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  1. Just been out to check, mine is. Got confused with cleaning a few neighbours cars, got mine mixed up. But still, ye', not a big glove box compared to the Mk2 we had before it.
  2. Awaiting for autoglym on 3 for 2

    Fair play mate.
  3. Ye', there is no dampers on the glove of, nor can it accommodate as much as you'd think from looking at it. Anything more than vehicle documents and a couple of cd cases and you'll struggle to get it to close properly. Also in regard to the 'first aid' logo on the boot compartment, it's there for a first aid kit but U.K. cars don't come with them supplied as standard and is an item you can buy from Skoda or procure from eBay or similar to your own requirements.
  4. Specs of white gloss on paintwork.

    Have you tried tar and glue remover such as AutoFinesse ObliTARate? It could be anything from tree sweat to road paint that's been churned up from the road.
  5. Awaiting for autoglym on 3 for 2

    Does it have to be AutoGlym. Slims Detailing have 5 litre of Bilt Bamber Auto Foam for £16.96 plus postage at slimsdetailing.co.uk and there are products much better than AutoGlym out there but that's just my opinion which you can take with a pinch of salt but I've used Bilt Bamber products for years and still use Autowheels, Korrosol and Surfed HD degreaser in most if not all my washes. Also give Gyeon, Gtechniq and CarPro a go, great products.
  6. Octavia 2 leather interior

    Have you tried looking at some of the taxi seat covers? There is this one. A taxi pack seat covers for Skoda Octavia. At £359, they ain't cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/202066972272?chn=ps&adgroupid=47842945425&rlsatarget=pla-380312387971&abcId=1129946&adtype=pla&merchantid=7155924&poi=&googleloc=1006605&device=c&campaignid=974959912&crdt=0 But going the L&K or vRS route may be your course of action. I'm curious, does the VW Golf interior fit?
  7. Wet Case Umbrella Holder

    Yes, it's in the Mk2 rear left door and the Mk3 has the drainage channels in both the front doors. The umbrellas are a nice touch but if your going to your car and the umbrellas are both in the car, it's not much good. If once you get to your destination and it starts raining, then it's great.
  8. Yep, the Einszett Gummi Pflege Stift has done the job for years and also stops the doors freezing closed when the temperature drops overnight. It's also a good choice of words to say four times in a tongue twister when you've been drinking.
  9. Almost afraid t oask...

    Get a couple of buckets, a wash mitt, a large bottle to fill up from home to use in the shampoo bucket, get a Mesto of similar pump sprayer to foam the car with snow foam if you wish to go that way, wheel cleaner, etc... then use the carwash self wash for the pressure washer.
  10. 12V boot socket - always on?

    As above, the 12v sockets are always live. If you should be concerned about battery drainage. You can buy a Waeco Low Power Voltage Saver which will cut out the power to the device should the power drop below 11.6v. I bought one for a colleague who needed a fridge in her car for her daughter's medication if they were going to be out all day. I didn't want her to risk having a flat battery should a medical emergency arise.
  11. Recently Cleaned Thread

    Neighbour has been doing some runs back and forward to the coast getting it filthy. I couldn't leave it another day so gave the two cars a full clean.
  12. Recently Cleaned Thread

    Gave a colleague's car a post Ophelia wash from the Saharan dust. Before After a clean and seal. Cleaned and dressed
  13. SE L Executive

    I'm in Cumbria, so you probably have as many as us. :p
  14. SE L Executive

    Thanks, it's a fine metallic, in low light it's like a solid colour but on regular sunny days the colour comes alive and takes on different hues with the different angles.
  15. SE L Executive

    The car is brilliant. We down sized from the Mk2 estate for a Mk3 liftback. She's a 1.4TSi ACT SE L Exec. Has all the power you need. The boot as you say is massive. We dded the heated front seats for the heated windscreen which is great this time of year and cold mornings. Space is amazing and the leather seats are really comfortable. Ours is called Piglet and she is petrol blue metallic. Went for the 18" Modus alloys in place of the Pegasus as I think the Modus looks so much better.

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