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  1. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    @Stuart_J lol no not me. I was behind and nearly hit him as I didn't spot his brake lights. I tend to gaze futher out, actually saw a car in front of the lorry when we caught the queue. Up in the highlands at the moment, can't see any plates. Although a lady today was frantically trying to find a car wash; in a village where the only shop closes at 1pm on a sunday. Heavens knows why, 40miles in any direction is salted roads.
  2. Anyone seen any mad number plates?

    Nope not seeing one here. ( found in clearing phone)
  3. Site Maintenance

    Server updates today. Should mostly be painless. routine updates, packages etc - No forum code. ( although I have an update pending to do ) New monitoring software to help me size some new kit in 2018.
  4. Can I change my username please admin?

    As @Robjon says it is a 'feature' of a a supporter. In so much as you can do this yourself and more than once etc. For various reasons it is also possible if you email me, webmaster @ briskoda.net your chosen new name. the email has to come from the email on your account @piggoy. I'll then set to update it as I'm passing though the admin system. Cheers, Colin
  5. oh now I feel like the party pooper in 3rd reich hired costume at a tory do. And I'm sure there is a plate for that. I must admit to noticing a lot of cars with problems in mounting there plates. It seems to be a problem, mostly with very shiny ones and clean front bumpers. I think the best looking plates must really have a fundamental design flaw in not being attachable. Now I maybe getting older, passing my 12th year in my mind, but when I called a local bobby about a seriously dodgy plate, where it was parked, the model, the actual reg not the fake one thanks to black dots... "if we see it we'll talk to them"... "ffs it's right here, and there are donuts in store right now" I didn't say. I do like the gel ones. I feel like getting a euro star one before we can't just to ... to just... just to... nothing wrong with current plates, I'll buy claybars, creamy fluids and donuts instead.
  6. Lets get back on topic and but our partially drawn swords away please you crazy 88's. Life is too full of 'insert a regplate from above' to do this to each other. no prams, toys, dads, rabbits, hats... and breathe.
  7. In our research, he didn't. Turn paranoia down from 11 to 9 please.
  8. 'Relay' car theft

    Wasn't it better w hen cars didn't start Or had dizzy caps/cables to play with. I think a metal/rf shield box for storing should be on everyone's list... of course if you're away that won't help. I use a RF wallet for cards, a similar for a key seems sensible. Only moderately more annoying. As I say to folk, if it's on some device it's public, if you own it, someone wants it. In fact if isn't a thing, it's when, it will be worthless or priceless, either way it's not yours to keep.
  9. Thanks and thank you. Actually after last nights rain I remembered; what I forget every year, upgrade the citigo lights. So I have with some Phillips H4 xtreme's.
  10. Dell are doing 15% off laptops/desktops, with SAVE15 http://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/deals/popular-laptop-deals
  11. To kick it off... BRISKODA is having a crazy blue thursday sale :S Might catch on... Use the coupon code Thankyou17 to get 50% off anything in the shop. Includes stickers, t-shirts, freedom* *You can renew freedom anytime before your current freedom subscription expires. By renewing early the extra time (12 or 24mths) will be added to your subscription. Any issues, please just ask.
  12. Well it's hear again and I don't know about you but my inbox is on fire today. So here's a topic to share all the sweet deals you've seen. If you are about to buy I have one small, tiny favour to ask. If you post it here for others, then click on the link yourself, there is a slim chance the community pot will earn a small commission on the purchase. We're talking a penny in the 10's of pounds scale at best! Crucially it won't cost you more! The social bonus is you may spot a deal one of us hasn't had in an email blast that's actually, how can I put this, a deal! i had a mail yesterday for 5% off... hardly something to get excited about. So what, if any deals have you seen and what tech, household, car things are you watching?
  13. Old membership > renew > pics

    HI They will stay there. You might be over the 'normal' user limits though, in which case you can't add more, until space is made. I'm about to review files sizes/uploads as I've had a change in circumstances; good way, so don't rush to delete just yet! I noted you've opted for the market pass, if this was to terst/explore the file space, the market pass does not bump storage like the freedom package does ( effectively unlimited) Does that help?
  14. KIA Stinger GT

    ummm... but Yellow or grey. Still at 600+ a month on a simple pcp that's thankfully too much! Dare not look at a fleet price, suspect that will be tempting. But it's not a camper van, which was set to be my next 'car'. I could put curtains and a sink in it I'm sure. Build your Kia _ Kia Motors UK.pdf
  15. Another Milestone achieved...........

    After only one day @roo we knew this to be true We should have an honorary panel. If anyone would like to get my name into the paradise files I can make blue title-ism happen.