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  1. Smoke on startup

    Good stuff, held your nerve nicely.
  2. Smoke on startup

    It's just soot in the threads, crack them all off, soak them, then work them back and forth a bit with the penetrant to dissolve the crap.
  3. High pressure in cooling system

    The air doesn't ever enter the braking system, it simply pushes on the surface of the brake fluid in the eezibleed bottle forcing the fluid up the pickup, it isn't bubbled through it, how would moisture even enter the system? It's a brake-bleeder not a bong, If something doesn't make sense then it's not true. This doesn't make sense.
  4. High pressure in cooling system

    Please read properly further up, I'm only suggesting that using air from a fully inflated tyre at 33 PSI is also fine, I'm not suggesting connecting to an airline at 100 PSI for crying out loud.
  5. High pressure in cooling system

    I don't believe it at all, where's the air going to come from, you're forcing clean fluid from the reservoir at the very top of the system right the way through to the bleed nipple on the backplate, this is THE SAME as putting your foot on the brake pedal to pull fluid from the reservoir only the pressure is much lower.
  6. Best insurance for 20 year old

    Try Adrian Flux
  7. Best insurance for 20 year old

    Probably life insurance, try term life, see if you can make it.
  8. Starting issue that I can't figure out

    ^^ What he said. Using your eyes to 'look' at stuff is pointless, you need to get your hands dirty and fix the stuff we're flagging for you.
  9. Smoke on startup

  10. Bulb warning light keep coming on

    Sounds more like the fitter who replaced the headlights didn't click the connector back into place properly!
  11. Smoke on startup

    Maybe the ECT sensor is dodgy...
  12. Starting issue that I can't figure out

    Check the main earth strap.
  13. NSR Door Doesn't open

    Wow, I've never seen that before, I wouldn't bother replacing the socket, just make a long jumper wire and send it round the plug and hide it in the rubber boot, if you ever have to remove the door you can just cut it.
  14. High pressure in cooling system

    Dude, that plated ring is not Chrome, it's a PVD coated steel ring and it's definitely the top ring because it's much more expensive than the black plain cast Iron ring. It has no markings because it's symmetrical and can be fitted either way round.
  15. thoughts on a audi tt 225

    There is also the issue of thirst, the TT will drink like an out of work actor compared to the Fab.