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  1. Sportline tyres - need input please

    The Pirelli's may be not the best, but from my experience, I would take them any day over Bridgestones
  2. The Superb III Picture thread

    Now that's a bit of snow ! Over here a light dusting brings the country to a halt
  3. The Superb III Picture thread

    and build quality ....
  4. The Superb III Picture thread

    Nah stick to black magic, you don't want a lacquered primer car
  5. Superb MKIII owners register

    Keyless is such a handy feature, I wouldn't want to be without. I am sure you will feel the same soon enough The car looks great, nice colour and wheel combo
  6. The Superb III Picture thread

    No issues NVH for me, and the Superb is a lot quieter than the Octavia's I owned previously. The 2.0 TSi is a peach of a unit in either 220 or 280 form, and fits perfectly with the DSG IMO.
  7. The Superb III Picture thread

    TBH no creativity needed, very straightforward with a small wrench, a pin vice and some steering.
  8. The Superb III Picture thread

    @matty306 Welcome My last 5 cars have been Skoda's, First was an Octy estate MK2 1.2 petrol, then onto Octy vRS Diesel, Octy vRS 220 DSG Petrol, then a short lived stint with the disaster that I called the Kodicrap. Currently in the Superb Sportline 280 and can easily say it far and away the best car I have owned. Like you I love its understated but handsome look, it does everything well and when you want to get a move on, it goes like ... well you know what What you will find over the Octy, (apart from the extra room) is a much more supple ride (even on sportline suspension) and a quieter car as regards interior noise. To be honest, I fancy trying something else in a couple of years at changeover time. I am lost as to what I could get that's affordable, has the legroom room of the Superb with a nice bit of poke too. Like you I am tall, and I have 3 kids, the eldest (14) being taller now than my wife. So rear legroom, once I am in position at the wheel, is a major consideration. I think you will love the Superb, as most of us owners do
  9. Have ordered obdeleven for my '16 190 TDI

    I struggled initially with TSR but , follow this and all worked fine (thanks to @Gizmo). Adaptations Select channel: (63) Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-traffic_sign_recognition_0x21 Adjust Value to activated Channel: (151) Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2-menu_menu_display_road_sign_identification Adjust Value to activated Controller 17 (Instruments) 07 Coding Byte 5 Bit 2 Enable - “Traffic Sign Recognition installed" Controller 5F (Information Electr.) 07 - Coding Byte 24 Bit 6 - untick Traffic Sign Display (VZA) active Controller A5 (Front / front view camera) 07 - Coding Byte 16 Bit 4 - tick this box: Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR/VZE) active [PR-QR9] One of the above bits does not have a shortcut, you need to go into the coding section, it was either last or one before last IIRC.
  10. TSR - is there a way to adjust the leeway ?

    Thanks, I'll have a look for that, can't recall seeing it but possibly just poor memory
  11. The Superb III Picture thread

    What size spacers on that Enriquez ?
  12. TSR - is there a way to adjust the leeway ?

    Yes, in the infotainment menu I can have: notification off, visual warning only or visual and audio warning. No speed threshold set, its just detecting the 70mph limit and being very fussy about going a tiny bit over
  13. Having enabled TSR with OBDeleven, I am happy with getting a bong if I should exceed the posted limit. However, it is very accurate,and although not a problem most of the time, when using cruise set at 70 its constantly telling me off ! Ok I can get round it by setting cruise to just above or below, but is there a way to adjust its warnings to allow for a couple of mph over before triggering ?
  14. 19" Silver Triglavs from new Kodiaq

    SOLD Sorry Mods, I only can find a hide option, no close thread
  15. 19" Silver Triglavs from new Kodiaq

    PM me a sensible offer

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