed sensitivity and it still feels a bit remote. You lucky man, if you get to the bottom of it tell me how you fixed it so I can reverse engineer your changes.
  14. Turbo fitted and squealing badly!

    Exactly, buy cheap, buy twice.

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