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  1. Kodiaq AWD System

    In most countries that winter tyres are compulsory you can specify them as a factory option was what I was lead to believe. UK dealers will sell winter wheels and tyres, but you need to force the issue a bit as they don't really know which ones ........ and they may not be the cheapest on the tyres. Most of the big tyre retailers (like KwikFit) have a push on winter tyres around November time, they are becoming more popular in the UK, but having a second set of winter wheels is still a bit of a novelty.
  2. NOISE

    It is indeed getting cluttered with irrelevancies. The Kodiaq owners who contributed originally seem to have their issues fixed and attributed to heat shields mainly, unless amongst all the posts about Tiguans and Superbs I have missed something. Perhaps a mod should just delete all the rest of the thread and lock it. As I said some time ago, good luck to GTD184 with the legal action to reject the Tiguan, I have been in that position when you have lost faith in a vehicle, but I am failing to see the relevance of the last 3 pages of this thread other than out and out VW bashing. Take it to a VW forum somewhere, its boring now.
  3. Kodiaq AWD System

    I take it that is in jest? In the UK Winter tyres are not compulsory, and in the southern half of the UK I wouldn't bother fitting them In fact, in the UK most drivers would benefit from all-season or all weather tyres, but the OEMs just fit nice low profile 'summer' tyres as we like our Carlos Fandango wheels in the UK.
  4. NOISE

    Similar problem to what? What does a rattle on a DQ250 have to do with a slight metallic bearing noise on a DQ500? Perhaps he should reject the Tiguan on the grounds that DQ200 and DQ250 gearboxes rattle if driven at low speed on cobbled streets! And why post a link to a post about a manual gearbox? - I see you have just realised your error and edited your post. This thread is getting more ridiculous by the day.
  5. NOISE

    Different gearbox and a different 'characteristic'. Doesn't sound anything like a noisy bearing.
  6. LED Lights Fogging Up

    Headlamps haven't been sealed for many a year - they all have vents in. Chances are it got jet washed and parked up. If it had been driven straight away the air flow heat etc would have helped remove any water vapour from within the headlights. It will go away, don't worry about it unless you have actual water droplets collecting in the bottom of your headlights.
  7. Kodiaq AWD System

    17" is the recommended size. Has the added bonus that they tyres are cheaper than the 19" ones, so for 4 months of the year you are wearing down cheaper tyres My last Octavia 3 had 50k on the clock when I handed it back on the original summer tyres, with about 3mm tread all round. The winters were down to about 5mm so still serviceable.
  8. LED Lights Fogging Up

    At a guess they jet washed your car ........
  9. Kodiaq AWD System

    Hardly surprising, it doesn't matter how many wheels have drive if you have no grip.
  10. Kodiaq AWD System

    I did say the manual contradicts itself
  11. Excessive battery drain

    Charge your battery fully (read the manual, do not connect to the earth on the battery) and then see if things improve. These batteries have been known to go kaput, but it is usually constant current drain that kills them such as dashcams. You could have a faulty Battery Charging Module though, I'd be booking it in if it is still playing up after a charge, there will be fault codes logged.
  12. Kodiaq AWD System

    Off Road mode is not for snow really, it is for unpaved surfaces. It only intervenes below 30km/h. The manual does contradict itself though!
  13. color kodiaq sportline

    My Edition in Velvet Red on its winter steelies
  14. Big (Velvet) Red Bus

    A few more crappy pictures from my phone - the last one is closest to the actual colour
  15. Heated Screen & Sanef Tolling tag

    Normally you fit right at the top of the screen, but I can't find any mention in the owners manual

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