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  1. PD150 head bolt torque

    Why are you confused? PD150 bolts are a higher grade of tensile steel and do not stretch as much as standard PD130 bolts, therefore you do not need to turn them as much to achieve the specified clamping force. They cure head lift precisely because they are not as elastic.
  2. Lift off oversteer - tyres or suspension

    VAG group cars don't do handling in general, all their cars based on a common platform handle badly because it's considered 'safer'.
  3. Clonking/knocking at low speed

    Number 7 I think.
  4. Clonking/knocking at low speed

    You should have two rubber bump stops under the bonnet, you simply unscrew them until they stop the chatter.
  5. Skoda Fabia 02 SDI 133K miles strange noise

    Noisy SDI = gearbox failure, it's going to be hard to find a decent one secondhand. Sorry.
  6. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    Exactly. Precisely, by far the greenest thing you can do is to STOP CONSUMING, buy a decent secondhand specimen and run it into the ground, do this for every major purchase, cars, washing machines etc. I don't buy anything big new, I only buy quality older things, I have Bosch and Miele stuff and I fix it if it goes wrong, I hardly ever have to throw anything away because it's beyond repair. My old Bosch dishwasher packed up recently, I took the circuit board out and found I just needed to reflow all the solder joints, popped it back in and hey presto good as new.
  7. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    No, newer engines do have better emissions, they're just not as good as they claim, a Euro 5 engine is not dirtier than a Euro 4 just because there was a scandal. It's the law of diminishing returns, a manufacturer has to spend twice as much to get a 10% improvement, it's the same with performance, you try and get 10% more power out of a BMW 3.2 M3 engine, it's damn nearly impossible, the engine was almost perfect when it left the factory.
  8. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    Huh? Of course it's a terrible idea no matter what size the engine bay is, the correct answer is to buy a newer model of car for lower emissions, however there are much better high-performance engines to be found further back in time, and none of them are diesels.
  9. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    True, entirely different platform though so nothing will match up, none of the mounts and none of the electronics will talk to each other nicely. In other words nothing will fit without extensive modification and an exponentially higher level of ingenuity and resources will be required together with extensive fabrication.
  10. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    Arrrggghhhh, my eyes! I clicked on it as well, a cunning stunt that Paul Dacre. It isn't even the same Polo so the relevance is hugely limited.
  11. Drop Links

    It's not solid, it's a torsion beam so it twists as well.
  12. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    Then mod a petrol turbo, much cleaner and much faster. I have the 2.0 petrol Fabia, it's not as quick as the VRS but if I shoved a turbo up it, it would be an awful lot quicker albeit thirstier.
  13. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    2006-2009 VW Polo Bluemotion would be the only real donor worth considering, that drivetrain is VERY frugal and very clean and it's the same 9N platform so everything should fit. Anything is possible given the resources.
  14. How to improve my Fabia mk1 VRS emmisions

    You could change the engine to a Euro 5 compliant unit and ask for the emissions to be tested according to the fitted engine rather than the age of the vehicle, you could probably also get the VED taxation class changed if it passed those tests at a VOSA test centre.
  15. Lift off oversteer - tyres or suspension

    Wow, pork & cheese tyres, who knew...