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  1. First Word... part 6

  2. Service query Fab mkiii

    My old Passat B5 (1999) never had the Aircon serviced (had car from new) - and it was on all of the time. Had the car out a few weeks ago (because I still have it!) - and it still works OK !!
  3. Headlamp bulb replacement

    Good to hear that - should be useful for some of the others on here. Didn't have your issue with the One-touch Open/Close on drivers door window. Curious the way these things go !
  4. Favourite optional extras.

    Yup - looks like similar to Slovenia in Ireland .. even at "Style" (a kind of SEL) level - the Bolero is an optional extra, and Smartlink-etc.. is optional, on top of that. The week my car was built (June 2015) was the week they sorted the SmartLink ( up to the week before, they only offered Mirrorlink - which only worked with a limited number of Android phones). Of course - my dealer didn't know this - so I didn't order it - especially when reading all the guys'n'gals on here having icky experiences with Mirrorlink. So - I'd have liked that. And I wouldn't have bothered adding the optional Cornering Fogs (useless, unless you live in Italian mountains with multiple hairpin bends) , and would probably have ordered DAB, instead. Also, an extra in IRL. Incidentally - Front Assist is also an option across the range here - I think I must have the only Fabia in Ireland with Front Assist. The dealer nearly gave me Front Parking Sensors, as he didn't know what I was talking about !!! Luckily, I had the Skoda order code for them, and knew that was he was typing the wrong code into the computer. Grrr ! Adaptive Cruise wasn't available (Regular Cruise is also an option here too !) - but I would absolutely have that the next time around.
  5. Front sensor

    As per the other posters there ... had an incident about three weeks ago , where a car in front, rear-ended the car in front of it - my Front Assist fired straight away- it was a very impressive demo ! They were about 20-30 yards ahead - the radar just picked up that a moving object had suddenly stopped. As Rick and JoeP say - it’s an Assist. And quite an impressive one so far.
  6. First Word... part 6

  7. Door mirror positioning

    Probably because they’re manoeuvring car in tight space in garage and want to see how close they are to other cars, or obstacles. Maybe! I use adjusters all the time when I’m parking- to see that I don’t clip rear wheels against some of the wonky kerbs around here! And then re-adjust them much like you do, once on the road. That or they’re just messing. Or...
  8. Downloading contacts from IPhone 5s

    My car has the Swing radio ( a cut-down version of the Bolero )... and it has synced fine with both an iPhone 5 and an SE (looks like a 5S externally but has the internals of a 6S) . On various iOS from 8 or 9 up to current 11.2. No problem with any OS. There is a 2000 contact limit on the Swing - it can take a little while to sync up at switch-on. But no more than about a minute. How it displays contacts depends on how you’ve saved them in the phone ( e.g. how you’ve stored people’s names in the First Name, Middle name, Last name fields on the phone and then the radio only gives options sorting by either 1st Name or Surname . If you’ve a lot of gaps or spaces in one of those fields (on your phone) it might look “empty” for those entries. Go into Phone - Settings (the little cogs at the bottom right ) - User Profile and scroll down “Imp. Contacts”. Should see a number there like, 0/2000 if no contacts imported. Or, for instance, 476/2000 - if 476 contacts imported. The 2000 being the max possible contacts that the radio can import. Also - while you’re there - look at entries for “Prefix “ and “Sort by”. On mine, “Prefix” is unchecked, and “Sort by “ is set to “1st name” Hope that’s even a little bit clear!! See what numbers you get on the “Import contacts” entry.
  9. First Word... part 6

  10. Headlamp bulb replacement

    Ah, OK, thamestrader, Is there a chance of getting a camera in there and take a few pics ? - it might make more sense (!) then?? Although it sounds like you’ve a good handle on the layout. It does sound extremely tight - the projector ones are still pretty tight too! There’s a recent Polo video on YouTube showing headlamp removal - it looks fairly straightforward - but I can’t access YouTube easily just now - will have a look later and post if I find. I hate for routine stuff like this to be getting the better of us !!!
  11. Headlamp bulb replacement

    No, jim J ... apart from resetting the clock - not the date, as I recall - just the time on the clock! Temporary logs might have been zeroed too ( distance since refuel, etc..) Otherwise - it’s a piece of cake!
  12. Headlamp bulb replacement

    You're right - there needs to be a How-To thread put together and "stickied" to the top of the forum list here. Along with the How-to for the Rear Lamp Cluster and maybe the Door Mirror lamp dis-assembly that matt_black_90 did a few months ago ... And the reg plate lamp ... and the interior lamps ... etc.... ! My car has the projector type headlamps with the H7 bulbs. It's a 1.2TSi. ( Are the relevant parts of the Diesel layout different?) I renewed the bulbs again, 2 or 3 months ago - and this time around - I found it much, much easier to do. The Nightbreakers that were installed about 18 months ago had failed. Anyway - on the off-side/Driver's side (RHD car) is easy enough - just hold the plastic connector as firmly as poss, and rotate anti-clockwise ( from the bulb's perspective !! ) about 10 degrees should do it. It might help to know that you are twisting out, of a Bayonet fitting. ( which does help to know, when you're re-installing ) Some pics attached below. So, you withdraw the plastic connector with the bulb. ( This is attached to a metal carrier which is the "other side" of the Bayonet. Pic 1 below) Replace your bulb ( observing usual halogen-handling care ). Note the location of the bayonet tabs on the bulb side, and the bayonet slots ( ref. pic 2 below ) , on the headlamp unit side. Offer the bulb carrier back into the headlamp unit. Just twist (clockwise) that little distance that you see on the pic. "Not a lot". On the nearside/Passenger side (yes- RHD car !), I found it essential to remove the battery. This is very easy. Clamp bolt for battery ( either a 13 or 15mm, can't remember just now ), and then remove the terminals (10mm spanner), negative/earth side first. The wheel-arch inspection panel was of no use. ( on the petrol 1.2TSi anyway - took it out first time around, and it only allowed getting a [restricted] view into the back of the lamp. ) Waste of time taking it out. (But, if you really want to - you don't have to take the wheel off. Unless you ... really want to. ) So, once battery is out - it's the same job as the driver's side !!! It's all really down to gripping that plastic connector, and trusting that it will take the pressure of you turning it a little, anti-clockwise, and you have it. There is very little feel and feedback - like clicks or definite stops, so it's a kind of difficult to know where you are. But remembering that it's just a bayonet fit, might just help. Re-assembly in the reverse ! The Main Beam is similar - but not the exact same ! It's still a bayonet, but the metal carrier is a smidge different in design - the bayonet lugs (IIRC) are made from two Allen head screws - the bayonet tabs on the bulb carrier are slotted in below the heads of the screws, as I recall. Anyway - that's for another day! I expect all of this is different for the non-projector H4-bulbed cars?
  13. All the Montes ( incl. current models ) have that spoiler cut-out - presume it improves visibility of the Hi-Level brake light for suvs and vans and trucks and things. Other models have the shorter spoiler, and don't need the cut-out. Why is the camera in the handle body stupid ? To me, it makes sense to utilise an existing panel cutout and incorporate the camera into an item that is really just a micro-switch, rather than an old-fashioned mechanical handle.
  14. Body

    A quick google got this : http://cars4youcustom.com/skoda/exterior-parts/skoda-fabia-r5-lightweight-body-kit-prototype They might do part of that full kit ....

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