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engine number ?

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Hi folks, new to this forum and also new to the skoda scene.

i have a 56 plate skoda superb 1.9 tdi.

i use the car as a taxi, i have not owned the car very long.

there are a few things i would like to address.

1. where would the engine number be found?

2. what is the best oil to use for this car?

3. what is the best coolant to use?

4. what is the best gearbox oil to use?

the car is also due for a cambelt change and also brake pads and disc.

so also what is the best cambelt brand to go for and brake setup?

also i getting this annoying clicking sound coming from the hazard light swtich!



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On a paper label on the cambelt cover.

Oil to VAG specification 507.00 - and no other.

Coolant to VAG specification G12 (+ or ++) at a strength of 50% with deionised water.

Depends auto or manual?

Contitech cambelt kit. (Change water pump at the same time, fitting one with a metal impeller).

Pagid pads and disks are fine for all normal use.

Clicking from hazard flasher is caused by copper swarf in the column indicator switch. Either flush out with loads of switch cleaner (Servisol Super 10 is good) or replace column switch.

Bodging or the use of any incorrect fluids on these cars will result in grief.


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thanks for the info. :thumbup:

the car isnt an automatic.

also how much oil is required for an oil change? coolant also?

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[engine number is ..] On a paper label on the cambelt cover.

Sorry to bump this thread, but I have only just caught up.

When my engine was changed by a Skoda dealer I wanted to tell DVLA of the new engine number for the registration docs. To cut a long story short, I eventually found out from several independent sources after I made a huge fuss that VAG dont stamp engine numbers into the block. The peel off paper sticker is all there is! My new engine number is exactly the same as the old one!!!!!

What this means is that there is absolutly no quality control system in place. (audit trail if you want to be precise) There is no way of tracing the history of the new engine, when it was made, what series it is, has the oil pump drive been modified? Is is it a reject engine that has been lying around in the back of a Skoda warehouse for 5 years? ( Im not accusing the dealer, just commenting on the VAG attitude which means no one knows )

When I was a lad (ahem) we were always told that when buying a car you had to check the chassis number and the engine number. If either were missing, defaced or wrong it was a dodgy car.

Mind you, No engine number could work in my favour becasue it will be that bit easier to clone my Supurb into a Mondao, or something more saleable. :)

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