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  1. I Didn't Know The Yeti Did This....!

    Turn the TCS off and it'll rev out.
  2. TDI Tuning CRDT2 Tuning Box for 140bhp diesel

    Got £70 here if you still have this?
  3. Try a different SD card, and also try your card in a different car. Eliminate the possibilities.
  4. Died, ages 79. Sadly missed by me at least.
  5. And if you want your start screen back again you'll need to reload the software which can fail critically and leave you with a brick. Or you can be happy with your new black start screen I guess. Netdata is responsible for loads of failed start screens, yet still people keep doing it. One of the main failings is people try and load a custom start screen onto a 6*** version unit using their 5*** based software. It generally doesn't end well.
  6. This happens all the time. Sometimes it overwrites (corrupts) the files needed to correctly update the software again, and you have a brick.
  7. Columbus Map update

    It's starting to surface here and there in fiction, but in reality I've not seen it yet. It's not listed with a price in Etka so dealers are unable to order it yet.
  8. Columbus Map update

    No, wrong maps for your system. However, you're still on the latest version for that machine.
  9. Gotta say goodbye for now.....

    Within walking distance of Bilka then?
  10. Wireless heating controls

    Customer yesterday... I'd fitted a wireless room stat last year for her mother (just a simple room stat but no programming function) and she was over the moon with it. Yesterday I went to her fathers house (he'd just died) and repaired the boiler, and she asked if I could fit the same type of wireless stat in that house too. I said I'd need to order it and then be about an hour to fit it. She said "Could you just post it through the letter box next time you're passing?" I explained that even though the room stat was wireless it still needed the receiver wiring in at the boiler end so it would actually work...
  11. You need something like this... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232067278750
  12. Recent order from Superskoda.com

    My experience with Superskoda was awful. Took ages to arrive (long past their due to be delivered estimate) and when questioned about it all I could get from them was "check the tracking in your own country". It took a paypal claim for anything to happen, then finally my stuff turned up. In the meantime I got in touch with Briskoda Spares from this forum and found they had the item in stock, and it was cheaper from them anyway. Guess where I buy from now?
  13. Head unit upgrade

    Depends. Some work just on the head unit as far as I'm aware. Although I don't profess to be an expert on Bluetooth kits as there's many different ones with different specifications.
  14. I mean this thread. Link. Did you ask them?