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  1. Monte Carlo - No More DSG.

    On Irish Skoda configurator - only the Monte petrol 110 is offered with DSG. The diesel is not offered with DSG. However, the Ambition and Style ( SE / SEL ) are offered with DSG on both petrol (110) and diesel (90) models. Edit: ditto on the UK config.
  2. KESSY Ignition Button Breaking up

    Yep - it's strange, Joe - I don't know if I'm imagining it - but I notice that I'm using less pressure on the new one -- I can't be sure - but I think that the car frequently had a delay, between pushing the button and anything happening .. prompting me to impulsively press the button harder! Particularly in the early days, when car was new. There seems to be a quicker response from the car now. Again - I could very well be imagining that. It hadn't occured to me to measure the delay. I think the button had started to fail a good while before I noticed the cracks in it - not something I'd be inclined to look at closely every time I'd sit in, in fairness. The first photo above was when I noticed it in January. Those cracks didn't just appear over-night. I was expecting a little bit of "push-back" from the dealer - but there was no question. Even though they said they'd never come across one fail before. Certainly, none appear on Briskoda - I've done a few trawls of the full site here. And VWVortex and UKPassats as well. Nothing. Mebbe, jus' one of those thangs!
  3. Heater Fan Failure

    Yep, malcster - they said they replaced the resistors. Didn't realise it was a common problem. Thanks. D.
  4. Heater Fan Failure

    Just to have it on record as a separate post, in case it comes up again for anyone. A few weeks ago, my heater fan failed - but only on oposition 1, 2 and 3. It was working OK on position 4. My car has the standard aircon, not the climate control. It was fixed under warranty. ( along with the broken Kessy Ignition Start switch ) When fan failed - I was reminded of the Vauxhall Zafira heater fires ... but ... it didn't go to that with the Fabia !!
  5. Rear mud flaps for Monte' estate

    Welcome! As quoted above. Also - have a look for mcburns88 on here - he has a Meteor Grey MC Estate with the flaps fitted. Maybe a few other pics around too. OK - here's Mcburns88 MC Estate with the mudflaps :
  6. What bulbs for fabia mkIII?

    Ahh - you are flippin right ! It is a bulb. Sorry, man. Just did a slo-mo video of it and it's very slow turning on and off - compared to a (known !) LED on slo-mo . And t0m3k86 had this post in July 2015 - and identified it as "Side indicator" - and has, as you say - a WY5W .. The part number for the lamp module - if anyone ever gets one broken -- is 6V0949101 for the left side, and 6V0949102 for the right side. They're around St£10. ( Here's one ebay advert : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-SKODA-LEFT-HAND-MIRROR-INDICATOR-LAMP-LIGHT-6V0949101-/381737826076?epid=594564876&hash=item58e158f71c:g:tfQAAOSwaeRZHxf7 )
  7. KESSY Ignition Button Breaking up

    Very delayed update. Car was in for its 3rd Service today. Repaired the Kessy Ignition Switch - under Guarantee. Also repaired the heater fan switch - which, about 3 weeks ago, had stopped working on positions 1, 2, and 3. It still worked though on position 4. ( Yes, and on position 0 ) Seeing as the Photobucket pics of the Ignition Switch above disappeared - here's new uploads. .... of the cracked switch, and todays replacement.
  8. New Replaced Ign Switch Nov2017.jpg

    Replaced under guarantee, New Kessy Ignition Switch.
  9. Ignition Switch Cracks June 2017.jpg

    Kessy Ignition Switch - Cracking advances. This after 6 months.
  10. Ignition Switch Cracks Jan 2017.jpg

    Kessy Engine Start Switch - Starting to crack.
  11. What bulbs for fabia mkIII?

    As I recall - it's an L.E.D, so shouldn't need changing. And if it does go faulty, it's probably a little module, or an item which should be reparable by someone any way adept with a soldering iron !! Anyone seen the inside of mirror unit?
  12. Ummm ... OK, man ! Thanks for getting back ! There's a definite delay on mine. But I probably need to check it against another "Kessyied" TSi. Ciao !
  13. Any update on this @Sime? Suspicious about a potential problem on a Kessy Fabia 3.
  14. My first sighting of Skoda Meteor Grey ! On a Mk3 Octy RS, last Thursday 5th Oct (or was it Friday?! ) Doing it's bit on the outside lane at the M50-M11 merge near Bray. Looked the dogs. Must be only one around Dublin?
  15. My figures ( 1.2tsi 90 ) have shown the car's figures to be very close to calculated --- Over the first 10,000 miles (17000km), the variance showed a worst of 1.07mpg underread, to a 0.34mpg over-read, with an average over all figures, of a 0.09 under-read. I stopped recording data after that ! That's about as spot on as I'd be happy with !! I *might* do a spot-check soon .. but not that soon !!!