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  1. Reversing sensors

    Sorry, Joe - there was a "somebody" who dragged in Leprechauns, out of nowhere !! ! () So, I'll go sit on the bold step for a while !! Ok .. that's enough () - Anyway - had my first " Front Assist not Available " warning earlier. It was snowing here a few hours ago. It seemed to clear itself after about 10 minutes.
  2. Reversing sensors

    Hey Joe - @rum4mo said "short sleeved shirts" - he never mentioned ... short skirts. But ... you could never trust those leprechauns. They probably had short sleeved shirt skirts. How did we get here from frosty reversing sensors ?
  3. Reversing sensors

    And, watch out, Joe - because they don't just confine themselves to Irish bars ... they're really not that choosy !!! The feckers.
  4. Don't know if you have a Fabia - but certainly the ones with the Projector lamps with H7s are not up to muster. They only "vaguely" illuminate the road and left margins. The Nightbreakers bring the lamps up to where my 20 year old Passat was - which also had H7s. I felt very confident on either dark, or poorly lit roads. The problem seems more noticeable in twilight and where there is poor, or sporadic street lighting. With the original Fabia bulbs, the eyes have to do a lot more adjusting and compensating for low-light areas. The new bulbs illuminate the darker patches much, much better. They will certainly NEVER be up to Range Rover, or any other, HID brightness levels !! I'm guessing that the projector glass in the Fabia is probably low quality (i.e. cheap!) glass and is absorbing light trying to pass through them. I doubt it's Leica or even Nikon glass !!
  5. The Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited bulbs, fitted to dip (projector) headlamps in September 2016, finally died last week - Week 2, Jan 2018. They both died within 3 days of each other ! Got replacements - this time Osram Nightbreaker Laser. From Amazon. £18-ish for these. (£14 or so for the Unlimited.) Just fitted them this afternoon. Good news, is that I'm getting the hang of changing these things now ! Got the knack. Battery still has to come out for the NS lamp, but it's easy. These bulbs are appreciably brighter than the Nightbreaker Unlimited - which were a good improvement over standard. Still 55W, but Osram are claiming "up to +130%" increased brightness over standard, for the Nightbreaker Laser. ( guessing that the original Skoda ones were 80% less than standard brightness !) Osram claimed +110% for the Nightbreaker Unlimited. Being brighter, I imagine these won't last as long (!) as the last ones. But they are brighter. Not LED white, but a lot whiter. Took car for a drive in twilight, and then in darkness - on country roads. Nice extra brightness along the left margin - to pick out those dark-clothed pedestrians. These give a noticeable amount of extra light - and confidence. Will report back on longevity! (Or shortevity, most likely)
  6. @vgnils Yep, with the Pano roof, the antennas are definitely incorporated into the windows. In regular roof cars, that have factory-fit DAB - the roof antenna base has the DAB circuitry in it. My car has regular roof antenna, no DAB, but the rear window seems to have all the radio antenna stuff already there. Indeed, on the right-most vertical element - the one with 3 gaps in it, if you follow it to the top of the screen - there is a separate 300 mm horizontal bar, that looks very like a dipole arrangement (though it's not a dipole). It may just be coincidental, but that 300 mm multiples nicely up to 1.5 metres - which is the VHF band that current DAB is on ( 200MHz +/- ( a.k.a. the "1.5metre band" ). ( somebody mention "Amateurs" above ?? ) That Volvo thread above, mentions grounding - and that is the most common reason for that kind of problem. If the dealer has good tech people, they should be able to find the Ground connection(s) for the rear hatch. The hatch should have electrical ground with the rest of the car. The antennas may have a separate ground. As your DAB problem has just started, it may be that grounding connections have come loose, or maybe have some corrosion ( electrolytic ) that's stopping ground at Radio Frequencies (RF). It may be fine at 12V DC, but not at RF. But, that's all just guessing !
  7. Reversing sensors

    That was the Leprechauns, Joe ! I know that a few of them escaped to Newcastle I'm quite certain there's no sensor on the fuel flap. Guessing that you're probably nearest the answer with the layer of frost.
  8. Maxidot fuel not matching analogue needle

    @bloodycat The range thing varies widely - it seems to predict future performance based on the most recent fuel consumption. So, if that was a longish and maybe, motorway, trip, your mpg was probably much higher than previous trips. So - it'll do a prediction on that basis. Otherwise, I find the average mpg readout to be very accurate on mine. I just don't rely at all on the Range predictor, or even worse, the Litres to Fill readout. That one is total crazy !
  9. Heated Rear Window Repair

    My car's an estate, and there are 4 vertical element tracks - two left and two right. The two on the right (RHD drivers side) each, have several 2mm gaps - the outer vertical has 3 gaps, and the inner vertical has 4 gaps. The left side pair of verticals don't have any gap. It's not damage. They're meant to be there. When you look closely, as I've just done (yes, in the cold ! what we briskodians do !! ), you'll likely see (if your track problem is what I think it is), that the "break" is square and regular. This was actually printed on that way at manufacture. I'll see if I can upload a piccie later. I'm guessing that it's to do with, either, radio interference particularly on cars that double up the elements for antenna duty, or if not that - just for general RF interference purposes. Or, to do with electrical impedance within the heater circuit itself. Or all of the above ! Is yours a hatch or an estate? They may be different. ..... OK - pic attached -
  10. Well, while you were gorging on the Irishman ( !? ), @mac11irl , I've been very discreetly tippling and sipping on this rare one .. Seems to be discontinued now. It's a blend and it's very, very smooth. As in, dangerously smooth ! .... ummm ... think I need a reminder now ... just a teeny, teeny, little one ... Mmmm ... Cordial ? Heinous sacrilege ! Not cordial to cordial !
  11. Really terrible movies with odd hero cars

    ... Or the movies where the artic truck (petrol tankers usually) can catch up with white sports cars and run them off the road. A windy road. Where the sports car is just about able to hold on. Can't remember name of any specific movie - they've all congealed into one blobby tv-mini-series-movie in my noggin. A Quinn Martin Production.
  12. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    A tip for next year ( 363 days, I gather !! ) - rough chop an onion [ even half an onion ] into the sprouts. No more smell. Works for any of the cabbagey, turnipey, cauliflowery, kaley types. I do hate that smell. Onions are your new best friend!! (if you're caught short, without an onion in the gaff ... then a teaspoon of sugar does the same trick. ) Oh - and the taste is even more improved too ! Happy New Year Lads and Lassies !
  13. Open boot warning

    I've had similar happen occasionally ( with mk3 Fabia - but similar system) - and I've put it down to the keys in my pocket - and the "open boot" button getting a squeeze as I sit in. It depends on what I'm wearing, and how much of a rush I'm in ! @toni8b
  14. Well - as it's Carlow -- the flavour might be affected by the ... ehh .. Barrow Water Well - at least you didn't suggest blackcurrant cordial . Unless of course, you're combining it with another ... umm... joint... effort. A lot of new brands and varieties out there now -- looking forward to a bit of tasting over the Chrimmie ! Cheers !
  15. internal misting

    Yep - it's a mystery ! It was a reasonable summer alright - but then previous two summers were OK enough too. I leave aircon on all of the time, so car should be dry enough inside. Your Anglia story reminds me of a Mk2 Cortina I had, that had a "weepy" heater rad - as it got worse, it was often like a sauna in the car !! Great gushes of steam coming out the windscreen vents ! I couldn't see the windscreen - let alone see through the windscreen. The Fabia wasn't quite that bad!