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  1. But if your phone has features in V5 which the RNS315 can't understand as it's V4, what the hell is it supposed to do? It's not a magic box, it can't think and make a decision, it just does what it does. If it's being asked to do something it can't understand it doesn't matter what level of Bluetooth the phone supports. My Bluetooth kit in my car doesn't support streaming as it's too old. To get streaming (not that I want it) I need to change out the module for a newer one which does support it. Or maybe I could just tell it to learn a completely new protocol and just get on with doing what I want? There are different levels of software and hardware for the RNS315, so maybe a newer unit will do what you require.
  2. Bluetooth is Bluetooth, right? Nope. Bluetooth streaming wasn't available when the initial Bluetooth format was developed, it came along some time after. Which is why everyone is changing their Bluetooth modules so that they can have streaming in their cars. Just because it still comes under the Bluetooth banner it doesn't mean everything Bluetooth is all encompassing and all features supported. It changes as new features are developed.
  3. How are the manufacturers supposed to know when they built the unit what phones and features are going to be available further down the line? They can't design & build a unit with compatibility for phones which don't exist, can they?
  4. Gonna have to guess which head unit you're talking about I think. Give us a clue?
  5. It becomes a brick and can't be used again. Flags a message up on the screen informing you that Component Protection has been activated and most functions are disabled.
  6. No. The unit has Component Protection technology built in. If you install it in your car it locks itself up and is then useless.
  7. Uninstall the dodgy maps and reinstall V9.
  8. A Navigation Problem

    A new gps antenna would be the cheapest fix I guess. Cost a fiver from Ebay.
  9. A Navigation Problem

    Check for how many satellites it's tracking first. On the Nav screen touch "Current Position" and see how many it sees and locks onto.
  10. Just to add to this. Currently the cheapest Unlimited VIN Hex V2 path is to buy the 10 Vin unit from somewhere like Ilexa or Gendan, and then buy the upgrade to unlimited from Ross Tech website. Unlimited Vin Hex V2 is £449. 10 Vin Hex V2 is £298 plus the unlimited upgrade cost of $169 (approx. £120) which equals £418. A saving of £30 which will buy many beers.
  11. radio code for fabia

    The radio will work. Don't worry about it.
  12. Nightmare!!

    Ah, now I understand...
  13. Nightmare!!

    More correctly called an anti shudder valve. Although also used to partly close when egr function is called for to create a vacuum in the intake system.
  14. Nightmare!!

    So Fuel Injection engines don't need a throttle while carburettor engines do?
  15. Nightmare!!

    Is that right? It's some years since I looked at a petrol engine, but I'm not sure I can see a way for it to operate without a throttle system.

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