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Guide : Fabia 1.2 HTP Spark Plugs

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This is a guide to changing the spark plugs on the Fabia 1.2 12v HTP model. (BME code). Please note there are no associations with any manufacturers of tools or other products that may be mentioned in the text.

The spark plugs connection arrangement in the Fabia 1.2 are different from the more traditional coil pack and HT lead in that each plug has its own separate coil pack and connector (See the photo in which the coil packs are labelled 1 to 3) This guide is based on my own actual experiences which worked best for me, but you may have your own method. I hope this guide will be of help to anyone who wants to change the spark plug themselves.

First remove the engine cover. Unclip the coil pack wiring harnesses. There are three harnesses, and to unclip, put the blade of a small screwdriver into the slot on the harness, and gently prise open. Note the longest of the harnesses has two slots. See the attached picture with the white block arrows pointing to the harness slots.

This then makes the coils wiring free to move and helps with the re-location of the pack- connector back into the plug shaft. Note the longest of the harnesses has two slots.

Next process is to lift up and release the coil pack/connector. For this using a home brew mini pry bar. I found doing the following worked for me - The left hand pack (That is coil 1 in the photo) is levered under the front of the pack, the other two coils are lifted by levering from the rear.. Place the bar or whatever you are using to lift (Haynes suggests the use of a bent welding bar) under the coil pack and slowly lever up. The pack will slowly come up, and when released from its hole will make a slight


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