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  1. Scammed!

    Following a few reports this user is suspended. I have no evidence to support fraud as such, other than it does seem likely. There is a pattern, mobile, bank transfer... We've had similar in the past, which have turned out to be life events getting in the way. Fingers crossed this is also the case. To progress this, anyone with an outstanding issue, is encouraged to contact your bank and file for a police crime. If you need information I an share wit the police. I only have IP, device, timing on this user as they are not a Freedom member, so none of the extra traceability. This will be a shame, as the wanted and selling areas I've been wanting to overhaul to be more open to use, without penalising new members too much. It's a balancing act and fraud is an ever present part of buying / selling online. Never use bank transfer and never use PayPal without buyer protection. Both are the same as handing cash over in a bar... which you wouldn't do. At the moment I know of 3 unresolved cases. Please email me Colin @ briskoda .net if you have a police crime reference or more information.
  2. Site Maintenance

    Site Maintenance today during the rugby. Site will be closed to effect a security patch.
  3. Can I change my username please admin?

    @XLBaconDoubleCheese via your control panel on the forum. So head to the top of the page, click on your username. Then account settings The display name on the left. Enter the new name and away you go. Yo have x changes in y days. You can only change to one not in use. Any issues, please just drop me an email. C.
  4. @RicardoM Well I know nothing, as I don't own a Felicia... got it. Or, my finger prints are in the police database, I've given plenty of interview statements, I've even broken into a van... to return the keys to the owner. in chasing down shop lifters, spotted plenty before and subsequently caught them. I've seen how impregnable security doors ( think submarine door ) were overcome from the inside by the simple act of hiding and breaking outwards... Of loosing a car with two blokes following me, unmarked police. To be honest they did look really dodgy in back jumpers and a metro, plus we'd just been robbed for about 100k in stock, so I wasn't for stopping to ask them who there were So what I know isn't much, but it's basically the only thing you need to know: where there is a will, there is a way. If they want it, they will take it, not a dam thing you can do about it, be that car, stereo, silver, toys, trainers, money. Left a pound coin on your seat, TBH thats worth 5seconds of anyones time, if you're so inclined. Anyway I'm off to patch the server, given my days of spotting, chasing and evading are over
  5. This site and galaxy s7

    It would be really handy, if you do two posts. one from each theme. Just to compare/analyse. Everything helps.
  6. Excellent... Only Peugeot can bring a boat to a car show. No I get it, great! I think. Some amazing placements there... I hope they are happy faces ...and I hope it was a good show!
  7. This site and galaxy s7

    Run debug for a bit, if it's improved, try the original one. We can build a picture then. There is a smoking gun, it is the adverts. I don't have a plan to turn them all off, yet.
  8. This site and galaxy s7

    I've removed a couple tonight, despite what I just typed. I'll do a few more, bearing in mind ads and removal have an impact on income for the site. Mostly as it's the only income barring freedom. So it's a balancing act But if you can't use I'd rather turn off, liaise with the provider then come back to it.
  9. This site and galaxy s7

    I'm going to change some settings, mostly the adverts, that is 99% likely to be the case. It's something that has gotten worse in the last week or so. It did occur before, but sproadically. You can assist me wit this theory, by scrolling to the bottom of the page, then selecting the Theme link, and select debug. The site should then run ok as the debug is without any alterations. If it does not then it's something else! Please le me know, my timeline/plan is to do the changes on Sunday, as thats my first time slot between work to sit down and do it.
  10. Site Maintenance

    Doing site upgrades and patching this evening and tomorrow am if I fall asleep.
  11. Secure one door, secure them all, or none at all. We all own or are interested in Skoda, it's not a one model of the marque forum, all posts are open to input from everyone. Ownership of a specific model is not required to have input. When I was a child, there was a simple rule. You either confess and change your attitude, or you both do, myself and sister, if neither of you do, then you both suffer. That was in the era when leather let a mark. So the message is simple, either sort it out or both suffer. There is no single protection, there is a desire from me to have an all inclusive community, warts rogues, geniuses, we all have a place, to a point. Please take this as sincere and not something I enjoy having to do. The old cars I know friends had, the most common then was devilment, to save a taxi home or just to go somewhere. So disabling the start would do it in my view.
  12. Anything can, and will be stolen with intent. Defeat the opening pic by using one of the other doors, or boot. For giggles you used to swap dizzy leads. Swmbo left hers open with most but tissues in it. I do similar on occasion. Not sure about the film. A little part of me feels I'll see a fireman before anything else untoward, seeing the fireman with a rubber hammer, in effect, will be depressing as the water licks my ankles. Swmbo found a good thing, mostly for valuable breakables, but I think it applies everywhere. Think of the item you just purchased as already broken, lost, cannot be recovered. Now enjoy it while you have it, it's already gone. Still does not stop her, or me, hoarding and being attached to stupid things. i thinki ill cry the day my 25yr old £1 wool jumper from next sale dies, don't care at all about the 300waterproof.
  13. New old stock parts

    Parts listings appear to be: https://www.apexauctions.co.uk/auction/itemDetails/2757/302485 https://www.apexauctions.co.uk/auction/itemDetails/2757/302449 https://www.apexauctions.co.uk/auction/itemDetails/2757/302429 https://www.apexauctions.co.uk/auction/itemDetails/2757/302470
  14. Classic Skoda Parts

    Congratulations on your retirement! We have a classics classified area which is open to posting g items of direct relevance to keeping classic Skodas going. So yes you can post classic parts, links to etc within that section. On mobile atm, or I'd link it. Keeping the classics alive is a shared goal. Colin.
  15. LEGO, are you ever too old?

    @Dr Zoidberg whats really odd is, I didn't think of the pilot pod as being so far out on the side. I really should pay more attention in films.

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