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  1. Have ordered obdeleven for my '16 190 TDI

    I struggled initially with TSR but , follow this and all worked fine (thanks to @Gizmo). Adaptations Select channel: (63) Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-traffic_sign_recognition_0x21 Adjust Value to activated Channel: (151) Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2-menu_menu_display_road_sign_identification Adjust Value to activated Controller 17 (Instruments) 07 Coding Byte 5 Bit 2 Enable - “Traffic Sign Recognition installed" Controller 5F (Information Electr.) 07 - Coding Byte 24 Bit 6 - untick Traffic Sign Display (VZA) active Controller A5 (Front / front view camera) 07 - Coding Byte 16 Bit 4 - tick this box: Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR/VZE) active [PR-QR9] One of the above bits does not have a shortcut, you need to go into the coding section, it was either last or one before last IIRC.
  2. TSR - is there a way to adjust the leeway ?

    Thanks, I'll have a look for that, can't recall seeing it but possibly just poor memory
  3. The Superb III Picture thread

    What size spacers on that Enriquez ?
  4. TSR - is there a way to adjust the leeway ?

    Yes, in the infotainment menu I can have: notification off, visual warning only or visual and audio warning. No speed threshold set, its just detecting the 70mph limit and being very fussy about going a tiny bit over
  5. Having enabled TSR with OBDeleven, I am happy with getting a bong if I should exceed the posted limit. However, it is very accurate,and although not a problem most of the time, when using cruise set at 70 its constantly telling me off ! Ok I can get round it by setting cruise to just above or below, but is there a way to adjust its warnings to allow for a couple of mph over before triggering ?
  6. 19" Silver Triglavs from new Kodiaq

    SOLD Sorry Mods, I only can find a hide option, no close thread
  7. 19" Silver Triglavs from new Kodiaq

    PM me a sensible offer
  8. Mud Flap Fitting Guide

    I didn't mean it to come across as a critism, just thought you gave the impression the wheels needed removal and was pointing out they don't
  9. Mud Flap Fitting Guide

    No need to remove wheels at all.
  10. Have ordered obdeleven for my '16 190 TDI

    Yep I ordered mine from the original seller but on ebay for the benefit of paypal protection, £66.99 delivered for Pro version. (code was on box sticker). TSR alone is a £200+ cost option spec'd from new, so that was worth the £ alone, and I enabled some other bits.
  11. Mud Flap Fitting Guide

    OEM - Genuine Skoda.
  12. Sportline tyres - need input please

    Personally, I have had Bridgestones already fitted on various cars, I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole through choice.
  13. VCDS options on Superb III

    Neonplanet40, a list of adaptations available here: To see if there is anyone local to you who has the equipment, check here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1Td73_uUUqscV3nRm5br_o89PmBU&msa=0&ll=21.25990146299171%2C83.1963557&z=3
  14. Have ordered obdeleven for my '16 190 TDI

    OK, thanks to Gizmo's patience and help TSR is go So with OBDeleven I have done: DRL on/off on Infotainment. Audi throttle pedal Fan (blower) speed display on auto Refuel quantity in maxidot TSR enabled I have dry run through lane assist, and can find all relevant parts from VCDS instructions, but as I wouldn't use it anyway, I decided not to bother.
  15. Have ordered obdeleven for my '16 190 TDI

    has anyone got instruction how to enable TSR on MY17 superb ? The vcds instuctions got us 3/4 through but we could not find the last part !