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  1. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    There is a major difference between being reactionary and being able to think freely. The army trains people to act in certain ways. You reacted just now, instinct, fast. That is what is trained. It's not an insult. It is an extreamly valuable commodity. You can't sail a ship by committee. In the UK it is not permitted to use PsyOps on recruits (unlike the USA where it is perfectly acceptable!), but what happens during basic training is borderline: Just the daily routine is a form of repetition with the aim to reduce your consciousness, that is important in order to control you and make you obedient and less likely to be defiant in the face of an order.
  2. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Unfortunately this is turning out to be true. Give one man a title (officer, lord etc.) and the brainwashed man will obey. Mind you, talk to an officer and he will really think things through, that's what he is trained to do.
  3. Paneuropean travelling-borders crossing

    If you were to follow the road from Prague to Dresden, along the river, you shoudln;'t be held up - did that this year and the border crossing is the width of the road (cliff one side, river the other) they don't have the space to stop the traffic. Also a very pretty route.
  4. How do i put my car up for sale on this site

    Become a FREEDOM member, sign in and then you will see the option
  5. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    GCHQ Salaries in Cheltenham, England | Indeed.co.uk https://www.indeed.co.uk › GCHQ › Salaries › England The average GCHQ salary ranges from approximately £17539 per year for Apprentice to £42929 per year for Senior Financial Accountant. Head of GCHQ complains that he is losing top staff to companies that can afford to pay them £100,000 packages in salaries and generous perks. Daniel KeohaneResearch director at FRIDE "Beyond the traditional guff of Britain playing Athens to America’s Rome, the partnership is alive mainly because of the close and privileged relationship between the UK and U.S. intelligence services. That remains special and should not be underestimated. However, if recent trends in British foreign policy—falling defense spending, relative absence from key international security challenges, and moodiness toward the EU—continue, then those voices in Washington already questioning the UK’s relevance will surely strengthen in number and volume. And if the UK were to leave the EU, the country would become a useless ally for the United States."
  6. Using a Yeti for Towing

    1200kg when full of Belgium beer
  7. My new (to me) 'fixed' 2.0 is stalling every now and then when taking off from standstill at junctions. Very dangerous as I end up in the middle of the road trying to start it. Thought it was me to start with but I have had the car long enough now to know it is a random thing, not me using too little pressure on the accelerator. I am going to phone skoda today about it - anyone else had a similar conversation with them?
  8. Using a Yeti for Towing

    As a caravan puller with a superb, I can say even the 1.6TDi is powerful enough to pull a caravan over the alps!
  9. Using a Yeti for Towing

    I have seen many yeti caravan combos in europe this year. Look very capable.
  10. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Brexit William Jefferson Hague, Baron Hague of Richmond warns over Tory infighting: "it is now 15 months since the referendum, and high time that all members of the government were able to express themselves on this subject in the same way as each other, putting forward the same points, as part of an agreed plan. If not, there will be no point Conservatives discussing who is going to be the foreign secretary, chancellor or prime minister in the coming years, because Jeremy Corbyn will be prime minister," Music to my ears
  11. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    You have been in the military and (hopefully) know what intelligence means, I have worked with them and I certainly know what it means. For those that are not enlightened, you start at GCHQ on £17,539 - now what do you think your going to get for those wages? - as Adrian Cronauer so beautifully put it in Good Morning Vietnam "Military intelligence? There's a contradiction in terms" The EU won't miss anything from those monkeys. "business will always prevail" - you have a short memory - 27,000 UK businesses went bust in the recession. 27,000!!!! That was a recession that the world went through (though if you listened to the Cons it was somehow all Labours fault). When the world goes through a recession we all suffered (apart from the rich of course), no one country suffered much more than others (apart from Iceland who cottoned on to what we were trying to do to them just in time). But if we do this to ourselves and threaten the world in our stupid actions, they will turn their backs on us, they won't want to be brought down with us. The French didn't want us in the EU, why? They were booming, as was the rest of Europe. The UK was not and they didn't want a declining economy in their club. Many of the French doubted the sincerity of the British in the vision of the EU and weren't they right? They won't be sorry to see us go. The Germans have far more problems on their plate; we are a moaning annoying distraction; well rid of us. Don't expect the Polish government to think twice - we have broken more promises to them than is ever forgiveable. The EU will close ranks and survive. The UK? How exactly? Recession, bad deals with countries that know we are ion th ropes? What we won't forget is that Cameron promised a referendum JUST to get in control of his party. Bailed when just 37% of the electorate didn't go his way. TMay invoked article 50 and bribed the Unionists to vote with her using a money tree she said didn't exist. How long our memories will be on these issues remains to be seen.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41306441 Hundreds from around Europe have commented on the website Downdetector that they have been affected by the problem - many since Monday morning. Eggs, basket?
  13. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    FFS don't leave him in a room on his own with the Queen!!!!!
  14. Oil filter torque

    Maybe "over tighten by 2Nm and it will strip the thread"?
  15. Help/Advice Needed

    Goodwill may involve you signing further rights away - be wary