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  1. Chipex or touch up kit

    I remove the brush and tip contents into a 15-25ml plastic bottle. If not already mixed with lacquer I mix paint 60% with lacquer 40%. Give it a good shake. Then use a small amount on the end of a cocktail stick to stipple the paint into the chip, small amounts at a time building up. If done right you should get a nice flat and even covering.
  2. Ditching the local car wash...

    It's a good machine. As with any machine, bleed any air through first, let the water run tills it stops spluttering and then turn on the washer. So many people damage their washers by that one simple thing. Air pockets from the tap through the hosepipe can cause a washer to 'hunt' (scream loudly) as it tries to push the air pocket through which in turn will burn the pump out. After use, always turn off the power and disconnect the water supply and pull the lance trigger to release any pressure before putting it away. Like anything, always look after your tools.
  3. Recently Cleaned Thread

    Gave Piglet a wash, rinse and dry a couple of hours ago. and the neighbours Eos.
  4. It's essentially like IsoPropyl Alcohol is that it removes oils and residue from the surface ready to seal or coat. Where IPA lifts the oils which can then be rubbed back in when you wipe the surface, CarPro Eraser has cleaners in that dissolve the oils leaving you with a very clean surface to work on.
  5. Ditching the local car wash...

    The K2s downside is the plastic pump but I always fed the water through and then disconnected the water and pulled the trigger with the power off to remove all water I could. I took delivery today of a Karcher K4 Compact (early birthday present). Metal pump, higher pressure only £100. Old and new.
  6. Recently Cleaned Thread

    Todays clean. Full exterior clean and interior decon, previous owner was a cigar smoker.
  7. Ditching the local car wash...

    If you don't want to get into it too heavy financially, but want a product that will last. Karcher Outlet sell 'refurbed' washers. I put it in commas as some merely had damaged boxes, sat in a warehouse, etc... but look brand new and last. I've the same Karcher K2 for years and it's still going strong. https://www.karcheroutlet.co.uk/products/product.asp?id=5086 Plus £7 postage and packaging. Or keep an eye out for sales at Screwfix, Wickes, Homebase, etc... I'm a Karcher person but Nilfisk come highly recommended also. To start you'll need two buckets, (one for wash and one for rinse) these can be bought from any supermarket for about £5 each, a microfibre wash mitt (pad or glove) again canbe had from any supermarket for about £3. shampoo, glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, wheel cleaner (if you choose, you can use the car shampoo, but if you go that route, use another mitt and do them last), drying towel, quick detailer or drying aid.
  8. Gtechniq I2ab Triclean. Great for cleaning and anti bacterial wiping of all interior surfaces. Especially doors where there can be various substrates on one panel from.
  9. Just got my latest delivery. Gtechniq I2ab Triclean Gtechniq T1 Tyres and Trim Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner CarPro Eraser Supernatural detailing swabs (three sizes) Detailing brush
  10. How often do you wash your car

    I do it less and less these days. Usually once a month or so. Unfortunately it needs less and less cleaning these days. Even bird bombs are washed off with a brief rain shower so it's more a snow foam, pressure rinse then dry with a drying aid. No fun.
  11. Ye', I've used it for several years.
  12. It's a great product. Another one to look out for is Autobrite Jaffa Clean. It's a degreaser and protectant in one. Great for engine bays and door shuts. Spray, agitate, wipe up or pressure wash off. Dress plastics.
  13. windscreen wiper

    It's a feature to save the windscreen motor. It was brought up a couple of years ago on here when someone asked about the Mk2 Superb. Apparently the wipers will come to rest in one of three positions every four cycles.
  14. With 303 AP, I spray liberally all over the engine bay. On large flat surfaces I will gently run a rolled up cloth over the surface but with no pressure at all. Initially it looks like a wet surface with pools of white liquid but just close the bonnet and then start cleaning the wheels and the rest of the car. About an hour or so later you'll see a lovely even sheen.
  15. I've found it depends on the product. With 303 Aerospcae Protectant I've found little to no dust build up after five months on the engine bay. Ours needs doing sometime I think as the last time it was cleaned was back in March 2016.