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  1. Remap problem

    Tyre fitter fits you a new tyre after a flat which leaves you with a destroyed tyre. You then drive over a nail and damage the new tyre beyond repair. You go back to the tyre fitter and he says "Sorry, you need another new tyre at full price". Is this any different to the scenario which has happened here? As said, the new map is completely different to reflashing the original file which is no longer suitable due to the change in ECU parameters.
  2. Columbus is generally accepted to be better. It has a larger screen, internal music and maps storage, and a few other features I think. I've not used an Amundsen, but the Columbus in my car is fine.
  3. Balero sawp

    The bolero in the superb is the same shape as the Columbus. No need to change the surround.
  4. Balero sawp

    The airbag light on the superb is fitted in the trim surround. You just need a new head unit the same shape as your existing "superb" shaped bolero. Just a thought. Someone was asking the other day about buying a bolero for a superb. If you're removing yours then I reckon you'd sell it fairly easily.
  5. Balero sawp

    Don't believe everything sellers tell you about cheap chinese head units. They're trying to sell them, not tell the truth. You need one which is a different shape, it's been well covered in the relevant forum areas.
  6. Balero sawp

    That unit is for an Octavia. Yours is different for the Superb.
  7. Superb bolero radio

    That's great. Didn't want someone selling you one which didn't fit. Cheers.
  8. Superb bolero radio

    If this is for the Superb you know it's a specific shape for that particular car, don't you?
  9. No Nav Information On Maxi Dot

    Good stuff...
  10. HELP - Listing my Car for Sale

    You're not a Freedom member by the look of things...
  11. sat nav has lost the plot

    Back to the dealers.
  12. 2011 L&K buying tips?

    Not all Columbus have DAB, and a 2011 one probably won't. Bluetooth is fitted to the car also, not included in the head unit (possible exception certain Amundsen + models).
  13. Bolero is a music system, Amundsen and Columbus are navigation / music systems. Different years have different units along those lines, so a Columbus from 2016 (MIB2) will be essentially the same as a 2013 unit (MIB1) but updated with newer features, for example Android Auto/Carplay may be added to later units. 2017 brings a third generation with bigger screens and different hardware etc.
  14. Columbus satnav - what a load of rubbish!

    It should be able to show on the maxidot screen I think they're just not understanding the situation. It's a coding issue.
  15. Then hand it back. I doubt you're gonna be happy whatever the outcome.