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1st warranty claim,handbrake blind

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carisbrook    44

Over the last few weeks I have found my handbrake on the Yeti being difficult to pull up,so trip to the dealers to find out.

A tech came out with me as I was explaining it to him he said that it sounded like the handbrake blind.

Quick look and you could see it would crease up when pulled down and bind with the lever.

So a new blind was fitted this Thursday and alls well with the Yeti.

Thats my first claim (other than rear badge) in 26 months of ownership and a :thumbup: to Fish Brothers Swindon

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Hairball    278

Good to hear Fish Brothers of Swindon did a good job, I got my Yeti from them as they are just down the road from where I work and the deal was OK. I hope I get the same service should I need it. Sales and demos were very good.

The only mild complaint I had wad the application of the paint protection with some over spill of some wax on some plastic and rubber parts although after clean most of this has gone now.

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yetifabia    170

Yep - happened on my first Yeti. Easy fix under warranty though.

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