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  1. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    We could have absolutely no way of stopping the USA interest groups from making hay with our NHS, we have no way to stop them if we don't stop them now. Brex**** will force us into ever more corners and have to accept any rotten deal offered to us. Every country will know how desperate we are. So we loose the NHS to the yanks if we keep this up!
  2. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    I hope not - I want to hear his moans of agony for years
  3. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Exactly. Spot on. Brainwashed + closet racists + rose tinted time machine old fogies = 52% of those that voted Good news is, they are becoming an extinct breed. Less people read tabloids, more live in multicultural environments and the time machine idiots are the oldest of the lot. Those that didn't vote, now realise how important it is and are chomping at the bit to get a go at changing things. The long term future is good. In fact I am looking forward to being a PROPER member of the EU; not one that drags its heals all the time like we used to. And that is what I think will happen in the long term because we won't be let back in unless we join properly; Euro and all. So the old fogies left alive when that happens will have a right shock! In the meantime, May and Co. can mess things up so much we get a good long swing to the left (the longer she makes a fool out of the right, the longer the swing), we get nationalised rail and then back into EU within 10 years max. I will wait it out in Germany I think........... or Belgium..........mmmm beer - those with red passports are welcome to visit.
  4. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    FFS Think brexit was the LAST referendum? Nah - the first of many Next it will be back to shillings, Dads army border guards are already on the table, job for life has ended already, owning property is being phased out, they won't be happy till we have serfs and landed estates again. And those that will be the serfs vote for it all!!! How do we get to the stage where you vote away all your rights and hand everything over to the toffs? By letting the toffs ruin decent education so most people don't know basic history. Let them run the newspapers and con people in to thinking that toffs know what is best for you. Make people think they are 'one of them' - but your not, they still look down their noses at you. You are just a gullible pawn, disposable, a means to their greedy wealth and power grabbing ambitions. Enough is never enough for them. If you have anything - they want it. You had guaranteed employment rights under European law - you voted them away You had guaranteed safety rights under European law - you voted them away You had guaranteed privacy rights under European law - you voted them away You had guaranteed Air Passenger rights under European law - you voted them away You had loads and loads of guaranteed European rights that the toff couldn't stand you having - you voted them away Sure, the toffs have said you will retain all these rights............. for now. For how long? Probably till they can convince you that you don't need them, they are bad for you somehow. Don't belive it? History shows that they are very good at convincing you that black is white. Happy New Year BTW
  5. 18" to 16"?

    I think it all worked out as I wanted to know if it was worth going to 16" from my 18" and the push was winter tyres. My big question is now..........will I ever go back to 18" after the winter? I am thinking not.
  6. 18" to 16"?

    Totally agree
  7. 18" to 16"?

    There are Shropshire routes you wouldn't have done every year for the last 6 years if you had tried them in the wrong week: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/llanfair+waterdine/bishops+castle/@52.4429063,-3.1083517,13951m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x48701eb5cfb0acc3:0x6f3edd3c3006a3a2!2m2!1d-3.117897!2d52.38102!1m5!1m1!1s0x48700ffd3b29af49:0x2702b017b6bfc73a!2m2!1d-2.9984386!2d52.4900507?hl=en Llanfair has been cut off every year for at least 2 days. (I know 'cos I have seen the messages go up about the village hall being closed!!) It really depends on how rural you are. 2 miles from an A road - maybe fine. 10 miles and steep hills - you need snow tyres. And it really is much much safer just on a motorway under 7 degrees.
  8. 18" to 16"?

    We must be going to different parts of Germany. I go up French coast to Belguim, Brugges over to Brussels, down to Strasbourg and spend a month in Baden-Württemberg every year. The roads on that route were French terrible till last 2 years Belgium motorway Brugges to Brussels terrible, worst sections till last year Germany Baden-Württemberg great - really nice and smooth every year for the last 16 years This year the whole route was good. Where I live the roads are just falling apart and 18" is just not suitable
  9. 18" to 16"?

    I like the look of those socks. Know if they are legal instead of actual metal chains in Germany? (Will be there in a week)
  10. 18" to 16"?

    I like the look of those socks. Know if they are legal instead of actual metal chains in Germany? (Will be there in a week)
  11. 18" to 16"?

    You want to do faster than 10mph on a pure ice sharp corner ?!! Certainly not round my way with sheer drops by the side of the road. Sure 5mph on ice on summer tyres - but only on the flat - no hills The difference is getting the trip done or not getting the trip done, its not a race. Add the time to get snow chains on and only doing the advised 30mph with chains and you may as well do most trips with snow tyres. I certainly wouln't want to put chains on my 18" alloys, so 16" steel and snow tyres is the right choice for me anyway
  12. 18" to 16"?

  13. 18" to 16"?

    Not in my expedience or in this test:
  14. 18" to 16"?

    So, 4 months on from starting the thread. thanks to all for comments and advise. I put 16" steel with snow tyres on 2 days before it snowed. The potholes all but disappear and stop being a problem. There is one near me that I can't avoid due to a central isle in the road. At 20mph the 18" sounded like I was going to have a flat or damaged rim. At 30mph with 16" it is barely noticeable. The noise from the road on anything but smooth, is lowered dramatically with the 16". Only time I miss the 18" is smooth motorway runs. But our roads in the UK are just not up to 18" tyres. German roads, a different ball game. I would love to have them on in the summer there. Snow tyres: Snow, ice, slush frozen mud and just plain wet cold roads - the car holds the road and stops far better than it did on summer tyres on plain cold roads (tested on the same road at the same speed). People need educating as to how good proper snow tyres are in the cold. Probably should be the law that we use them as in many other countries. The problem is; if I have snow tyres and can stop very quick in cold conditions - what happens when the guy behind me has summer tyres? BANG!! I was driving on roads that only 4x4's and tractors had been on round my way and I didn't slip once. Up a steep drive I would never have managed on summer tyres and a very nasty hill - no problem. The wheels and tyres paid for themselves on day one of the snow when I managed to get to a job no one else could make! My band has played 4 gigs that other bands had to cancel as they couldn't make the snow trips I could - quite possibly paying for a fresh set of summer tyres and 16" alloys that I will be going for at the end of the winter. Yep - 18" will not go back on the car!!
  15. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    IF we had actual democracy, fine. BUT we seem to vote in local (county-ish) area elections for a representative who has to tow the line for decades to get a chance of any real power and maybe, one day, the chance to become the dictator. By then they have told so many lies they are so used to it, they can blatantly lie to your face without even recognising they are talking total BS. We have a dictatorship by proxy and the best fibber wins in the long run.

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