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Detailed yesterday

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I had the Superb detailed yesterday for the first time since I got it.  It had some annoying swirls that I just couldn't get rid of, marks on the boot lid which looked like they were probably from the hard plastic elbow of a fuel pump hose, and a 'Y' shaped scratch I did myself to the OSR quarter panel with a pushbike brake lever  :wall:


Anyway I'm completely chuffed with the results.  Pics will never do it justice, but here's a few:


Even my battered alloys came up well:





Site of the now missing 'Y' shaped scratch:

























Spidey installation remains intact  :think: :




But he/she's a little camera shy:




Richard, who spent all day on it did a cracking job.  using the likes of Valet pro (Bilberry, I think), Gtechniq,  Bilt Hamber, Auto Finesse Iron out, Autosmart Tardis and Workstat acrylic sealant.


Richard's based in central East Sussex and I'm very happy to recommend him.  PM me if interested and I can point you in the direction of his website.


I don't want to drive it now coz it's gonna get dirty!  :blush:



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Very nice.  Paint looks very clear and clean!  :thumbup:  Most of those products are in my arsenal too.  :thumbup:   Had some good results today myself using it all too.

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Thank you Jason and Chris - I think all told it took about eight hours, with a break due to a passing shower.


We went out in wifey's car yesterday (blue Mazda you can see in the reflection).  She thinks I'm weird coz it's got the 'ooooh' factor when you run the back of your fingernails across the bonnet  :blush:



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Just had cause to look up this old thread and all I can say is:


'Bwaaaaahhhhhh, I want my Super B back!!!!!!'  :'(  :'(  :heartbreak:  :heartbreak:


That is all.  Feel better for having got that off my chest.  Thank you for reading.



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