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  1. Actually Trump might be... my theory is as VW rep tanks in the US; because the electric golf advert won't save them... Then Skoda will be sent to the US as a new untarnished brand and good $$ sales. That's why they are positioning it above SEAT imho. So Trump risk, import duties/tariffs to protect FORD et al.
  2. How Do I Get Rid of This

    Hi @Bud You can either click opt-in, this will remove the panel, unless we get notified again. Either way, I'd visit your control panel and check which mails you do want. https://www.briskoda.net/forums/followed/ and https://www.briskoda.net/forums/notifications/options/ The last one is a little hidden... turn off all the notifications by email etc. Give that a shot and let me know if you have any issues.
  3. Search box issue.

    It is broken, but it isn't. The search box in the top navigation bars tries to help by pre selecting where you are. e.g. in a forum, topic or viewing members. When you've made a search, you're in a list of what it defines as status updates... qed it's pre-selected. Two solutions exist. 1. Use the search entry as presented just above the results, this is still a search based on your previous one. e.g. select members, search gearbox, you get two... click search again and you get the same two, change it to gearboxoil you only get one... still just members. 2. Use the google search, which is the tab next to forums Sadly, this is the only work around we have.
  4. Buying from Motorpoint - Advice

    Looks lovely. Good luck with it. For the issues./ / advice on the car now, it's best if you start a new topic... so as to not derail this from the title. Also a new title, attracts the right reader to respond... e.g. a tyre guru. No problem starting a topic for each of those issues after a search or two. I do like that blue, I know it's grey... it looks blue to me ( New screen )
  5. Remap problem

    @Fivestarremap it's always good to get feedback though? Perhaps better if discussed, but even indirect as per this topic is good! I can't imagine this will be the first mapped > vag touched > can I remap scenario with master codes required. You could also say, @Burroo came to you because your name was rattled about on the forum. Pros and cons at every turn. By being open we can get to the bottom of issues like burro raised. Now it's far clearer the whys and wherefores, this is largely a positive outcome for the whole process and I'd say for you too :D.
  6. Site Maintenance

    All done. Any gremlins, please do let me know.
  7. Site Maintenance

    The background phase is underway now. I'll need to close the site to do the next bit. ETA for that is 11:30 for 12:00.
  8. First track day questions

    Very wise words. Echoing Senna too if I'm right. He used to brake more before the corner than later... As a result of track work I hardly ever brake with any steering angle on the wheel, anywhere now. Brake Gear Turn Apex Accelerate | Was my learnings... also means only one thing to worry about at each point
  9. First track day questions

    Welcome to a new world! I personally only saw track driving as a chance to drive on a good A road. With all the cars going in the same direction, a medical team right there and people who wave flags at you Seriously, I drove them like I was driving the roads, only far less objective danger. The net result is I was far more confident, not cocky, on the normal road. Smoother etc. So, 1st time, treat it like a spirited drive, a few laps, come in cool down, you the cars bits, brakes etc. Go out for a lap or two with someone else, then get back in. If you dare let someone you trust drive yours... it's quite enlightening! Insurance is a thing, I never did, but I'd be very aware of others closing, or presence. If needs be, I'd coast down the straight to leave the 'twisty' bit open and clean to enjoy. I know I can go quick in a straight line, I want to get this sequence of corners just right... and round we go again Enjoy it
  10. Site Maintenance

    It's going to be a patch friday! Site updates to the core software scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 13th... what can go wrong... I know. Plan is to do earlier than later, depends largely on how the rest of today goes and if Mr Becks or Ms Jura make an appearance tonight. I'll update again tomorrow. there will be some 'downtime' for the forums.
  11. Gender neutral

    erm... not sure how I can help I don't ask you for it do I? I'm 43 and found myself admiring other blokes legs/bodies, more shaming my inner me to get of my arse. Also harder to look at ladies, being married and all, and heck, no comments ever go the right way... I know which way my wind blows. TBH though I do pick X if it's an option just to mess with stats SWMBO hates the whole ms miss and mrs thing, she's my mrs, but hell if she does not belong to anyone but herself. She's definitely a MS! But why can't she just be her. The only certainty is there is different views. I get pulled up by my sister in law for old sayings... sorry it's all I know. I've caught myself though changing to saying 'folks' now rather than 'guys' when in a group. Was pulled up by a lass when I didn't say guys and she seemed to be upset she wasn't one of the guys, but now folks... folks is less friendly, guys is offensive to some... one can't win so easier to just mumble The mad thing is blokes are mean to wear skirts and women are meant to wear trousers or whatever... i/e. we men are not meant to have our bits stuffed in a pseudo oven boil bag. I'm damned if I'm letting the midge have a free lunch or putting deet down there. So how do you translate that to a five year old... yup, I don't. If I'm out and the kids want to do/try I encourage to the point of you climb up x you get yourself down etc... My niece; lovely at 12, was making a bracelet in colours for all the different groups rights... she seemed quite devastated when I queried as to the status/colour of normal. Because what is normal other than a historical doctrine of behavioral patterning and beatings. After all if there are gay fish, there are, I'm pretty sure they didn't get the idea from us, and shock, they swim in the same shoal, eat the same food and get eaten by the next predator, equally... i've been to a few ladies loos. Mostly as these stupid signs are so hard to decipher sometimes, bursting or alcohol related diffusion... Not been a problem yet, just make sure you wash your mitts.
  12. National coming out day?

    I think reactions to the TV in a private place are far different from actual feelings. I know I've said a few things just to kick a debate off. Not in the same situation, but if I was, I'd probably go with one parent over the other to tell them. Similar in some ways, we're not having kids. Mum has been ok with this; I think, dad, it's taken about 10 years to sink in. If you tell them you'll know. They'll still love you in the relation you have with them. Of course you and only you know best. I'd be pretty sure though the mental burden of not saying is more than the other scenario. You could always let it slip and then play the 'you didn't know, come on you did didn't you...' Whatever comes of it, good luck. But don't let the stress of not talking, lead to other issues or worse issues between you and your partner. If sharing here, there, media etc helps, then good steps! Now, stiff drink and tell the parents, well mum 1st imho.
  13. Hi I've moved it for you now
  14. No I had to scrap all the discounts as pricing data/deals is out of date. The main dealer we're using has gone 'quiet'. So I'm trying to line up a few more. If you mail quotes@briskoda.net I can try manually to find something I have PCH in the bag, just cash and finance deals... whats odd is I talk to the same folk on carwow and I get a not interested response. I can't figure folk out some days.
  15. @superbPerhaps @bripat True. At launch there were none. There are few now, or none with those who support what we're doing here. Still working on a solution to all our benefit.